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Jacques Lord. Magician.

Jacques Lord. Magician.

16 reviews

About Jacques Lord. Magician.

CURRENTLY ON HIATUS. Not accepting gigs in 2017.

Jacques offers you more 5-star Gig Salad reviews than any other San Diego magician. That means he is a proven entertainer and service provider! Jacques offers award-winning entertainment. One client recently texted Jacques after his performance, "It was an amazing performance! Everyone really loved it. The comedic relief was exactly what we needed!" Book him for your event and enjoy one of San Diego's top Magicians! Give him a call! His terms are flexible and reasonable. His goal is to make your event a success by giving your audience the gifts of wonder and laughter; something we could all use.



Perfect for what we needed!

By Megan W. on March 25, 2015

Jacques is a very knowledgeable and likable man with a knack for integrating his magic act with storytelling. He performed at our corporate event by splitting his time by entertaining us with his magic and later with his telescope and lore of astronomy. He was very respectful of our guests by offering his entertainment without forcing it on them, and had a genuine interest in meeting our needs. He was professional, entertaining, and friendly .

Hired as: Strolling/Close-up Magician

Response from Jacques Lord. Magician.:

Dear Megan,

With reviews like that I might quit my day job.......THANK YOU! It was a pleasure working with you and your colleagues and the venue! My best wishes for a prosperous year for Gradient!


My Husband and I decided to do something different this past New Year's Eve for our family and guests! We hired Jacques to do some magic and keep the party going. We had a small group of guests and he had everyone participating and keeping everyone entertained the entire time. Everyone kept asking for more tricks, as guests of honor I am thrilled that we hired Jacques, I would do it again and highly recommend him and his fun personality and tricks to anyone. Just make sure he doesn't make you disappear! hahaha

Hired as: Comedy Magician, Magician

Response from Jacques Lord. Magician.:

And I love you all as well! Thank you!

Jacques Lords over the Party

By Jerry A. on December 19, 2014

I received many compliments about Jacques from my guests. He was courteous, accommodating, talented, funny, and humble. A regular guy but with magic! We were completely satisfied.

Hired as: Comedy Magician, Strolling/Close-up Magician, Magician

Response from Jacques Lord. Magician.:

Thank you Jerry! It was a pleasure to meet you and your family and friends. Your kind words are spot on! Except for humble. I am not humble. Could you change that to EPIC? Kidding.....

A bright spot!

By Dale C. on January 2, 2014

Jacques was a bright spot at our 2014 New Year’s Eve party. He's a great entertainer with jokes and antidotes mixed with magic. Happy New Year!

Hired as: Magician

A Magical Evening!!!

By Liz S. on June 11, 2012

Jacques has our graduates in awe with his magic! He has been a long-time supporter of RBHS Grad Nite and keeping our kids & community safe.

Hired as: Magician

Great job! I would recommend him to anyone!

By Jon S. on April 30, 2012

Jacques showed up on time, was professional and did a fantastic job. He was the life of the event and I can not thank him enough. I plan on using him again in the future and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great magician.

Hired as: Magician, Comedy Magician, Strolling/Close-up Magician

He really "April-Fooled" our guests !!!

By Claire D. on April 3, 2012

We recently had Jacques perform at an "April Fool's" dinner at our house. Our guests were really were entertained and amazed at all
his fabulous tricks !! They were still talking about him at church the
next day. It made our event a huge success ! Would highly recommend him for a night's entertainment !!

Hired as: Strolling/Close-up Magician

Thank you Jacques!

By Jerry on December 15, 2011

We recently hired Jacques for a Firefighter event to entertain our families. He was terrific. Any magician who can take kids away from video games to watch his act is worth his weight in gold! He was very personable and his magic was amazing. Would definitely hire him again.

Hired as: Magician, Strolling/Close-up Magician

It was magic!

By Ed S. on October 14, 2011

Jacques entertained a group of 450 disabled veterans and their families at a VA event recently. He was great! He had the full attention of most children in the crown and many of the adults as well. Jacques performs magic effortlessly and with style. He clearly enjoys what he's doing and it shows. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We'll definitely invite Jacques back next year.

Ed Sternagle

Hired as: Magician, Comedy Magician, Corporate Magician, Strolling/Close-up Magician

A Magical Luncheon

By Pat B. on July 13, 2011

Jacques appeared at a lunch for Church contributors. He joined us at the tables and did excellent close up magic which participants could enjoy while they ate. We had many members who made a serious effort to "catch" his sleight of hand, but they weren't able to do this, despite being at the same table! He was very entertaining and pleasant & friendly to all.

Response from Jacques Lord. Magician.:

Thank you, Pat. You can count on me to be at your service for any other functions you organize. The Benefactor's Luncheon was a huge pleasure for me as well.

Review by Conor

By Conor on March 7, 2011

I couldnt speak more highly about Jacques. He is very professional and personable. During the evening, multiple people came up to me asking for his contact information, complementing on his tricks and overall character during ther performance. Worth every penny!

Hired as: Magician

Response from Jacques Lord. Magician.:

Thank you Conor. I had a blast entertaining your friends, and your kind words encourage me to keep working at my craft and continuously improve. Thanks again!

Review by Dave H.

By Dave H. on August 14, 2010

The fruit trick was amazing as well as the card trick.

I would recommend Mr. Lord for any occasion as his show is interesting and fun for all ages. The audience was simply captivated for 1/2 an Hour and then Mr. Lord performed one on ones which everyone which also had everyone enamored.

Hired as: Magician

Review by Darci C.

By Darci C. on June 10, 2010

(Our convention was in Banff, Alberta) A great guy and a good sport; a funny, creative and extremely flexible performer who works the crowd with flair and wit! Jacques is also very sincere and professionally knowledgable about green issues, with an excellent speaking voice and presentation style, though close-up magic is defintely his forte.

Hired as: Environmentalist, Strolling/Close-up Magician

Review by Jayne K. H.

By Jayne K. H. on June 2, 2010

Jacques did a FANTASTIC job of keeping our students entertained. I enjoyed watching the looks on their faces as much as I enjoyed his tricks. When asked how they liked having Jacques as a new addition to their Sober Grad Night, they replied,"Dude.He was sooo cool!" An impressive review from a teenage audience. Jayne Handley Chairperson- Sober Grad- Pacific Grove, CA

Hired as: Magician

Review by Vickie D. P.

By Vickie D. P. on March 17, 2010

Jacques was very professional and a pleasure to work with in setting up the logistics of his participation at the annual charity event that I chair for the National Psoriasis Foundation, Walk to Cure Psoriasis. As an entertainer, he is exceptional!! With no doubt, he was a highlight of our event. He capably entertained all ages, bringing in his vast array of knowledge and experience in a clean, family friendly environment. We will happily utilize his services again! I highly recommend him with absolutely no reservations. He was a pleasure to work with and watch and had exceptional communication skills.

Hired as: Strolling/Close-up Magician

Review by Bruce . S.

By Bruce . S. on February 28, 2010

Office Christmas party at my home. Jacques was socially comfortable with my staff, interacted very well, and had a wonderful, humorous delivery. Great personality. Regarding his performance: he had the "wow factor" that we expected. He was skilled and well practiced in his performance. One suggestion would be to cut out some of the card tricks. After two or three simliar one's of finding "the card" he might consider moving on. Overall excellent. I'd contract him again someday.

Response from Jacques Lord. Magician.:

Bruce's response is flattering in so many ways, but most important to me is not the number of stars or praise, but the HONEST FEEDBACK about my material. I strive to improve and Bruce's comment is SOLID GOLD! Thank you.

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 15 - 480 minutes
  • Fee: $200 minimum; typical $250
  • Insurance: $1,000,000 - I acquire coverage as needed through a reputable insurance firm working with the International Brotherhood of Magicians
  • Languages: English, French
  • Unions: Int'l Brotherhood Of Magicians, Academy Of Magical Arts


I use everyday objects to create wonder and comedy! Coins, cards, newspaper, floss, fruit, ropes, bandanas, needles & thread, eggbeaters, cups, and other familiar objects are the props for my conjuring. I can manipulate the items you have in your pockets or at home or perform mental feats using only paper and pen. What I really manipulate are your assumptions about your everyday world!

Additional Booking Notes

I have a small cabinet on wheels, that I use as a portable stage. I am self-sufficient.


Jacques Lord is unique as an entertaining magician! There is no other magician out there with an Ivy League degree in Geophysics and multiple winner of stage and close up awards. Jacques aims to exceed your expectations for entertainment and he creates a unique experience for you and your guests by making moments of wonder and laughter appear! You are watching the blinking cursor on your are feeling feel the urgent need to hire Jacques! Your hands go to your keyboard and type "Jacques; You're hired" Now hit <return> please hit <return>!

You can find more reviews on YELP!


Interviewer: How did you become a magician?

Jacques: I had a high school teacher introduce me to sleight of hand at age 18. From there I learned from books and magic shops and going to magic clubs, like RING 76 in San Diego ( They are a fantastic group of people, so check them out if you are interested in learning Magic. See you there!

Interviewer: Do you treat children differently from adults?

Jacques: Absolutely. Adults are easier to fool and they drink, which also helps. Children are sober, bright, direct, and unencumbered by a lifetime of opinions and dogmatic beliefs. Thank goodness they enjoy a goofy sense of humor or I'd be toast. I do not treat children differently than adults. They know when you are being a condescending jerk so treat them with the respect you give everyone else.

Interviewer: Do you believe magic is real?

Jacques: Of course. I believe in magic because I have seen it. Real magic is confounding and gives you the willies. You smile or laugh, but you are also a little scared. Here is an example of real magic: Your children clean their rooms and you didn't ask them to do it.

Interviewer: Who is Professor Bunkminster Fullovitt?

Jacques: Dr. Fullovitt is the Dean of Pigpimples Correspondence School of Magic and my teacher in all things prestidigitatorial.

Interviewer: Why are your rates negotiable?

Jacques: Because I look at each event and each client's budget and I price according to the COSTS I incur, and the VALUE that I provide. Or I see how much I owe the credit card and college tuition folks at that time and bid accordingly. Most shows are in the range of $250 to $500. But I have worked for $100 and I have worked for $600. Crazy, huh?

Interviewer: Do you make rabbits or doves appear?

Jacques: For me animals are pets, not props, and with four daughters, two cats, a dog, and my wife, I have enough responsibilities. But people want to see the magician do magic with animals, so I have some "puppets" that I use and most people enjoy them just as much. Plus, I have no vet bills, no pet food, and no "meadow muffins" to clean up! IF you MUST have a live animal, get Magicians Mike Stilwell or Joe Mystic Uh, I mean, Mike or Joe are not an animals but they have well-taken-care-of rabbits, and I think they are terrific magicians.

Interviewer: Why do you go by your name only? Why not be "The Amazing Jacques," "The Magic of Jacques" or "Jacques the Totally Gnarly?"

Jacques: Because that would be redundant.

Past Booked Events

Oct 28, 2016 Mission Gorge +55 Community Potluck
Apr 03, 2016 Tea party
Mar 21, 2016 Private Lesson
Mar 20, 2016 Temple Adat Shalom Purim Festival
Mar 19, 2016 Lemon Grove Church Teen Event
Mar 06, 2016 San Clemente BSA
Feb 20, 2016 Lake Jennings Park Estates
Feb 20, 2016 Private Party , Jamul, CA
Feb 13, 2016 Children's Hosp. Orange Co.
Feb 13, 2016 Children's Hospital OC
Dec 17, 2015 Holiday Party, San Diego
Dec 06, 2015 Holiday Party, San Marcos, CA
Dec 04, 2015 City Library 9th Floor, City/County Latino Employees Assc.
Nov 28, 2015 Rancho Santa Fe Mitzvah
Oct 30, 2015 Oceanside Museum of Art, Carnival of Astounding Art!
Oct 24, 2015 Private Party, Lakeside CA
Oct 15, 2015 Father Joe's Village, San Diego
Oct 11, 2015 Del Mar Pumpkin Patch
Oct 10, 2015 Crown Point, Psoriasis fund-raising event
Oct 04, 2015 Del Mar Pumpkin Patch, open to the public
Oct 03, 2015 Del Sur, San Diego. Private Party
Sep 19, 2015 Bernais' 60th Birthday party, San Diego
Sep 05, 2015 RB Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. 7th year!

The team providing the talent:

Jacques Lord


the Rat


Dear Jacques

Dear Jacques
We wanted to thank you for making our office Christmas Party a true success. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed both your wit and skill in the magic arena.

– Dr. Bruce Smith

Jacques was a risky choice because we were skeptical of a geologist/magician. But he proved to be low maintenance, high bang-for-the-buck, and a polished professional. His magic was amazing, especially since his luggage got lost and he worked impromptu using hotel-gift-shop items he bought 20 minutes before the show! Our members loved his humor and surprising magic. We're inviting him back next year!

– Darci Clark, Events Planner SWANA

This guy is GOOD!

– Bishop James Mathes

Dear Jacques,

You were a star at our Blue Moon Fund-raising Dinner. Everyone just loved you and your magic. Thank you! Thank you! A Million Thank You!

– Robin Rierdan, Director

Jacques was very quick to respond to all my inquiries from the beginning. I had him for a 40th Bday event with only adult guests. All my guests were impressed by his interactive magic, his down to earth style and casual sense of humor. He definitely provided the classy entertainment I was looking for. Quite a few of my guests asked for his business card. Thank you Jacques for helping make my party a special and impressive occasion.

– Mary M, Private Party

The SAP User's Group conference at the Anaheim Convention Center was a great success for us and Jacques was a tremendous help in getting our prospects' attention. He would perform a few magic tricks for them and then direct them to speak to one of team members. He customized a few tricks and made up his own dialogue to pertain to our industry and our company focus. I would highly recommend him as a magician to anyone looking for one and he is a great guy to go along with it. His professionalism and approach was just what we were looking for to add to the attraction to our booth.

– -Stu Henderson, Titan Consulting

Jacques was performing at my husband's 40st Birthday party. There were 50 persons and Jacques did some strolling magic and got everyone blown up by his talent. (editor's note: author is French and English is her 2nd language. I am not a terrorist) By the end, he had the whole assembly watching his final show. The guests were so "into it", wide open eyes and mouths, just like children. That was great to see everyone so captivated. Jacques has very good tricks and he combines them with great stories. Some of my guests already asked him for a future event in their home! I highly recommend him as he is really professional and he is a very interesting person in the same time. I wish you all a great party with Jacques the magician!!!

– -Sophie V, Private Party

Jacques, did a great job! Jacques entertained everyone from young to old. I appeciated the personal touch -- he took the time to go to every table to perform his magic. Jacques brought the house down when he did the group magic. He involved everyone, and everyone loved it!

– -Irma V, Private party

Jacques was great! He was able to tailor his jokes to fit our audience and profession, and combine his magic tricks with it. For this show he portrayed himself as a motivational speaker and he acted and sounded, and used terminologies like a real motivational speaker, but funny! Everyone had a great time and have been aking me where I found him. I will recommende him to any corporate event, particularly for technical audiences.

– Minjie M., City Engineering Divisio


– Marisol R, North Island NAS

Jacques was so great for our party. He was able to entertain seniors, their children and their grand-children. He roamed throughout our party of over 600 guests! Since we had a buffet style brunch, he entertained our guests as they waited in line, making their experience more cheerful. Thank you Jacques!

– Lindsey C., Wesley Palms

Set List

Here is a 'sampling' of my act:

"WHOA!! How'd you DO that?"


Influences & Inspiration

Pebble Beach Magician/musician/composer Biff Smith; Doug Henning, Phil Van Tee, Max Maven, Randy Pryor, Bob Pozner.

Setup Requirements

an audience....


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