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Unconventional Convention Booth Ideas

By Megan Price

A convention is like the adult version of a science fair. You’ve got your booth and your display, and you want everyone to stop and see what you have to offer. But how do you get them to stop? Make your booth unforgettable with some un-boring additions!


Food and Drink

Every human loves food. It’s just a fact. If there’s food at your convention booth, you’re practically guaranteed to have a swarm of people. So if you choose to have food or drinks, be prepared with large quantities! You can usually get an estimate of attendees from the convention’s website or the sales person who sold you the booth.

Also, check the restrictions of the convention, because sometimes food isn’t allowed unless it’s pre-packaged. If that’s the case, try attaching your business card to the packages so your prospects will know where it came from later.

If food is allowed, try something a little more fun than a tray of quiches. Bringing in Concessions like snow cone machines or gourmet cotton candy can add an adult twist on classic childhood favorites. If the convention allows alcohol, mini cocktails are another winner. Hire a Bartender to handle the mixing while you focus on networking!


Celebrity Impersonators

Want to create a buzz around your booth? Bring in a celebrity, of course. It starts with one person whispering to their friend, “Is that Lady Gaga?” and before you know it, everyone is checking out your booth (and your celebrity). Celebrity Impersonators can pose with guests for pictures, sign autographs, and add an air of glamour to what can be a dry event. Whether you choose a blast from the past like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, or Elvis, or keep it newer with James Bond or Austin Powers, you won’t regret it. And neither will the attendees!


convention booth ideas

Vaughn Suponatime, Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist on


Live Entertainment

Another great way to draw attention is a live performance at your booth. Close-Up Magicians can snag passers-by and get them involved with card tricks or other quick sleights of hand. If sound restrictions allow, you could even have a musical performance like a One-Man Band or String Trio. Send a Stilt Walker into the crowd with your company to recruit attendees for your booth, or have a Juggler or Belly Dancer for a more compact performance. Or check out more corporate event entertainment options on GigSalad!


convention booth ideas

Unique Swag

Lastly, give your attendees something cool to remember you by. Most importantly, give them something they’ll actually keep and use. High-quality sunglasses are usually a hit, or well-made soft t-shirts are another. Go big or go home! Pens are a cheaper option, and everyone loves them. Portable phone chargers are a trending item right now, too. Whatever you choose, just ask yourself what you would like to leave with. Check out sites to order items in bulk with your logo on them. You don’t want people to forget who gave them such awesome swag!

With a little creativity, you can have the best booth at the fair! Err, convention. Give people an experience that they won’t soon forget, and drum up some great relationships and potential new business.


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