Entertainers and event professionals have a lot of really nice stuff to say about us. When they do, we don’t stop them. In fact, we make a big video.

Elaina Fish

Gig Salad is the absolute BEST and my FAVORITE place for incredible, amazing, colorful, professional entertainers of all types! The Gig Salad staff is without doubt, best and the most accommodating I’ve come across in the industry.

David Shaw

I have had the pleasure of working with Gig Salad on several occasions. Each time, their team has been professional, courteous and just plain great to work with. So accommodating and enjoyable. I recommend this company to anyone looking for a gig to book.

Tim Beasley

Since I joined (at the suggestion of another Gig Salad member), fully 75% of my new show biz comes from your leads… excellent!

Mike Pry, The Illinois Piper

I am so happy I joined Gig Salad! You guys are the absolute best hands down. From your wonderful user friendly website to the results it brings in I just couldn’t be any happier. I also enjoy your friendly, great customer service. Thanks so very much.

Bill Boesenberg

I give you my unreserved, whole hearted endorsement. Your site is a place I am happy to invest my money in, for I have seen it returned many times over.

Kristyna Hope

I just wanted to say, wow… I've booked over $3,000 in gigs for our band, and I wanted to say your site is in fact the truth. Upfront to the point, easy to use, just overall the bomb! Thanks again

Shari Ellingson

Thank you for this site! I have had so many ’returns’ from it! It’s a great blessing!!

Carlos David

I have to thank Gig Salad for making a huge difference once again in my family’s life! I have been able to consistently book all through out the summer with multiple double and triple booked weekends which will put me up to 50 performances this year. [...] I hear and read negative comments about being a musician and not getting paid enough or about how the music scene is dead, but I yet to find anything but opportunity with this site’s help. Thanks Gig Salad… never met you guys, but I would give you super high fives and hugs all around.

Eric Richardson

Mark & Steve, I just want to thank you guys for all the times you have sent us leads and website referrals. Your great support means so much to us all. Gig on!

Barack Obama impersonator

Thank you Gig Salad for the leads and the gigs. Keep doing what you are doing.

Jeron Rayam

Hey Gig Salad, this site is definitely hot and I've been getting a lot of work. Thanks.

Anne Roos

I love Gig Salad! All the gigs I get through there are great, and Steve and Mark are fabulous

Jay Lawson

Hey Mark and Steve, thank you… I just renewed. Love your site! Proud to be a part of it. Just added some audio clips to my page! Have a prosperous year ahead.

Toby Tobas

Just another short note of thanks for the superb job you guys at Gig Salad are doing! All the inquiries that came through you thus far are high end gigs. This is because you have creatively put together a classy product.

Johnny G

I want to thank you for the work I’m getting thru Gig Salad. Inside of a week I had a half hour gig for $400.00 and a 2 hour gig for $2,000.00. There were many more and I thank you for all of them. Please let my fellow entertainers know that Gig Salad really works.

Dennis Keogh

I recommend Gig Salad to all, whatever your talent, as it really works. [...] I have had several inquiries over the last year and some developed into well-paying gigs and great contacts for future events. [...]

On a personal note, the guys at Gig Salad are friendly and great to speak with about anything. I thank you and look forward to enjoying another productive year as Bond, compliments of Gig Salad and their entire staff.

Carlene Mitchell

Great job on all the new features. I LOVE IT and truly appreciate how hard you are all working to make this site an incredible tool for entertainers. You get everything in one wonderful package. WHAT A VALUE!!!

Marvina Bowker

Joining Gig Salad in its infancy was one of the best things I did for my career.

Jane Eisaman

My Gig Salad membership has generated great hits for the bands I represent, and will continue to be a real bargain for all the exposure and future business it will generate. Thank you for a great concept, super site and quality service!

Ian Nathanson

You guys are cool and your product is exactly what I needed. Everything's going great and we (the band) love the new web page that you provided us with. We also appreciate the quick email response when we had a question.

Kenny Warren

I’ve received nothing but excellent service from the get-go! That’s what makes you guys tops! LITERALLY IMMEDIATE on the spot individualized attention; it’s very, very rare to get professional service like yours over the Internet. I continue to recommend your terrific web site. Here’s wishing you continued success.

Betty Atchison

Just got another booking through GigSalad… this time I am going to Boston! Thank you for being so awesome!!!

Jerry Costanzo

Just wanted to thank you and let you know how happy I am that I signed up with Gig Salad. I’ve booked quality gigs, one of which is a high profile, big dollar, Big Band engagement. The small investment I made has come back to me 20 times over. If you’re looking to expand your reach and get your talent under the noses of millions of potential clients, look no further. Gig Salad is the place to be. Thanks again!

Robert Latimer

I am really glad I found Gig Salad! Their site is very user friendly and nicely designed. I could not ask for better support. Each email has been returned very quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend Gig Salad to any professional band, artist or entertainer looking for more exposure. Thanks Gig Salad!

Deborah Smith Ford

Thank you and GREAT job to the wonderful staff at Gig Salad!! In the past, I have experienced the frustrations involved with setting up my own sites, and considering the many characters I portray, including myself as an actress, it can be difficult, if not expensive! But you guys make “getting us out there” so easy and economical to boot. Gig Salad also offers wonderful personal service.

Soraya El-Khouby

I think you rock, love your site and tell all of my entertainment industry contacts and other talent about it. You are different from the other agents and talent sites. I like the structure, design, organization and ideologies of art in which you promote. Bravo.

Jim Begley

Never ever thought a site like Gig Salad would help promote Santa as much as it did this past “Santa” season. Santa’s Elves convinced him to give it a try, and within 10 days five new appearances were booked! And after upgrading to a six month listing, Santa had a full calendar booked! Thank you so much for being so flexible and easy to work with!

Mike Faltin

I booked another Gig Salad gig yesterday. Your site rocks! Thank you for wanting to be the best.

Dani Harte

I love Gig Salad! I started my own children’s party service about two years ago and most of my gigs are through this website. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! It’s always been a positive experience. Thanks guys.

Craig A. Meyer

HEY! I’ve booked THREE gigs in the last week or so… ALL from Gig Salad referrals!! Keep up the GREAT work!

Sally Edwards

My sincere thanks to the Gig Salad team for their expertise in creating a superb method to handle bookings. I am placing Gig Salad widgets for ‘Contact’ and ‘Reviews’ on my own site because they are visually appealing and easy to use. Excellent work Gig Salad!

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