Brandon Moreau and His Cajungrass

Why book Brandon Moreau and His Cajungrass?

Brandon Moreau and His Cajungrass, Would be what you would call a One of a Kind Band, Combining Traditional Folk music's such as Cajun and Bluegrass with Modern Folk music like Country and Zydeco. With Band members coming From New Orleans LA, Reserve LA, Mamou LA, and even Nashville TN. Our music is really one of a kind, From the Fiddle to the Mandolin. The Electric Style Chicken Picking guitar and add Bass and Drums and you have a New Meld of music called Cajungrass. You wont find Music like this any where esle.


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $1000 and Up
  • Languages: English, French
  • Unions: NONE


We are a Fun energetic band, but we also respect the music we play. We have fun enjoy the People we play for. Always well dressed but with a casual attitude. We play high energy bluegrass, Cajun, Zydeco, Swamp-pop, and Old School Honky-tonk. We all Have musical back grounds and Lots of Experience.

Additional Booking Notes

Please Let us Kw bout sound and PA system if needed. We can forward any one a Production Rider

Past Booked Events

10/28/12 the Tropical Isle Bayou Club, 9-1
10/25/12 the Tropical Isle Bayou Club, 9-1
10/21/12 the Tropical Isle Bayou Club, 9-1
10/18/12 the Tropical Isle Bayou Club, 9-1
10/14/12 the Tropical Isle Bayou Club, 9-1
10/11/12 the Tropical Isle Bayou Club, 9-1
10/07/12 the Tropical Isle Bayou Club, 9-1
10/04/12 the Tropical Isle Bayou Club, 9-1
10/30/11 the Tropical Isle Bayou Club, 9-1
10/27/11 the Tropical Isle Bayou Club, 9-1

Brandon Moreau and His Cajungrass

Brandon Moreau has been Playing Traditional music for almost 20 years now. He has played with many Cajun, Zydeco and Country Bands over the years, and has been all over the US and Canada on touring with these bands. When he moved to New Orleans in 2010 and started playing on bourbon Street with the Cajun Band 5 nights a week, he decided to bring back his old love of Bluegrass and Honky-tonk music. Adding a song or two here and there to the show every week. After a while he asked to play two shows a week in the club doing a mix of Bluegrass and Cajun with some Honky-tonk. So it began and stuck, jokingly his Drummer called his Music CAJUNGRASS. But Brandon liked the name and the sound of this none Traditional Cajun and bluegrass music. He began adding more bluegrass, Then old Country,then gospel and Cajun to the mix and formed the Band Know as Cajungrass. They Band is a Regular on Bourbon Street Now playing 3 nights a week at the Club the Call home Base. Adding to the mix of Fiddle music is Electric Guitar, Drums and Upright Bass. Brandon Has a wide vocal Rang and solid fiddling Style add the Electric Nashville Guitar picking and Upright Bass the mix has Molded a New and Swing-Grass feel to the Band. Brandon is a great fan of Folk music and adds defendant genres. Now they right there own songs and our truly molding a New sound for CajunGrass.

The team providing the talent:

Brandon Moreau

Leader, lead singer, Fiddle and Mandolin

Kevin Aucoin

Drum's amd back up Vocals

Kevin O'Donell

Guitarist and Vacals

Chris Senec

Bass, Guitar and Back up Vocals

Set List

Cajun, Honkytonk, BlueGras and Swing

Influences & Inspiration

Balfa Brothers
Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys
Ray Abshire
Earl Scuggs
Ralph Stainly
Darrel Webb
Rhonda Vencent
David Greely

Setup Requirements


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