Why book Inflatamaniacs?

Inflatamaniacs are a colorful quartet of chararacters that travel all over the world and perform at sporting events, festivals, fairs, schools, business function, charity events and just about anywhere there is a large crowd of people that needs some high quality entertainment. We perform well executed skits during intermissions and breaks as well as in the crowd fan interaction. We are a value based driven company, that is dedicated in providing quality family friendly entertainment, to any client at the most affordable price. We have proven ourselves as a key players in the promotional entertainment spectrum, with an excellent track record and over 90% repeating satisfied customers.




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 40 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Insurance: 2000000 - general liability
  • Languages: English


We bring 3 performers and all four characters to a show. We perform dance comedy skits for you audience usually to music.

Additional Booking Notes

Preferred is a staging area with the ability to play music from a cd, mp3 player, or flash drive.


Steven started his mascot career in high school. After several injuries that sidelined his athletic career, Steven turned to class clown and became "Sam the Ram" the rambunctious mascot for DuPont Manual high school. After high school Steven performed regularly for 6 years as the "Cardinal Bird" while being a full time student for the University of Louisville. Through out college Steven performed other corporate mascots for companies like Louisville Gas and Electric, Louisville Recycling, and Louisville Panthers a former ECHL team.

After College, Steven was heavily recruited by BirdZerk! and The Zooperstars! For two years Steven performed as the trusty sidekick for BirdZerk! Learning the business and building up the confidence to lead shows on his own. After two years, with BirdZerk! and growing the popularity of the Zooperstars! Steven became a show leader and intricate part of the Zooperstars! cast. For the next eight years Steven traveled to sporting events throughout the country performing for the Zooperstars!

After years of services Steven decided it was time to take a break and collect his thoughts. Steven took a year off to help his mother run her business, a small fruit market based in Louisville, KY. Then with some free time on his hands he decided that it was time to debut his own entertainment act. Hence the Inflatamaniacs were born.

The team providing the talent:

Rob Ladnier

Lead Performer

Steven Givans

President and CEO

Mark Albritton

Lead Performer

Stephanie Givans


Setup Requirements

sound system capable of playing music