The Magical Worlds of Jack Julius

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Make your next event stand out with Professional entertainment. From close-up to Stage from corporate to private parties! Over 25 years experience performing for hundreds of private as well as some of the biggest companies national and international, you are sure to be amazed and entertained! Corporate Parties, weddings, and any private or public gathering. Tons of audience participation and fun, variety, and high quality magical entertainment that is sure to be memorable. From producing beautiful white doves, incredible mind boggling magic & illusion, Escapes, comedy and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Book a show now for your NEXT event and Make it unforgettable.



I think Mr. Julius is a very talent individual and performer

I was very surprised when I saw a review here that I felt was not very credible to Mr. Jack's services. He seems to do many variety of things and many types of shows. And every time, he has been very professional, interested in his audience and knows what needs to be done in order to please his audience. Many photos here speak for themselves. I have see him many time around the Annapolis, DC and Baltimore areas. At the Inner Harbor. In Annapolis on stage for a New Years Event(about 800 in attendance). And recently at a Birthday party where he spent time after the show hanging out with the kids. His magic is very good quality, he is a true professional when it come to performing his craft. As an added note to one semi negative review here...if he didn't perform the "Mime" as long as they wanted it may be because Mr. Julius felt the magic was a much bigger hit. I just felt he got a bad rap on that review! Hire him you won't be disappointed! Thank YOU! R.G.

Reviewer: Robert
Event: Birthday Party in Annapolis, MD
Event Date: Sep 8, 2012

Brought the Magic

Jack was a roving mime and magician at my birthday party. He greeted folks as they arrived as a mime and then did magic. I wish he had stayed in the mime character longer but folks really enjoyed his magic and he was a great addition to the party.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Cynthia R.
Event: Birthday Party in Washington, DC
Event Date: Mar 24, 2012
Hired As: Magician, Magician, Mime, Strolling/Close-up Magician

Booking Info

  • Fee: $255 (small) -7,525 (lg shows) and inbetween
  • Languages: English

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The Magical Worlds of Jack Julius


A local town magician , Doug Henning , Charlie Chaplin, Sheilds & Yarnell (Mime Duo) influenced me the most. and Robin Williams.

Professional high quality Magic, Comedy & Illusion For Any Event or Occasion!

With over 30 years of performing his unique style of Magic, Mime, Comedy & Illusions on stage and in the streets across the globe, Mime-Magician and award winning entertainer Jack Julius is sure to make your next event a memorable one, no matter how big or small.

Jack's Magical World of Services Include:


No matter how big or small, make your next special gathering a fun and entertaining one. From small private parties, private gatherings & social events to larger gatherings and stage shows. Even Birthday Parties.


Jack loves to perform for corporate, stage and trade show events. He can make your next event unforgettable by bringing up the CEO, President or Chairperson and many other audience members to participate and be a part of the show. You can have Jack perform awesome Close-up & strolling magic, a large stage illusion comedy shows or both.

If you need an MC - Master of Ceremonies or Motivational Speaker, Jack can add much need flavor to your event.


Jack can bring people to your booth by performing closeup magic, mime or do his very unique "Robot" to entice the people strolling by.

Some of Jack's countless performances for private clients as well as some of the largest corporate clients in the country, include, AOL, Fannie Mae, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Northrop Grumman Corporation, American Cancer Society, McCormick, Pepsi Cola Co, NSA, and the White House, to name a few.

STREET & STAGE MAGIC FOR YOUR NEXT OUTDOOR EVENT: Jack has been performing in the streets since 1980. So, for your next outdoor event, fair, parade or staged festival, Jack can add his unique performing styles of magic, mime, roller skating and mingling fun to get the people involved.

SCHOOL SHOWS (From elementary to and all school in-between college):

Jack has performed hundreds of shows for schools. He gets the teachers, students and principal(s) involved. Lots of clean fun for all grade levels. You have choices of solo performed shows to illusion shows with his beautiful wife Tanya.


Add a little magic your summer camp with a show or have Jack spend the week teaching kids magic in a special Magic Boot Camp.

Day Care Shows - Have some fun for the kids and they all get a special magic item at the end of the show.

WEDDINGS!! Yes, Jack Julius has performed at many weddings. So, why not yours? Make it memorable and fun! He involves the bride and groom. Call for special packages and show info! He can even make the bride appear!


With a back ground in stage and street mime, Jack's mime skills are unmatched and inter-weaved throughout the show to give variety and a visual treat for all ages. Jack can also perform Mime separate for your corporate or trade show function. He can also greet guests as a robot or even perform as a Mannequin in your store window to draw attention to your products.

Fun for everyone with tons of audience participation.

Whatever the occasion, the Magical Worlds of Jack Julius will make your next event an unforgettable experience.

Jack's magical style is unique and without question one that leaves his audiences spellbound. Always humorous and guaranteed to please. His performance with the audience is very playful and interactive and involves many participants from the crowd to thrill and entertain as they experience magic & illusion first hand.

Jack Julius is available to perform a variety of shows for all occasions and cultural groups from birthday parties, family gatherings, church events to Schools, colleges and large corporate events, from close-up magic, street to stage illusions and even escapes. Check out the web site for more info, photos, and video.

COME SEE JACK LIVE EVERY TUESDAY FROM 6 to 8 PM! If you are local to the Annapolis area, come to Chevy's Tex Mex Restaurant with your family and friends and see some awesome close up magic right at your table. If you look up you will see cards on the ceiling and wonder, "How did that get there?" Well, you just may see it.
PRESS Release:
Rekindling an old childhood passion, Jack Julius has been intimately involved with magic & theater since 1974 performing his first professional show at about the age of twelve and later incorporated the visual art of Mime to complete his unique performance style. He has taught Mime and hip-hop for the MD Council of Dance as well as other prominent organizations. Jack has written, directed and produced several plays which incorporated all these skills and sold out to rave reviews. Over these years Mr. Julius has had countless performances for private clients as well as some of the largest corporate and well know clients in and out of the country, including the White House.

Jack's magical style is unique and without question one that leaves his audiences spellbound. Always humorous and guaranteed to please. His performance with the audience is very playful and interactive and involves many participants from the crowd to thrill and entertain as they experience magic first hand. Jack's mime skills are unmatched and inter-weaved throughout the show to give variety and a visual treat for all ages.

Jack Julius is available to perform a variety of magic & Mime shows for all occasions and cultural groups from children's birthday parties, family gatherings, church events to large corporate and staged events, from close-up magic, street and or parlor to stage illusions. Whatever the occasion, the magic and mime of Jack Julius will make your event and unforgettable and fun experience.

Anniversaries, Awards Nights, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Banquets, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, Casinos, Celebrations, Children's Birthday Parties, Christenings, Christmas Parties, Church Services, Clubs, Coffee Shops, Community Events, Conventions, Corporate Functions, Country Clubs, Cruise Ships, Dinner Dances, Festivals, Fraternity Functions, Fund Raisers, Funerals, Graduation Parties, Grand Openings, Hotels, Jingles, Movie Soundtracks, Picnic, Private Parties, Proms, Resorts, Restaurants, Reunions, Showers, Ski Lodges, Sorority Function, Studio Session, Temples, TV Soundtracks, Weddings and anything you can think of where you'd like to have quality entertainment for!! Call ME!!!


The team providing the talent:

Jack Julius

Magician - Illusionist - Mime - Escape Artist - Comedy Magic


My wife and assistant from Taiwan - and very sexy!


Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful show. My daughter (Claire, age 5) had a super time and really felt like the star for a day. Both Claire and my other daughter Emma still talk about the birds and occassionally they tear up napkins and blow the little pieces of paper around the house.
Your ability to slant the show for the age group was well done and helped tomake her party a great success. Also, I was very impressed with your ability to handle and entertain 23 four/five year old children for over an hour. Just your ability to this was magical in my opinion. Additionally, while watching your show I was truly amazed at the level of your tricks and illusions and am still not sure how you were able to make the birds appear.

If you are ever in need of a reference feel free to use me, it would be my pleasure to expound on your professional show and your true talent in dealing with young audiences. Thanks again for helping to make it a memorable event for Claire!

– Joe B.

You performed at my 7 year old boy's birthday party last july (before we returned to the UK), and I promised to write a testimonial for your act. It was nothing short of fantastic - for the adults as well as the kids. You were very funny and really captured the kid's attention and imagination. Six months later my son still performs his own kind of magic based (loosely!) on Jack's. You were also incredibly good at controlling the kids - and at making the birthday boy fell very special in the act. sadly we have moved from the area now but if we had not I would certainly have YOU back again for other parties.
Hope you have a very good New Year,

– Niall MacGinnis

The show at Harman Elementary was really good! The tricks all were great, especially the transformation (it's the one where you were locked in a box and changed places with your assistant) trick! I was the guy who checked the chain to make sure it was real! Everything seemed real enough to the four of us guys who assisted!

– Ty A.

We saw your show at orange hunt elementary. We thought it was the best magic show We have ever seen. We even saw it twice it was so funny. Thanks for sharing us how to do your tricks. We would really like to se your show again. Thank You,

– Anna and Lindsey

Stay at home mom
My kids, (Kyle age 6 and Erica age 5), and I, saw you at their school, Patuxent Elem., this past Saturday, June 7, and we thought you were great! My son was really amazed at the many tricks you performed, especially the one at the end when you were locked inside the crate,,I was trully amazed! My 5 year old daughter normally would not sit thru a show that lasts an hour long and I have to say, she sat still and was pretty amazed at everything you did..she especially liked the tricks you performed with the dove. Thanks for such a great show, and hope to see you again.

Laurie G.

– Laurie G.

Thank you so much for performing at my son's 8th birthday party. Both the kids and adults at the party enjoyed the magic and mime very much. My son's favorite trick was the floating dollar bill. My 80 year old mother was very impressed with your work and enjoyed being involved in one of your tricks! You were very professional and handled the group of kids extremely well!
I will certainly promote your name in my community. I would love to be able to have you perform at one of our events.
Thanks again-

Administrative Assistant

– Janet

I wanted to send you a quick note to say: "Thanks." Nice show, as usual.
It is fair to say that the 38th annual Maryland Seafood Festival was a success and we look forward to working with you again next year.
Thanks again and talk to you soon,

– Sean O.

Hi Jack, your show was absolutely terrific... the kids are still talking about it and so are the adults! Thank you so much. Thanks again for a terrific show!

– Regards Karin

Thanks for a wonderful performance last night at Wynnewood Pool. The crowd was larger than we anticipated. Everyone enjoyed the show.
The transformation was AMAZING!!!!
Thanks again-
Janet S.
Diane P.

– Janet S. , Diane P.,

Hi Jack, I just caught your show at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore this past week. (The week of July 4th.) You were terrific. Great interaction with the kids, and very entertaining. I happened to be at a show where you had an unexpected guest. I am sure he was a homeless man trying to steal your show every chance he had. You made his interruptions amusing, and were very professional the entire time. I do hope to see another of your shows in the future. Best of luck.

– Chris

We just wanted to thank you and your wife again for the great show you performed for Sam's party yesterday. Sam and his friends really, really enjoyed it. Sam especially enjoyed being called up to help in some of the magic acts.

We also want to thank you for taking the time after the party to show Sam some magic he can practice on his own. Your performance at St. Mary's spurred him and some of his friends onto a real interest in magic and yesterday's session just reinforced it.

Thanks again and we will be sure to catch you at Lido's and to pass your name around.

-Kevin and Kirstin S.

– Kevin and Kirstin S.

Greetings Mr. Julius;

I would like to thank you for your performance during our eighth annual alumni association party. According to all of the feedback that I have been getting, everyone really enjoyed your show, kids and adults alike. We hope that everything went as smoothly for you as it did for us. Thanks again to you and your lovely assistant.

Rick S.
President of the CAA


– Rick S, President of CALHOON ALUMNI

I saw your performance Saturday at the Northrop Grumman open house and enjoyed it greatly. When I heard you give your web site address, I decided to visit so I could tell you. I'm also writing to the organizers to let them know that they should invite you back for their next event.I heard you mention Red Skelton, and I thought that I could see his influence in your style. You also reminded me of Robin Williams. Thanks for the entertainment!

– Gordon Davy

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