Athena Reich as Lady Gaga, Marilyn, Celine & More

Why book Athena Reich as Lady Gaga, Marilyn, Celine & More?

Athena is one of the world's best Lady Gaga Impersonators and has been endorsed by Lady Gaga Herself. "She can use my image whenever and however she likes", Lady Gaga. Athena is often mistaken for Gaga by paparazzi and fans and has been featured on page 6 of the NY Post. Athena was featured on Gaga's Edge of Glory Google commercial. As seen on Let's Ask America, CNN, Lifetime & more. She is an award winning singer & actress whose voice sounds identical to Gaga's. She plays piano, has authentic costumes, professional dancers and is wonderful to work with. She also does others such as Marilyn Monroe, Celine Dion, Madonna, Katy Perry, Joan Rivers, Bette Midler & more. 917 548 0111





Massive Hit!

As a prank we hired Athena as Lady Gaga and spread rumors the real Gaga was coming to perform.

Athena stayed in character from start to finish and she was an incredible performer - talented, dedicated and an absolute pleasure to work with. I have already and will continue to recommend her. She did such a great job that we even were in Page Six about the event!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Amelia E.
Organization: Neuehouse
Event: Corporate Event in New York City, NY
Event Date: Apr 1, 2014
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Response from Athena Reich as Lady Gaga, Marilyn, Celine & More:

Thanks so much. You guys were completely awesome to perform for and work with!!!

Athena FAR EXCEEDED any expectations!

Athena was EXCELLENT as Lady Gaga at our Play with Grace Carnevale Costume Ball fundraiser. Many of the guests who had been to a Gaga concert said Athena was spot on! She was interactive with the audience and riveting! She was fantastic to work with also. Very clear communication, very flexible, and performed as she said she would. We were delighted we had her at our event! We would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Can't actually imagine a BETTER LG impersonator than Athena.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Dianne P.
Organization: Play with Grace
Event: Fundraiser in Branford, CT
Event Date: Mar 22, 2014
Hired As: Dancer, Guitarist, Lady Gaga Impersonator

Response from Athena Reich as Lady Gaga, Marilyn, Celine & More:

Diane I had a great time and would love to come back anytime. Thanks for taking a chance on hiring me when you didn't know anything about me! And you really organized an amazing party.

Amazing performance

Athena really gave her best performance, amping up our office party as Gaga. Could have thought she was the real thing!

She arrived on time, gave a great performance, interacted in character with our guests... AMAZING! Thanks Athena!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: J.sTAGE
Organization: Clear Channel
Event: Other in Manhattan, NY
Event Date: Sep 12, 2013
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Response from Athena Reich as Lady Gaga, Marilyn, Celine & More:

Thanks so much! I had a blast working with you guys at I Heart Radio / Clear Channel!

Great Entertainment

Athena Reich and her dancers performed at our PLUS Polish Festival on May 25th 2013 and I have to tell you that it was amazing. Athena was very professional, prompt, prepared and the show was perfectly choreographed. Everyone truly enjoyed the show and it was nice of Athena to spend time afterwards with the audience to sign autographs. Great performance, amazing voice and a true professional. A dream come true for any Lady Gaga fan. Hope to work together in the future. Thank you for your talent…

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Katarzyna L.
Organization: PLUS Media Group, Corp.
Event: Festival in Tappan, NY
Event Date: May 25, 2013
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator, Dancer, Impersonator, Look-Alike, Pop Singer, Singer/Songwriter, Sound-Alike, Tribute Artist

Response from Athena Reich as Lady Gaga, Marilyn, Celine & More:

It was wonderful to perform at PLUS. I would come back anytime. Great stage. Very considerate organizers. Very appreciative crowd. Thanks so much for taking a chance on me! I'm so glad you were pleased. :)

Super Fabulous

I watched her on utube, read all reviews, she exceeded all expectations Live! This event was a staff party for a group of 90. My staff love, love, loved this. She Sings Amazing, the dancers were great to watch. All together a very great experience. Very professional. Top notch. Worth every penny.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Summer a.
Organization: Summerset salon day spa
Event: Christmas Party in Flint, MI
Event Date: Jan 26, 2013
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Amazing Talent!

We hired Athena Reich to perform at my wedding. We didn't tell any of our friends what was going on and they thought she was the real Gaga! They stood their in shock! We knew she would be a hit but we never imagined our friends would think she was the real Gaga! Athena's costumes are top notch. Her voice is as good, if not better than Gaga's, and she has a sweet personality that makes her a sheer pleasure to watch. She was easy to communicate with leading up to the party and was able to accomodate all our requests. She surpassed my expectations, and my friends are still talking about it to this day! It added an extra level of surprise and pure fun to our big day. I can't say enough good things about her!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Josie
Organization: Liberstein
Event: Wedding Reception in Hartford, CT
Event Date: Mar 11, 2012
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Above and beyond my expectation. A true talent.

I booked Athena for my child's birthday party. I found her here on GigSalad and had no idea what to expect. I thought it would, in the least, be a unique memory for my daughter and her friends. Once I emailed Athena, she immediately got back to me. I told her my concerns to keep it PG, as my daughter is only 8 years old. She listened attentively to my preferences. Athena stayed in touch with me if I had any questions, leading up to the event. She even texted me to let me know she was on the way on the day of the party. When she arrived, not only were the children astounded, but my adult friends all pulled out their phones to record her act as they thought she was the real thing! Athena is not only a great singer, but she is truly a sweet person. Within minutes she had the girls singing and dancing along with her. Athena's costumes are very impressive. After the performance, Athena signed autographs and spoke to each child. They were absolutely thrilled, and talk about it to this day. I had no idea what to expect as I had booked her through this site but I can't imagine any way that it could have gone better. I already recommended Athena to a friend who used Athena for a Gaga themed bridal shower and my friend couldn't have been happier as well. Athena is able to adjust the act so it works with different ages, and types of parties. You will not regret booking Athena. It was a pleasure to meet her, and we still keep in touch from time to time.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Samantha G.
Event: Birthday Party in Babylon, NY
Event Date: Nov 11, 2011
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Athena is amazing

So nice, talented, humble, loving, energetic and versitile entertainer.
Unforgetable and fun!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Marisha N.
Event: Wedding Ceremony in Washington D.C., DC
Event Date: Dec 13, 2013
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator, Actress, Broadway Style Entertainment, Celine Dion Impersonator, Dancer, Guitarist, Impersonator, Look-Alike, Pianist, Singer/Songwriter, Sound-Alike, Tribute Artist

Response from Athena Reich as Lady Gaga, Marilyn, Celine & More:

I just loved meeting you guys and performing for you so much.

Athena as Lady Gaga!

"I had the pleasure of working with Athena as Lady gaga at the Skyroom in NYC. Athena truly captures the essence of Lady Gaga! Her costuming, voice and performance ability is stellar, a true multi talented performer. I hope we work together on more events in the future. I highly recommend Athena for any event!" (MJXPRESSIONS, LLC)

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: MJX
Organization: MJXpressions, LLC
Event: Club/Nightclub in New York City, NY
Event Date: Jun 17, 2013
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator


I’ve been away on business a lot and wanted to do something fun for my best friend whose Birthday Party I was going to miss. I purchased a Gaga-Gram. Athena showed up at my friend’s office and blew everyone away! She sang, hung out and took pictures with everyone, NOT just my friend, from what I hear tell my friend’s co-workers want to book her for other gigs, which makes me so happy. My friend is still talking about it and I believe this amazing gift will keep me out of the dog house for at least a year or two if not for life.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Marsden R.
Event: Other in New York City, NY
Event Date: Mar 13, 2013
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Response from Athena Reich as Lady Gaga, Marilyn, Celine & More:

Samantha was so thrilled Marsden. She was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes. I did actually already get a call from someone in her office. Thanks for trusting me! It was a blast.


I booked Athena for my girlfriend’s birthday party. She's an absolute stunner as Lady Gaga; her voice rocked the songs even better than Gaga herself can. Her back up dancers are long and lean and turn out Gaga's choreography like they've been on tour with her for years. Even our bevy of gay boys couldn't believe how good she was and they are hard critics even on the original!! Hahaha! She spent so much time after performing to take pictures with our guests. A glowing attitude and professional demeanor I'd book her again in a heart beat!! Thank you Athena, you have a fan for life! :-)

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Mariea L.
Event: Birthday Party in New York City, NY
Event Date: Feb 13, 2013
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Response from Athena Reich as Lady Gaga, Marilyn, Celine & More:

What an amazing party you threw! It was absolutely fantastic! Your friends are so much fun. Thank you!

Child's Gaga Bday Party

I booked Athena as Gaga for my daughter's fourth birthday party. Athena was incredible. All the kids at the daycare were hysterical. Even my videographer was fooled, everybody really believed this was Lady Gaga. She was very personal with my daughter and actually sang the songs. The party was a huge success that my daughter and all her little friends will never forget.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Ron W.
Event: Birthday Party in Atlanta, GA
Event Date: Nov 15, 2012
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Athena is an Amazing Lady Gaga!!!

Athena is an amazing performer, she impersonates Lady Gaga perfectly!! I contacted her just a few days before the small party I was throwing and she got back to me within the hour, eager and excited to perform at my party. She has a good selection of Lady Gaga outfits and wigs, and does a great job sounding and looking just like Gaga! The best part about Athena is her voice, she has an amazing voice, for Lady Gaga songs as well as her own. If you need a Lady Gaga impersonator Athena is your girl!!!

Thanks again for the great performance Athena!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jena S.
Event: Restaurant in New York City, NY
Event Date: Jul 17, 2012
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Amazing! Everyone thought she was the real thing!

I hired Athena Reich for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. The DJ introduced her as Lady Gaga. At first the room fell silent as nobody knew what to expect. When Athena came out in her white crystal dress, she looked exactly like the real thing. All the adults pulled out their phones to record it, and all the kids rushed the stage. When she started singing, everyone was even more convinced she was the real thing. Her dancers were some of the best dancers I have every seen and their costumes looked stunning. We had to have security form a blockade in front of the stage because the kids were so excited. Athena stayed after to do pictures and the kids couldn't be more thrilled to have a photo with Gaga. Athena's performance really made the night. So many people commented that her talent surpasses the real Gaga! Athena was a pleasure to work with and very professional. I would recommend her to anyone looking to have an unforgettable event.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Angela C.
Event: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party in Jersey City, NJ
Event Date: Jun 9, 2012
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Always Electric

I have seen Athena perform several times as Lady Gaga, and I'm always amazed at her energy, the quality of her voice, and her ability to involve the audience in a spirit of fun. She is a talented performer who brings life and joy to any event. She is flexible and easy to work with.

Reviewer: Carol M.
Event: Private Party in Toronto, ON
Event Date: Apr 11, 2012

I saw her on campus and she was amazing!

I went to The Dunn Center for the Performing Arts to see Athena Reich perform as LADY GAGA. She was absolutely amazing. Her voice is beautiful and her enthusiasm so contagious she had the people in the theater up and dancing! There was also two incredible dancers and a LADY GAGA contest. It was such a fun night and I got my photo taken with her and met her! It was just as I imagine it would be to meet the real LADY GAGA. Thanks, Athena for such a great experience. I am still singing your songs.... OOOPS! I mean GAGA's songs. :)
Kerry Kenyon

Reviewer: Kerry K.
Event: Concert Venue in Rocky Mount, NC
Event Date: Aug 12, 2011

High Energy Jolt of Fun

Athena Reich is one of the most present, hard-working, talented and open performers you could hope to run across. In her Gaga incarnation, she dials up the costumes and dancing and belts out number after number effortlessly and with enormous joy. A true multi-talented professional, Athena is no overnight, one-trick artist for hire - she is the real deal, even when pretending to be someone else.

Reviewer: Matt P.
Event: Concert Venue in Brooklyn, NY
Event Date: Aug 20, 2011

Athena IS Lady Gaga!!

Athena Reich is an amazing Lady Gaga impersonator... When you see her perform, you feel as though you're watching the real thing!
She is a total crowd pleaser and is always a hit!
She looks, sounds and acts like Gaga... I definitely recommend her for your next event or function... You won't be disappointed!!

Reviewer: Tym M.
Event: Holiday Party in New York City, NY
Event Date: Jan 7, 2011

Really sings instead of lip-syncing!

I'm a huge Gaga fan and I saw her perform on New Year's Eve in Washington DC at the Professionals in the City Event. She really engaged the crowd and got people up and dancing. She was really singing instead of lip-syncing and looked and sounded like Gaga. She was so believable that people were waiting in line afterwards to get pictures with "Gaga" on New Year's Eve. I would highly recommend her.

Reviewer: Judy S.
Event: Holiday Party in Washington, DC
Event Date: Dec 31, 2010

You Will Not Be Disappointed!!

What a pleasure it was having her perform at my brother's 60th birthday party. Let me tell was fantastic. My brother is a huge Gaga fan and when she walked in the door he was speechless. Her performance was great. She is a crowd pleasure, engages everyone in the room. She spent time talking and taking photos afterwards and made sure everyone was included. As an added bonus, she is such as nice person. Very professional and punctual. Booking her for your next party/event is a must. Oh and a very important note, she does the actual singing, no lipsinging here. You will not be disappointed. So......what are you waiting for.....go book her NOW!!!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Theresa R.
Event: Birthday Party in Howard Beach, NY
Event Date: Oct 23, 2011
Hired As: Lady Gaga Impersonator

Fourth of July with Lady GaGa Impersonator Athena Reich !

Athena Reich is an exceptional musician; songwriter and actress who we have seen perform at such venues as Women in Rock, Webster Hall, Laurie Beechman Theatre and Living Room. Her talents as a musician are wide ranging as a singer, keyboardist and choreographer. She performed as Lady Gaga at the 4th Of July Outdoor Festival with her back-up dancers in Lincoln Park NJ and had the audience crowding the stage, hands waving in the air and screaming GaGa GaGa! Her performance was spectacular and she spent a lot of time after the show with the crowd, signing autographs and photo ops. You could have sworn the real GaGa had descended on the festival! Athena is a NYC musician / songwriter who plays many venues in Manhattan and other NYC and East coast locations. She has her own unique style of Pop mixed with a classical upbeat, Pop Rock influenced sound, GaGa stylized mood and mesmerizing beat. We own an entertainment site (do not represent the musicians) and do interviews with NY NJ artists. In her interview she describes her music as: Pop; Alternative pop or Storytelling Pop with a theatrical twist. Athena is an accomplished pianist, guitarist and can even play the ykelali. We have attended many of her venues and they are always a quality lush performance from one of the best the East Coast has to offer!

Reviewer: Colleen W.
Event: Festival in Lincoln Park, NJ
Event Date: Jul 4, 2011

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 20 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: $200-$10,000 depending on travel, length, dancers
  • Languages: English, French
  • Unions: AEA (but Does Not Conflict With Impersonator Work)


Audiences have a great time dancing, singing along, or simply enjoying the entertainment. Athena is a powerful singer and her dancers are true professionals whose choreography is dynamic, tight, energized and true to the real choreography. Athena will work the crowd, and can get any party going. She will charm any event, from Bat Mitzvahs to Corporate Events to College Dance Parties to Night Clubs to Outdoor Festivals to Weddings to Trade Shows. Athena loves to interact with the audience afterwards, taking photographs and signing autographs. She has a blast as a performer and her joy is contagious. She is a true talent you will never forget.

What sets Athena apart from the other impersonators is that she has a large set list to select from, a large roster of characters, she is an incredible singer, her dancers are professionals who do authentic choreography, her costumes are top quality, she is constantly mistaken for the real GaGa in her own life, and her sweet nature makes her instantly lovable. She has numerous repeat customers and referrals. Athena is an award winning actress and singer/songwriter so her extensive and diverse talent and training make her stand out from the rest.

Also, Athena has a full 90 minute tribute show. It's a musical theater experience that premiered at the Arcadia Theater in February 2014 to over 400 people. It was a smash and Lady Gaga International is currently shopping for more venues for this family friendly 90 minute show.

Additional Booking Notes

Often the venue provides a professional sound system including DJ, chordless mic, sound system, monitors and speakers. For a large blown-out show, lighting is recommended. If it's a private party in a home, she can bring her own sound system.

Upcoming Booked Events

04/25/14 Athena as Gaga at Forever Young in Eastchester
05/03/14 Athena as Gaga at private event
07/19/14 Athena as Gaga at private party in NYC

Past Booked Events

04/17/14 Athena as Gaga at the Renaissance Times Square Hotel
04/01/14 Athena as Gaga at a private event in NYC
03/29/14 Athena as Gaga at a private event in Santa Rosa, CA
03/22/14 Athena as Gaga at Play with Grace at Bill Miller's Castle Branford, CT
02/22/14 Athena as Gaga with dancers at Arcadia Theater in Windber, PA
02/07/14 Singing telegram as Madonna
12/21/13 Athena as Gaga at Private event in Long Island
12/19/13 Athena as Gaga with 4 dancers at corporate event
12/14/13 Athena as Gaga with back-up dancers at company holiday party
12/13/13 Performing as Gaga and as herself at Queer / Trans Wedding Arts Event in Washington DC
12/07/13 Athena as Gaga at 30th Birthday Party
11/16/13 Athena as Gaga with 2 dancers at Frostburg State University in Maryland
11/02/13 Athena as Gaga at Bat Mitzvah in Williamsburg
10/30/13 Athena as Gaga Performing at BizBash at Jacob Javitz Center at the GigMasters Booth
10/26/13 Athena as Madonna at private party in Staten Island
10/19/13 Athena as Gaga at Wheaton College in Norton, MA
09/12/13 Athena as Gaga at Clear Channel I Heart Radio corporate party
08/23/13 Athena as Celine Dion at Private Event in City Island, NY
08/22/13 Athena as Gaga at Goodwill Women Empowerment Conference
08/10/13 Athena as Celine Dion on a private event on a cruise
08/06/13 Athena as Gaga at Night Out Against Crime in Garfield, NJ with back-up dancers Cyle & Taylor
07/26/13 Gaga at Forever Young in Queens, NY
07/25/13 Athena as Gaga at Forever Young Opening in the Bronx
07/20/13 Same Sex Wedding in Cape May, NJ
07/15/13 Athena as Gaga @ Monday Night Live at Dixon Place @ 7pm - open to public
07/13/13 Private Party in Franklin Lakes, NJ
06/22/13 Athena as Fergie at private party
06/07/13 Gaga gig at Eastchesters Forever Young Adult Center
06/01/13 High School Graduation Party
05/31/13 Birthday Party in City Island
05/25/13 Plus Polish Festival in Tappan, NY
05/04/13 Confirmation Party in Warren, NJ
03/23/13 Private Party in Staten Island
02/23/13 Corporate Event in Dallas, TX
01/26/13 Corporate Party in Flint, MI
12/28/12 Private Party in Toronto
12/20/12 Comcast Corporate Party
12/18/12 Chanel, Inc. Company party
12/14/12 East River Imaging Hospital Company Party
12/10/12 Estee Lauder Party at the Metropolitan Club in NYC
12/09/12 Private event in NJ - with 2 backup dancers
11/15/12 Gaga gig in Atlanta, GA
10/01/12 Rider University. Gaga with other impersonators and 4 back-up dancers!
09/23/12 Fushimi Restaurant in Bay Ridge, NY. All welcome!
08/26/12 Concordia College
08/26/12 Private Party in Bronxville, NY
08/17/12 White Party @ Fushimi Restaurant. All welcome!
07/27/12 Wedding in NJ
07/18/12 Corporate Event in NYC
06/22/12 Private party in Manhattan
06/17/12 Athena as Gaga at a Bat Mitzvah
06/09/12 Bus Driver Retirement Party in Staten Island, NY
06/03/12 Athena as Gaga at Jersey Pride
06/02/12 Feed the Children Fundraiser in Baltimore
05/24/12 Private Party in Brooklyn
05/11/12 Wedding in Boston
04/22/12 Private Party at Snug Harbor in Staten Island
03/26/12 Appearance on the Red Carpet at the Shorty Awards (host Conan O'Brien!)
03/18/12 Wedding
02/10/12 Private Event in Philadelphia
01/23/12 Opening of new restaurant in Williamsburg
01/14/12 Private Event at Soho House
12/09/11 Special Appearance at the Molly Jolly Christmas at the Laurie Beechman Theater at 730pm
12/08/11 Corporate Event
10/29/11 Dunn Center for the Performing Arts in Rocky, Mount, North Carolina at Wesleyan College
10/26/11 Johnson & Johnson Corporate Event at Hyatt in Princeton, NJ
10/26/11 Corporate Event at the Hyatt in Princeton, NJ
10/23/11 Bat Mitzvah in Brooklyn
10/23/11 Private Party in Howard Beach, NY
10/01/11 Private Bat Mitzvah in Long Island
10/01/11 Rutherford, NJ Outdoor Festival
07/15/11 Private Bridal Shower in Washington, DC
07/04/11 Lincoln Park 4th of July Festival in NJ
06/20/11 Will Clark Show @ Pieces Bar in NYC
05/14/11 Private Communion Party
03/24/11 Benefit for the Earthquake in Japan at Koreana Restaurant in Queens
12/31/10 Professionals in the City at the Washington Hilton in Washington DC

Athena Reich as Lady Gaga, Marilyn, Celine & More

Athena performs at all types of events, from theaters, to small parties, to corporate events. Her 90 minute tribute show, "We Are All Superstars: A Lady Gaga Tribute" premiered at the Arcadia Theater to over 400 people and featured over 20 songs.

Athena performs 1-20 songs and can perform solo or with back-up dancers. Unlike most other impersonators, Athena has an incredible voice and does not lip sync. She sings all of the songs live and plays the piano or guitar, just like the celebrities she impersonates. Her back-up dancers are professionals who do the real Gaga / Madonna / Katy Perry choreography. She can headline a festival, private party, night club, or walk the red carpet as any of her characters! She is generous with the crowd and loves making time for photographs and autographs. She is an incredible singer and performer and can get any party up off the floor, and having a great time. At trade shows you can count on her to draw the crowd to your booth. She works with all ages and groups. Her charismatic and sweet personality sets her apart from the rest AND she provides her own sound system for house parties FREE. This will save you a great deal of time and money. Athena travels internationally and is flexible to work with.

"World Renowned Lady Gaga Impersonator Athena Reich" (Washington Times) is a true talent. She was selected by Lady Gaga's Haus of Gaga to appear in Gaga's National Google Chrome Edge of Glory commercial and has been endorsed by Lady Gaga herself. "She can use my image whenever and however she likes", Lady Gaga. Athena has appeared on CNN, MTV, PBS and more. She is based in NYC and will travel anywhere in world.

Athena performs at all types of events including theaters, corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, wedding showers, confirmations, bat / bar mitzvahs, casinos and more.

The team providing the talent:

Taylor Fields


Kyle Rostan


Jessy Smith


Cyle Jackson


Leslie Duner


Athena Reich

Impersonator, Singer, Actress, Musician, Dancer

Michael J Clark


Carole Biers


Katarina Lott


Set List

1. Applause
2. Born This Way
3. The Edge of Glory
4. The Edge of Glory (piano)
5. Alejandro
6. Telephone
7. LoveGame
8. Paparazzi (piano or dance version)
9. Speechless (piano or dance version)
10. Poker Face
11. You & I
12. Judas
13. Marry the Night
14. Just Dance
15. Bad Romance
16. Do What U Want
17. Venus
18. Just Dance / Love Game (Mash-up)
19. Marry the Night / Judas / Telephone (Mash-up)
20. Beautiful, Dirty Rich / Boys, Boys, Boys / The Fame (Mash-up)

I Drove All Night
The Power of Love
Love Can Move Mountains
My Heart Will Go On

Please inquire about songs for other characters

Influences & Inspiration

Athena Reich is an award winning singer/songwriter and actress. She won Best Comedy Improvisation on YTV (judge Eugene Levy) and Best Pop Song at the MTV LOGO Outmusic Music Awards. She has been performing on TV, film, and in theater since the age of 12. She has toured her solo music across North America and Europe. She has also appeared in countless Off-Broadway plays and musicals. She is currently the host of a new cooking show called "The Curious Cook", and recently booked numerous commercials.

Influences include Lady GaGa, Madonna, Annie Lennox, Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion and P!nk.

Setup Requirements

Chordless Mic

DJ or sound person (if possible)

Provides own sound system for house parties

Sound system to play tracks via CDs or iPod


Stage if possible (to dance)