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Why Book Impersonators

Everyone wishes they could rub elbows with the rich and famous. Unfortunately, we can’t all be so privileged. Lucky for you, there are a lot of doppelgangers out there and they’re making their living paying tribute to the stars. From the popular Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe to the more obscure Dog the Bounty Hunter and L.L. Cool J, there are impersonators for almost any celebrity you can dream up. Tell your guests to have their cameras ready so they don’t miss a single photo opportunity with celebrity impersonators at your event!

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About Booking Impersonators

Want your guests to mingle with Cher? How about having Michael Jackson show up during a dinner party and perform "Beat It"? Would that lucky guy be surprised with a special "Happy Birthday" song by the one and only Marilyn Monroe? You can make all of these happen when you hire a celebrity impersonator! Impersonators are a great choice for any type of a event. They can mix and mingle with your guests taking pictures and signing autographs. Or you can hire an impersonator to put on a full show. A celebrity impersonator known for their comedy can do stand-up and/or act as emcee your event. Or, you can hire an singing impersonator to perform a stage show with singing and dancing, either to track or with a full band. Browse through Impersonators on GigSalad. Watch videos, listen to audio, check out photo galleries, and read reviews to ensure you book exactly what you want for your special event.

Impersonators are similar to look-alikes and tribute artists, but are not exactly the same. Most impersonators provide the triple threat of uncanny looks, mannerisms, and voice. Performers who call themselves look-alikes, however, are typically celebrity doubles that do not perform and just visually look like the star they imitate. Tribute artists may not have the look, but their act aims more at paying tribute to the songs and music of the original artist or celebrity.