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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Booking a Children’s Party Performer

By Megan Price

Finding and hiring a performer can be an intimidating task if you’ve never done it before. There are a few key questions to ask your children’s party performer before booking to ensure everything goes as expected!

1. Who will be performing at my party?

When communicating with potential vendors, you’ll either talk with the performer themselves or a talent manager who facilitates the bookings. Usually, direct communication happens for vendors like a children’s party magician, balloon twister, or face painter. On the other hand, if you’re booking a costumed character like a superhero, princess, or another character, it’s important to ask who will actually be attending the event. Be sure to request photos or videos of the specific performer so you can make sure they offer exactly what you’re imagining for your event.

📱 Once booked, ask for the performer’s contact information so you can get in touch on the day of the party if needed. You can also share helpful day-of info like parking and venue information with the person actually attending the event!

2. What activities are included in my booking?

Many children’s party performers offer a variety of activities to keep the little party guests entertained. For example, a character could also have singalongs, dancing, face painting, balloon twisting, games, goody bags, and more. Clarify what will be provided before the party so you can plan your own activities and agenda as needed. When booking a character, remember that some costumes may not allow for a lot of activity. Plan on fun photo ops and simple interactions instead.

⭐ When booking something like a magician, puppet show, or kids’ music, get details on how long the performance will last and the general details on what you can expect. Lots of children’s party entertainers do a little something special for the guest of honor, like ask them to help on a magic trick or get an extra-big balloon hat!

3. What do you recommend for my event?

If it’s your first time hiring someone or you want ideas for making the most of your entertainment choice, just ask! Many performers have been in the business for years and may have some suggestions for your event. Let them know a few details like your venue, your guest of honor’s age, and the party theme. Then the performer can lend their expertise.

🧒 Children’s party performers are pros and often offer different packages based on the children’s age. For example, a children’s party magician understands a full-blown magic show won’t hold a toddler’s attention, but balloon twisting or simple tricks might! If you have mixed ages at the party, let the pro know so they can tailor their performance accordingly.

4. What is your cancellation policy?

While no one wants to think about their party being canceled, you should always understand the cancellation policy just in case. Check on how much of your payment is refundable (if any), if your deposit can be moved to a new date, or if there are inclement weather or illness considerations in the cancellation policy. Nail down these tough questions before booking so there is no confusion in case you need to cancel your event.

Scam Alert! If a performer asks you to send a non-refundable deposit through an app like Venmo, be on alert. Some cash apps leave the consumer without any recourse if you end up getting scammed. Always use a secure platform like GigSalad where your booking is covered by our Worry-Free Guarantee. We protect you against scams, no-shows, and vendor cancellations.

5. Do you provide background checks and insurance?

When inviting a performer of any kind into your home, it’s smart to ask for background checks and insurance. This is especially important for a children’s performer. Most performers are wonderful people with the best of intentions who truly love children. They’ll be more than happy to provide documentation to make you feel safe and secure booking with them. So don’t be afraid to ask! Check the dates on all of the documents provided to ensure they’re recent and active.

🎉 By taking the time to ask a few important questions before booking a children’s party performer, you can make sure your kiddo’s party is a blast for everyone.

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