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Oh, the possibilities you have when it comes to transportation services for your next event. For any event of any size, fun alternate modes of transportation are always an option. The way you arrive at a party, concert, or event can set the tone for the rest of the day or evening. Nothing gets a group excited for the event more than arriving in style! Here are some fun modes of transportation for any event you can think of…

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Prom... it's one of the biggest nights in a high schooler's life. And as every year passes, proms get a bit fancier, after proms get even cooler, and dresses get a little, um... shorter. Make sure you keep up with the times as your planning your Prom events by checkin' out these up-do-date ideas that'll fulfill every teenybopper's dream.
Prom: A Night to Remember

Oh, Prom. This event marks the conclusion of a chapter of a teen’s life. For most, it’s the highlight of their high school career, so it is important that you make the night special for them as well. Here are some tips from us here at Gig Salad for throwing a perfect Prom.

Make It Memorable

Every prom has a theme; this theme is usually voted on by the students well in advance before the Prom date. It is essential to base the decorations and music around the theme. This sets the tone for the remainder of the evening. Use balloon decor to have color coordinated columns and archways. If the theme is 60’s Disco, have a disco ball hanging from the ceiling; for a Hollywood theme, have stars adorning the walls and hanging from the ceiling. You get the idea. To give the decor a personal touch, put the couples’ names on some sort of wall item. For example, going back to the Hollywood theme, you could put each couple on a star that they can take home with them as a souvenir for the evening.

The venue you choose to have Prom depends on the number of people who will be in attendance. Usually, Prom is held somewhere else besides the school gym. Viable options include convention centers, banquet halls, or hotel ballrooms. It wouldn’t be prom without pictures. Have a photographer set up at the entrance to the event. The backdrop for the photos should revolve around the theme of the Prom. These pictures will serve as great keepsakes. You could also set up a Photo Booth at the Prom. This will let everyone take some fun pictures while there without having to worry about carrying a camera around with them.

Stayin’ Alive! Stayin’ Alive!

It’s up to you whether you want to serve a meal at your Prom or not. For larger schools, it may be out of budget to provide a meal for all the attendees. If you are having the event at a hotel banquet hall, they might have a reasonable in-house catering deal. If not, you could always bring in your own caterer. Also, the food won’t serve itself! Hire a waitstaff to take care of everyone for the evening. The waitstaff can also help clean up after the meal and help tear down the decorations afterwards.

One of the most important and vital aspects of the evening is the music! You need to first decide whether you want a band or a DJ. If budget is an issue, one isn’t always necessarily cheaper than the other. You need to decide what type of music you want in advance and then shop around for the best deal. DJs tend to offer more of a variety and often come with lighting systems. They can also add any song that you want - for example one the goes along with your theme - with the click of a mouse. Bands are fun and can interact with the crowd. A benefit of a band is that it can be tailored to fit your theme. For a 60’s or 80’s theme, you could hire a disco band or classic rock band, respectively. If you just want a fun mix of music, a party band or Top 40 band are always solid choices. If the DJ or band doesn’t provides lights, you can hire a lighting company to do that aspect of the evening.

After Prom Party

One event that almost every school holds is an After Prom. This event encourages students not to drink or participate in other inappropriate activities post-Prom. This event can be held at the school gym or in the venue where you held prom, and it always has some sort of entertainment. These performers can range from caricaturists and face painters to hypnotists and comedians. These entertainers will need to be interactive and intriguing enough to keep the groups’ attention. Entertainment alone may not be enough to encourage students to attend After Prom.

Nothing speaks better to teens than winning stuff! Get some local businesses to sponsor After Prom and donate items that are to be raffled off or given away as prizes. You could come up with some fun interactive games where the winner gets one of the prizes or you can raffle away some of the top prizes. Having a game or competition keeps the students involved, and if you get nice enough prizes, it will encourage more students to participate in After Prom.

Prom is a memorable event so make sure you do everything you can to make it one! If this all seems like too much or if you have a lot of students to accommodate, hire an event planner to help you with the details. If you need any help booking entertainment or vendors, look no further than Gig Salad for all your Prom and After Prom needs!