Amazing Magic by Joey D

Why book Amazing Magic by Joey D?

Joey D puts smile on faces with his amazing Magic and Comedy Show, his personable Mingle Magic, and his talk-of-the-event Wild Wearable Balloon Art. Having performed at over 1500 events, Joey D can help you make your next event memorable for your guests. You can be sure that Joey DiDonna will have them entertained and amused with his clean comedy, amazing magic and audience participation. People will compliment you on your choice in entertainment. Let New York Magician Joey D helps make your event the one that people talk about.




Review by Amanda M.

Joey D was great, kids and adults alike enjoyed watching his magic!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Amanda M.
Organization: Southern Saratoga YMCA
Event: Private Party in Clifton Park, NY
Event Date: Jan 22, 2010
Hired As: Magician

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 20 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $250 and up
  • Insurance:
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: IBM, SAM,


Magic Shows = Good clean magical fun for audiences of all ages. This style of show includes lots of visual magic and can be designed to fit different themes, holiday or other special events. The running time can be tailored up to 1 hour.

Wild Wearable Balloon Animals = Way more than just dogs and dogs with long necks. Joey D uses 6 different shapes and over 20 colors to create hundreds of different creations. Hats, Masks, Costumes and more... spectators don't just get a balloon dog, they become one. Joey D calls it Wild Wearables. Always delivered to onlookers with Joey D's clean comedy, this is great entertainment for themed events and parties.

Strolling Magic = Joey D will stroll through the crowd performing magic up close and personal. This style is great on its own or in addition to a stand up show. Tricks include cards changing in the blink of an eye, coins traveling to impossible locations, and an absolutely amazing routine where magic happens in a spectator's hand. Routines include lots of comedy and many include fun plots to further interest the audience.

Joey D knows that each audience is unique, so he chooses magic routines and comedy bits that will relate to each particular audience.

During the shows audience members will help Joey create a carnival like atmosphere. Half comedy, half magic and entirely entertaining, if you are looking for some great entertainment, then you need to book your day with Joey D before somebody else does.

Additional Booking Notes

Stages required for performances of more than 100 people.

Amazing Magic by Joey D

MAGIC SHOW- Joey D's Amazing Magic & Comedy Show is a unique blend of amazing magic, clean comedy and audience participation. It is the perfect choice to make your party into a memorable, magical, and entertaining experience that your guests will remember for years to come. Grown adults will be scratching their heads and the children will giggle with delight during Joey's magical experience. To get availability and pricing for your area, contact Joey D by clicking on the button on the top right of this page (Contact Performer)

MINGLE MAGIC- If you want to have a special and personal form of entertainment at your event, Joey D's Mingle Magic is the perfect solution. Joey D will amaze and amuse small groups (5-10 people) with some fun and impossible magic tricks. He performs a few short routines for each group before strolling to the next group. This is the style of magic that SPAC (The Saratoga Performing Arts Center) has chosen for the past 3 years for their Family Nights because of the vivid audience reaction.

WILD WEARABLE BALLOON ANIMALS- You have to see pictures to really understand what this is all about. Joey uses 3,4,5.. and more balloons to create and twist the coolest balloon animals you have ever seen. Quick and impressive sculptures made from nothing more than balloons and air. Kids and even adults love the color and festivity that these creation bring to any event. You will be sure to hear compliments, even from the adults, for hiring such fun and artsy entertainment.

HALLOWEEN MAGIC SHOWS- Joey has a special family show for Halloween. The kids will be delighted as their favorite Halloween characters (Ghosts, Frankenstein, Dracula) are included in the plots of some fun and unscary magic routines. There is lots of visual magic, clean comedy for everyone and special surprises along the way for a few select helpers. There is even a special, magical and comedic routine that stresses 3 special Halloween saftey messages in a fun way so the kids will remember them.

Christmas Magic Show- Joey D has designed this show to really get people in the fesive mood. Music and Magic combine to form a one of a kind experience for your Christmas Party. The kids will be squealing with delight and jumping out of their seats during routines with Santa, Roudolph, and Frosty. The adults will enjoy not only some of the tricks and comedy, but they will be amazed at the reaction of the kids. Although Santa will always be a bigger celebrity, don't you want to give the kids something to remember until next year? Contact Joey D for your Christmas Party by clicking on the "Contact Performer" tab at the top right of this page.

The team providing the talent:

Joseph DiDonna (Joey D)

Magician & Entertainer


I don't know how you did it. Mom, dads and kids are all telling me it was the best birthday party they've ever been to. My son can't stop talking about the drawing that moves. You made his day and that made mine. Just wanted to say thanks.

– Tom H

Joe, I wanted to thank you for making our picnic a huge success. Just like you said, the adults wanted your balloon art as much as the kids did. Your magic was fantactic too. People are still talking about it 2 days later. What do I have to do to book you for next year? You made my employees and their kids happy.

– Sara R

Joey D entertained at my daughter's Bat Mitzvah celebration. The
guests, about 80, were half thirteen year olds and half adults. With
his magic,balloon twisting, and joking, Joey kept this diverse group
into the party. I received many complements about him. I recommend
Joey highly for any gathering where a talented, family-friendly
entertainer is wanted.

Thanks, again

– Elyse P

Hi Joe - Just another quick "Thank You." My students truly enjoyed your show! Starting off each show with a magic trick was a great way to really grab my student's attention! They loved the balloon art and were truly engaged in your presentation from beginning to end. The crowd, both kids and teachers alike, were entertained for each moment. As the person who brought you to Lowville, I was thrilled with your professionalism and clean act! I was proud to say that you were my idea. Thanks again for a great day! - Sonya

– Sonya D.

What can I say? You were fantastic! High marks across the board, even from the Russian judge. I’d be very honored to write a referral at any time. Your participation made our parents’ day (and the kids’ too :^)

– David Wilder

"DiDonna is smooth... even the closest scrutiny can't reveal his sleight of hand secrets"

– Show Reviews

"... DiDonna claimed the floor as his stage and surprised diners with tricks that confounded even the most cynical"

– Jill Kelly

"Your magic show was a hit; it was interactive and drew a large audience, young and old alike."

– Vesna Gjaja

Set List

Here's a sampling of some of the routines performed by Joey D:

Signed Bill In Orange- A borrowed $100 bill is 'lost' by Joey D, only to reappear in an orange which has been in the audience the entire time. This will leave everybody wondering "HOW DID HE DO IT?"

Egg Bag- The assisting spectator becomes the star of the show ad proves to even the most cynical that anything is possible.

Grandpa's Coins- A touching and magical story about my grandfather's last gift and advice to me. Coins vanish and appear, but the story that goes with the magic makes this routine one of the most charming you'll see.

Influences & Inspiration

Albany magicians, new york magicians, magicians in ct.

Setup Requirements

A bowl of Skittles disguised as M&Ms (remove the S from the Skittles and draw M's or W's on all of them.)

An audience ready to have some fun

Electric outlet (for all stand-up shows)

Stage (for all shows with a large audience)