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Why book Costumed Characters

To us adults, a life-size Dora the Explorer, Buzz Lightyear, or Mickey Mouse seems a little goofy (ooh, or a life-size Goofy). But we promise, your child will be absolutely delighted. Hire a Costumed Character from your little boy's or girl's favorite cartoon and watch their eyes light up like they never have before. Children have such a vivid imagination that they think these characters are real, so why not keep that dream alive a little longer. They'll grow out of it before you know it. Tear.

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About Booking Costumed Characters

There's nothing like watching the faces of kids when a life-size version of their favorite animated character walks into the room at a party! Kids adore cartoon characters and would love to meet their favorite, which is why costumed characters for kids parties is one of the most popular things to bring to a birthday celebration, block party or any type of children's party.