Why book Snakes-N-Scales?

Snakes-N-Scales instructors, with strange and exotic pythons, alligators, frogs, tortoises, tarantulas, geckos, boas, turtles, king snakes, monitors, clown fish, roaches, urchins or stingrays in tow, are experts at enthralling and informing all ages and interest levels with a combination of story telling, jokes, factoids, and anecdotes that will be the hit of your event. INVITE US IN YOU WON'T BE SSSSORRY!

Snakes-N-Scales presents REPTILE and SEA LIFE education programs for all ages, with emphasis on learning through enjoyment.



Somethin' Sssssspecial

Bill and his team at Snakes n Scales are profesional, entertaining and worth every penny. To keep kids engaged and entertained for an hour is amazing enough, but the educational aspect makes it so very special. Even the adults were totally absorbed.
I highly recomend Bill and his crew and am looking forward to seeing more of their amazing animal shows in the future.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Ashley K.
Event: Birthday Party in Newburgh, NY
Event Date: Mar 25, 2013
Hired As: Reptile Show, Animal Entertainment, Children's Party Entertainment, Educational Entertainment, Environmentalist, Reptile Show

Fantastic & Amazing

I had snakes-n-scales for my child's birthday party and, to sum it up, it was fantasic! Instructor Pete came with a wide variety of animals and the kids were speechless. The alligator, snapping turtle, and big tortoise were amazing, but the Albino Burmese python was the crowd favorite. Pete put it on my son's shoulders (restraining the head of course) and in his words was the "greatest day of his life."

Reviewer: Andrew S.
Event: Birthday Party in Greenwood Lake, NY
Event Date: Oct 19, 2012

Response from Snakes-N-Scales:

Glad you had so much fun! Thanks for taking the time to respond.

5 stars doesn't even begin to cover Bill and his staff!

Snakes-N-Scales absolutely, hands down, does THE best animal education programs in the tri-state area. Whether it be a birthday party or school/library program, they can keep even the most antsy child mesmerized with their reptilian etc. pals! Their knowledge and enthusiasm for what they do is incomparable! Love, love, love this program! 5 stars doesn't even begin to cover Bill and his staff!

Reviewer: Erica T.
Event: Fundraiser in Randolph, NJ
Event Date: Dec 7, 2012

Response from Snakes-N-Scales:

Very much appreciated!! I am so glad we were able to work for you. Thanks for taking the time!


“Over 15 years ago, I met Bill at an environmental education conference where I sat awestruck during his reptile show. I have been a fan ever since and will continue to recommend Snakes -n- Scales wherever I go. I have seen Bill present in a variety of settings over the years – including public and private school classrooms, conferences, birthday parties and environmental centers. Bill’s knowledge of and passion for the field of herpetology is contagious and he always leaves his audiences wanting more. Both children and adults are equally captivated by his exciting and entertaining programs, which take us around the globe learning about many fascinating cold-blooded animals. He is truly committed to educating people about reptiles by dispelling myths, teaching about their ecological importance and conveying respect for all living things. Under Bill’s direction, Snakes -n- Scales has assembled a talented and dedicated staff that is prompt, professional and, best of all, full of fun reptilian facts that help audiences conquer their fears and misunderstandings about snakes, lizards, alligators, crocodiles and so much more.”
Jennifer Grolemund, Writer/Consultant at The College Board & Science Teacher at Far Brook School, Short Hills, New Jersey

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jennifer G.
Event: Birthday Party in Union City, NJ
Event Date: Dec 3, 2011
Hired As: Reptile Show, Animal Entertainment, Children's Party Entertainment, Educational Entertainment, Reptile Show

Response from Snakes-N-Scales:

Kind words!! Very generous. It's a labor of love so it comes easy to me. Thank you so much!!

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 120 minutes
  • Insurance: 1 mil Liab - Gen Liability and WC
  • Languages: English


When your business has a family-get-together you need entertainment that will keep everyone from the CEO, to his 3yr old grand-niece, interested, amused and very happy. Our instructors,with strange and exotic snakes,alligator,frogs,spiders,turtles,lizards or sea animals in tow, are experts at enthralling and informing all ages and interest levels with a combination of story telling,jokes,factoids,and anecdotes that will be the hit of the party.

This show brings a 5-7ft American Alligator, a 5ft Water Monitor Lizard and a 15-17ft, 80-100 lb Burmese Python, among others, to your event. These are the biggest reptiles in any show in NJ. Our instructors are experts at enthralling and informing all ages and interest levels with a combination of story telling, jokes, factoids, and anecdotes. Learn and be amazed with a combination of humor, awe and compassion for creatures to which most people rarely get this close.

Instead of little bearded drgons and corn snakes, what everyone else can bring, we offer you a greater variety of substantial critters that include Monitor lizards, African tortoises or Snappers or Softshells; and the real stars of the program are the Anaconda, the Burmese Python and the Alligator.
This is a more dynamic choice of animals than others can bring. Perfect if you’ve seen the other shows already, you want something different or maybe your child is just too advanced for the other show!


A SNAKES-N-SCALES presentation is a unique experience. Our shows are thematic so you can choose which show you prefer or have us back many times and not see the same show! We use jokes, stories, "animal's eyes" views of the world, anecdotes, factoids, question and answer and a gentle, controlled, touching experience to make children laugh, think and feel. They will laugh because it's fun, so they will remember it. They will think thanks to our engaging, experienced teachers. They will touch the animal so they will feel it's reality and hopefully someday, when they look back on this day, remember and understand that these creatures are our neighbors on Earth.


This is our most popular show with the four types of reptiles visiting right in your living room. Most of these animals can be touched under the watchful eyes of our instructor. We might bring lizards like a Bearded Dragon, or a Blue-Tongued Skink, or maybe a Leopard Gecko; for turtles you might meet a Box Turtle, African Tortoise or Red-foot Tortoise, a big Boa Constrictor or an amazing Burmese Python will represent the snakes, and as something only Snakes-N-Scales can bring to you, a baby Alligator. Only the Snakes-N-Scales teacher can touch the Alligator but you can see it very closely! We'll talk about the specialties of each and what they eat, joke about things they do and find out if these creatures make good pets.

Snakes-N-Scales and Turtle Tales was founded in 1995, by Bill Boesenberg. It is the largest Animal Outreach Educational Organization in NJ.
Snakes-N-Scales comprises a collection of over 500 reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and sea creatures. Nearly all of the reptiles and amphibians are rescued animals from unfortunate situations.
Snakes-N-Scales has performed for stars such as Bruce Springstein twice, Rosie O'Donnell, and James Gandolphini.
Regular guest on New Jersey News 12, TV program, "The Pet Stop" and has been featured on the TV shows, "Wild About Animals","Fox News Magazine"and "The Tyra Banks Show."
Always willing to stretch ourselves, we have also collaborated on photo ads with "Mundi" hand bags.
Regular presenter for Pocono Envirn. Ed. Ctr, Tenafly Ntr Ctr, Rye Ntr Ctr, Great Swamp Outdoor Ed Ctr, Trailside Ntr Ctr, Allamuchy School, Kawamee Sch, Sparta Library, Jersey City Libraries, and hundreds of others.


We perform 1400 SHOWS PER YEAR.

We have 7 PEOPLE PER WEEKEND, 5 FULL TIMERS. (Bill, Brie, Pete, Rachael, Erin, Mat and Debbie), So the time you want is more available and the people are professional. Since we have MULTIPLE PEOPLE TO COVER illnesses or accidents, our cancellation rate is zero.

Bill has 26 YEARS EXPERIENCE working with reptiles, more than double any competitor. He is a recognized EXPERT IN THIS FIELD. And everyone here is trained by, and works for, him. He is available to speak to; HE ANSWERS THE PHONE when you call.

About 90% of our ANIMALS ARE RESCUED. When you patronize us, you help them, and help us help more of them. We don’t send money to others to do good works, WE DO IT OURSELVES.

Our instructors are MEN AND WOMEN, to provide equal opportunities to have good role models, for boys and girls.

We’re SERIOUS, WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR. We understand that safety is most important, but after that, this should be fun!



AND UNLIKE OUR COMPETITORS -We don’t make our living by selling animals, our philosophy isn’t a card game, we’re not a discount toy store, nor are we clowns, in costume, with snakes round our necks, and this isn’t a retirement or second job.


Bill, the presssident, is a 25-year experienced, recognized expert in the field of reptile care (herpetology), who decided to make his life’s goal the education of people about these misunderstood creatures. His credentials are unmatched in NJ. Bill's expertise and good natured humor appeal to all who surround him. His programs are informative, educational and fun.

When you hire a member of Snakes-N-Scales you receive the benefits of Bill’s expertise since all employees are specially trained and qualified. Many are certified teachers; all have a wide experience with children and an excellent command of animal handling and showmanship. Everyone at Snakes-N-Scales is dedicated to making our visit a fantastic experience, full of insight, knowledge, discovery and wonder. Whichever program you choose will be an adventurous exploration into the animal world providing experiences that will last a lifetime.

Bill’s experience is impressive: he has repaired countless turtle shells that were struck by cars, hatched endangered turtle eggs, mended broken legged frogs, nursed 100 lb pythons, pulled lost alligators out of people’s pools, treated sick vipers and rattlers, performed surgery on injured and dead mother snakes and turtles to rescue the eggs for hatch and release, answered dozens of calls from local police for snake identification and capture, caught loose monitor lizards on the turnpike, rescued injured venomous snakes, and he has opened his home to become a haven for hundreds of orphaned reptiles.

His studies of reptiles have taken him to places such as California, Florida and West Virginia. He studied crocodiles in Venezuela, South America. And of course he continues his work in New Jersey where he resides.

He also studied bottle-nosed dolphins in Florida. He assisted in emergency surgeries of birds of prey, raised native NJ mammals such as opossum and woodchuck, rehabilitated adult and baby bats, cared for tamarins,(monkeys), meerkats, (mongoose), fenec fox, and tenrec, raised parrots, tarantulas and scorpions!!

Bill is a self taught Herpetologist. Studied in Florida, California, W. Virginia, Venezuela and New Jersey.
Founder/Director of the New Jersey Herpetological Rescue Society
First New Jersey State Reptile Rehabilitator.
Herpetological consultant for Popcorn Park Zoo and The Trailside Nature And Science Center.
Author reptiles and amphibian section “Wildlife in Education: A Guide for the Care and Use of Program Animals” NWRA pub. 2004
Author children’s picture book,” I Am Snake:A Story of Self-Discovery” pub. 2005
Volunteer consultant for Poison Control Hotline,in the management of snake bites.
Volunteer herpetologist and consultant for the State of New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Division.
Zoo keeper, health technician and natural history teacher for the Newark Museum for 13 years.
Exotic animal specialist technician for the Plainfield Animal Hospital for 8 years
Herpetological and Paleontological book reviewer for American Association for the Advancement of Science
As a Paleontologist, discoverer of outcrop, "Carnosaur Creek" and a Daspletosaurus vertebrae

The team providing the talent:











Set List

Reptile Party- The Strange World of Reptiles
Radical Reptile Birthday Party
Giant Reptile Party
Jungle Animals Party
Desert Animals Birthday Party
Safari Party
Dinosaur Party
Reptiles and Amphibians Party
Un-Scary Animals Party
Baby Animal Birthday Party
Zoo Animals Party
Turtle Party
Princess Party Animals
Bug Party
Frog Party
Ocean Animals Party

Great Reptiles Party
The Birthday Party That Ate NJ!
Monster Party
Snake Party
Harry Potter Party-Magical Creatures-
Shark Party

Reptile Party HOSTING

Influences & Inspiration

We respect the love and devotion of Steve Irwin; The Crocodile Hunter, Stan Brock, of Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, and Len Soucy, of The Raptor Trust.

Setup Requirements

1-2 6' tables

microphone-(if necessary)


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