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11 Not-Boring Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

By Megan Price

Corporate events usually mean one thing: people want to cut loose! And they expect to be entertained. If it’s up to you to plan a corporate event, you could be feeling a little overwhelmed. Besides booking the bartenders, you may be looking for other corporate event entertainment, and we have 11 entertainment options to help!

1. Hypnotist

Watching their co-workers frantically look for their belly button or crow like a rooster is guaranteed to keep your guests entertained! Professional hypnotists know how to work with the crowd and encourage lots of audience participtaion. Setup is usually straightforward and just requires a few chairs and a microphone.

2. Corporate Comedian

Everyone loves to laugh, so a corporate comedian is great for your company parties! They know the material that will hit a professional’s funny bone. Whether they’re talking about junky copiers or the person stealing lunches from the break room, corporate comedians are the perfect corporate entertainment.

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3. Game Show

Who doesn’t love winning? Interactive game shows like “The Price is Right” or “Wheel of Fortune” can be set up almost anywhere and are great for audiences of all ages! Whether you have a large convention hall or a small meeting room, your attendees are sure to love being contestants on a mobile game show.

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4. Roast Master

If your event includes a close-knit group of guests, roasting one of your administrators can be tons of fun! A professional Roast Master can write tailored material to poke friendly fun at the boss. They’ll often ask for input from the organization, so get your inside jokes ready! (Roast Masters are great for retirement parties, too!)

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5. Celebrity Impersonators

In the world of pop culture, there’s always something interesting going on. Invite a celebrity impersonator to add some “U.S. Weekly” drama to your corporate entertainment with a faux celebrity appearance! Celebrity impersonators can pose for photos, mingle with the crowd, or even sign autographs. Find lookalikes for Oprah, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, and more!

6. Magician

Magic is fascinating to any age and profession, so you can’t go wrong booking a corporate magician! Whether you need a full stage show for a large-scale special event or just a performer to provide strolling close-up magic, you can’t go wrong with a corporate entertainer like this.

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Corporate Magician Randy Shine on

7. Cover Band

Cover bands are a staple in corporate entertainment and will please any crowd! You know your audience better than anyone, so which era of music would they enjoy? An ’80s hair live band? A ’20s swing live band? Booking a cover band guarantees that they’ll be playing songs that your guests can sing and dance to!

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8. Circus Entertainment

Local circus entertainment acts like aerialists, fire breathers, and acrobats are perfect for corporate events like a new product launch party or work holiday party. These breathtaking performers can take your corporate event entertainment to the next level! Shows can be tailored to accommodate the crowd size and time allotment if needed.

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9. Casino Party

Are you throwing a party for a gambling crowd? Trying to woo new potential clients? While flying to Las Vegas would be an amazing entertainment idea, casino rentals are the next best thing! With professional dealers, Las Vegas-style games, poker tables, and more, casino rental companies provide everything you need. Add some Vegas showgirls and a photo booth for photo ops and now it’s a party!

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10. Dueling Pianos

Having one rowdy, key-banging, soulful singing pianist at your party sounds like a great time! What about two? Dueling piano shows can play just about any request your attendees have and they do it with flair. Their high energy and musical talent keep your event rocking all night long!

11. Comedy Improv Show

Improv is a comedic skill like no other and ensures that your event will be completely unique. A comedy improv show can turn everyday people, places, and things into hilarious scenarios. Comedy improv shows are an unexpected surprise for corporate event entertainment!

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