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Why Book Concessions

What's you're favorite food fare at a fair or carnival? Is is the sticky and sweet cotton candy, refreshingly cool sno-cone, or do you prefer good ol' fashioned popcorn? Bring all this and more to your next event with concession rentals! Whether you are keeping the kids happy at a birthday party or using concessions to supplement a carnival or carnival themed party, these tasty treats are sure to please young and old alike!

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About Booking Concessions

Rent concessions, such as popcorn makers and cotton candy machines, for your birthday parties and private events. Rent a popcorn maker or sno-cone machine for a kids party or a margarita machine for a party with some fellow adults. You can find and compare concessions companies on GigSalad, the event planner's resource.

When renting equipment like this, check how they charge: by the hour or for the day/night. You'll also want to inquire whether or not the company provides the ingredients to make the food or drink or if there is an extra charge to get the popcorn kernels or oil, etc. When the event's all said and done, make sure the equipment is cleaned and in the original condition you received it in.