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13 Preschooler Birthday Party Ideas That Will Be Guaranteed Hits

By Megan Price

Ah, the preschool years! These are the years when your little ones really have fun at their birthday parties. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do for their big day, but we have 10 preschooler birthday party ideas to get you started!

1. Character Theme Party

No doubt that right now, your kiddo is idolizing a cartoon character of some kind! Whether they love Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, or Lego Man, a theme party is a no-brainer for your preschooler. But having a party theme can be so much more than buying party supplies with Dory’s face on them. If you really want to see their eyes light up, invite their favorite character to come to visit! You can find cartoon characters and sci-fi characters from your preschooler’s favorite books, TV shows, and movies. Book the perfect visitor for a moment that your little one will never forget!

preschooler birthday party ideas
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preschooler birthday party ideas
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2. Princess Party

If your preschooler insists on sleeping in her tiara or watching Frozen on repeat, choose a birthday theme that’s all about princesses! Professional princesses are available to host tea parties, give “princess lessons,” play party games, sing songs, and tell stories. These ladies take their jobs very seriously and completely embody the character they’re playing. We promise your birthday girl will truly believe that her favorite princess came to visit her!

preschooler birthday party ideas
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preschooler birthday party ideas
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3. Superhero Party

Do you have a miniature Spiderman or ninja running around your house, saving the world from destruction? Then you might consider adding a “Superhero Party” to your list of preschool birthday party ideas. Sure, you can pass out capes and masks to your little guests, but to really step it up, book a live superhero to make a house call! These pros will play games, teach “superhero tricks,” hand out party favors, pose for pictures, lead party activities, and more. Nothing is better than seeing your pint-sized superhero meet their hero!

preschooler birthday party ideas
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preschooler birthday party ideas
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4. Mermaid and Pirate Pool Party

Spring and summertime kids birthday party ideas usually involve the outdoors! If you have a pool or plan to host an outdoor party, consider throwing a Mermaids and Pirates party! Keep the kids entertained with a visit from a friendly pirate troupe to give sword-fighting lessons, teach pirate songs, and lead treasure or scavenger hunts. Meanwhile, a magical mermaid can swim in the pool (or perch in the yard) and tell stories from the sea.

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preschooler birthday party ideas
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5. Magic Show

Do you remember the first time you watched a magician make something disappear? Tap into that mystifying memory and incorporate a magician into your birthday party theme! Children’s party magicians are well-trained at involving their audience members in the show. Some even have fluffy bunnies or pigeons to help out! These magicians know that their audience has a short attention span, so expect high energy and back-to-back illusions! Captivation guaranteed.

preschooler birthday party ideas
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6. Animal Entertainment

If your little one loves animals, there are tons of great choices when thinking about birthday party ideas for kids! Book some friendly parrots for a jungle-themed party. A farm-themed party could include a cuddly petting zoo. Even a dinosaur party could include a visit from a local reptile show! Little buckaroos would love pony rides in your backyard, and some ponies can even be dressed up as unicorns for “royal” parties. When you book animal entertainment, rest assured that the animals are used to being handled and the trainers have your child’s safety as their first priority.

preschooler birthday party ideas
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7. Circus Party

Throwing a circus party is a classic theme that never goes out of style! Turn your backyard into a three-ring celebration with kid-friendly entertainment. Face painters can transform the party guests into everything from a crocodile to a butterfly! And they’re skilled at their craft so the kiddos won’t have to wait in line for long. Balloon twisters provide fun party favors in the blink of an eye. Friendly clowns can put on a comedy act or play games with the party guests, too! For an even more authentic feel, you can even book concessions like popcorn, cotton candy, or sno-cone machines.

preschooler birthday party ideas
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8. Arts and Crafts Party

Preschooler birthday party ideas that include something messy are sure to be a hit. After all, kids love getting their hands into things, and this is the one day that it’s okay! Sensory parties are fun for the younger ones where they can play with “slime” or other squishy things. For the older kids, an Arts and Crafts party lets them tap into their creative side! Arts and Crafts party professionals can help lead the party and offer a wide range of crafts, from jewelry making to decorating cupcakes to painting their own creations.

preschooler birthday party ideas
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9. Bubble Entertainment

There’s just something about them; kids love bubbles. But booking bubble entertainment doesn’t mean tiny, wimpy bubbles that get lost on the wind. We mean giant, preschooler-sized bubbles! When you’re a 4-year-old, there’s nothing cooler than standing inside a bubble. Your birthday guests can make their own bubbles, learn about bubble science, and more!

preschooler birthday party ideas
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10. Party Inflatables

Trying to think of preschooler birthday party ideas that get everyone up and moving? Bounce houses and other inflatables are the highlights of county fairs and festivals for your little ones, so bring one into your backyard! After an afternoon of jumping in bouncy castles, climbing on obstacle courses, and rolling down inflatable slides, naptime won’t be a challenge.

preschooler birthday party ideas
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11. Children’s Music

Adults love going to concerts, so it’s no surprise that little ones love it too! Children’s musicians are experts at creating silly sing-alongs and getting kiddos involved with simple instruments. Before you know it, your living room will be filled with singing, and dancing preschoolers!

preschooler birthday party ideas
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12. Puppet Show

Let whimsical and goofy characters take center stage at your kiddo’s birthday! Puppet shows and ventriloquists can keep the party going with storytelling, songs, jokes, and even interactive games. Whether you prefer a “stage show” or just strolling entertainment, preschoolers love puppet shows!

preschooler birthday party ideas
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13. Science Party

A mad science birthday party is a thrilling way to celebrate, offering a blend of education and entertainment. Invite a professional science party entertainer to lead the kiddos through a bunch of engaging experiments. This is sure to spark curiosity and fun for your little scientist and their guests.

preschooler birthday party ideas
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