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Why Book Puppet Shows

We've all made some high-quality sock puppets back in the day. All you needed was a tube sock, two buttons, a permanent marker... and if you were one of those real fancy kiddos... you'd even use yarn for a coiffed hair do. But let's face it, your kids and their friends are not going to enjoy those homemade puppets that you just pulled out of the attic. But they WILL be enthralled by these professional puppeteers. With eye-catching puppets and edge-of-your-seat story telling, your kids will be talking about this puppet show for weeks!

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About Booking Puppet Shows

Puppets can make for wonderful entertainment at a variety of events, from kids' birthday parties to corporate events. A puppeteer can operate a puppet indirectly by the use of strings, rods, wires, electronics or directly by his or her own hands. Some puppet styles are so intricate (or so large!) that they require puppeteers to work together as a team to maneuver a single puppet character.

So what steps do you take to hire a puppet show? First, find a puppet show that both you and your child are excited about. For example, what kind of puppets do you want? What story do you want to be portrayed? Next, view online media. Lots of puppeteers have photos or video demos provided on their websites. And lastly, pay attention to detail. Inquire about specifics. Like will you need to provide any a certain amount of space? Follow these tips to bring your event to life!