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Attract Crowds to Your Trade Show Booth

5 ways to make your business stand out

By Tessie Barnett

In order to promote your brand successfully, you have to be excited about the product. Well, what if your product just isn’t that exciting? Sure it’s useful, necessary, perhaps even required for our everyday needs, but if you can’t present it to your trade show visitors in a way that delights them, they’ll move along. To attract crowds to your trade show booth, you’re going to have to use a little zeal and creativity. As a part of the event planning industry, we’re devoted to helping you make every event extraordinary. So, here are our five proven ways to attract crowds to your trade show booth and make your brand stand out.

The basics of a trade show exhibit are straightforward— make your services clear, offer some freebies, display visuals, and have an articulate staff. Now what?

Photo booths

Offering to take a visitor’s photo can help you initiate a fun conversation and leave them with a memorable souvenir. We recommend using an electronic photo booth for a contemporary approach. This new form of photo entertainment allows you to add quirky graphics and can instantly be shared on social media platforms. With the green screen technology, you can place your company’s logo into every photo, transforming a fun experience for the trade show attendees into a unique opportunity to promote your brand.


This is a review from a satisfied client who used an electronic photo booth for their tradeshow exhibit.

This reviewer was able to wow her visitors with the latest technology in the Photo Booth industry. You can book TapSnap on GigSalad!



Creating a theme for your exhibit requires a bit of associative thinking. For example, if your product solves a customer’s problem, you could opt for a magic theme, playing off of the idea that your product will cause specific problems to magically disappear. Your theme could be incorporated into ornate and unique attire for your company’s exhibitors. You could offer giveaways associated with your theme, like pens with disappearing ink. And of course, you can hire an entertainer (such as an illusionist) to draw in the crowd and keep them in awe.


Strolling Tables

Every veteran exhibitor comes prepared with the essentials in order to properly display their company’s products. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to show your creativity? A strolling table is the ultimate conversation piece! Strolling tables, also referred to as living tables, are performers who wear elaborate costumes designed to provide a flat surface surrounding their form. On this, you can display promotional materials, giveaways, or even hors d’oeuvres. Not only will visitors remember your company, but they’ll also associate you with innovation and imagination.


Daniela Viotti performs as a living table.

Daniela Viotti performs as a strolling table, blinking only twice an hour! You can book Daniela Viotti on GigSalad!


Casino Games

With all of the exciting lights, sounds, and moving parts of casino games, it’s easy to see the benefits of offering them at your exhibit. You can recreate the adrenaline-inducing casino atmosphere to draw in a crowd, and likely the crowd will inspire more onlookers to stop out of curiosity. For the prizes, you could offer your company’s giveaways and swag, and for the grand prize, offer one of your products. You’ll create more value in your product by making it fun and challenging to win!



Nothing is as eye-catching as a well-known celebrity standing in your booth. Hiring an impersonator is a comical way of showing mock celebrity endorsement for your company. The impersonator can offer their autograph on your promotional materials to keep your brand in the visitor’s hand. Create a memorable experience for your visitors by offering photo opportunities with the ‘celebrity’ at an electronic photo booth. This will allow you to brand the photo with your company logo, and visitors will be excited to share the moment with their friends on social media, offering additional exposure.


Athena Reich poses as a Lady Gaga impersonator.

Athena Reich performs as Lady Gaga for all types of events from theaters to small parties to corporate events. Book Athena Reich on GigSalad!


With these five showcasing methods, you can make your visitors as excited about your brand as you are. Your company will step outside of the ordinary, and trade show attendees will remember your brand and associate your product with ingenuity.

Have any other creative ideas for attracting crowds to your trade show booth? Leave your feedback in the comments below!


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  1. Dallas Cartoonist Charles King July 21, 2017

    I have over 40 years experience helping companies draw a crowd to their exhibit booth. I have worked in almost every conceivable Industry trade show. I will tell you that your suggestion of a strolling table would not it be allowed at most of the shows I have worked. Exhibitors are required to keep their activities within their rented space.

    • Tessie Barnett July 24, 2017

      Hey there!

      We’ve had a different experience with our booth, so perhaps the type of trade show matters. We’ve had multiple impersonators and interactive performers stroll through the crowd, and it’s been a huge hit! But if you are limited to your rented space, I think having a “living table” in your space to present all your information and swag would be a great way to stand out. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of ways to attract crowds over the last 40 years. Do you have any other ideas to contribute to this list? We’d love to hear them!


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