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5 Fun and Educational Library Activities For Kids

By Olivia Steiner

Library activities for kids can be as educational as they are fun. With technology becoming such a big part in the lives of children, it’s important to make reading just as exciting! Books can take you on adventures to different places and time periods and broaden your imagination. We’ve created a list of some of the best library activities for kids that will make them finally put down that iPad!

1. Liven up your storytelling

Take your storytelling to the next level by hiring a ventriloquist or puppeteer to read the books! Ventriloquists may be completely new and different to your young crowd and are sure to capture their attention. These entertainers will engage the kids and add an exciting twist to your regular story time readings.

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The Prince of Color on GigSalad


library activities

Ventriloquist Diana Rockwell on GigSalad


2. Bring the characters to life

Why not let the Mad Hatter read Alice in Wonderland? Or have Cinderella read her fairytale story? Hiring a costumed character is sure to attract a crowd and will be a huge hit. Bringing a child’s favorite character to visit will create a lifetime of memories and keep kids excited to read! And of course, parents will want pictures! Create a photo backdrop inspired by the story and provide the kids and your costumed character the perfect Kodak moment.


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Atlanta Party People on GigSalad


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Amazing Fairytale Parties on GigSalad


3. Library fun and games

Try using this printable library scavenger hunt checklist for more fun in the library!


4. Make learning fun!

Looking for something more educational? Search for a historical character on GigSalad to teach the kids about an important event and then provide books on the topic! You could bring historical events to life! Find famous historical figures like Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Betsey Ross, or Ben Franklin to add some fun to learning!


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Sheryl Faye Presents Historical Women on


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Abraham Lincoln from 33 Stars Entertainment on


5. Book Bites

Host a book tasting! Set up a table with 6-10 books, each with different snacks inspired by the story. Let the kids go around the table and try each one. For example, serve bowls of oatmeal for Goldilocks and the Three Bears, sugar snap peas for Jack and the Beanstalk, or a bowl of gummy worms as “bookworms.” Give the students a slip of paper with the book name and let them circle ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if they liked the snack or not, then have them pick their favorite. The book that corresponds with their favorite snack is the book they take home to read!


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If you’re looking for even more Library Activity inspiration, check out our Pinterest boardAnd be sure to browse through all your local family-friendly entertainment options on GigSalad.


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