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Authorpreneur, filmmaker/screenwriter and author offers inspiring, educational advice on how to grow as a writer, build your author brand and use social media tools to self publish, publicize and promote yourself and your books online!



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When folks ask me why I love sharing the story behind my journey to self-publish “Address: House of Corrections” – my first in a life-inspired trilogy about my grandmother, mother and great-grandmother – I have to quote Congresswoman Dianne Watson, who simply said…

“I lift as I climb.”

You see, I truly believe that faith leaves a trail. And by sharing my tale of courage, passion and perseverance, I can inspire others to pursue their dreams by any means necessary.

Additional Booking Notes

All I need is an audience and a mic.

Monice Mitchell Simms

America's Acclaimed Authropreneur, Monice writes, because not breathing is not an option.

Before becoming a published author and authorpreneur, Monice toiled as an executive Hollywood assistant.

One day, she quit her job and sequestered herself to her studio apartment to pen her acclaimed debut novel, “Address: House of Corrections” – the first in a trilogy inspired by the lives of her grandmother, mother and great-grandmother.

The rest of her “Behind the Words” story, Monice happily shares at many of her events. An entertaining and empowering tale of passion, persistence and purpose, her testimony has inspired audiences to follow their dreams – by any means necessary.

Behind the Words

After snagging a literary agent off the strength of her novel’s first 100 pages, “Address: House of Corrections” was turned down for two years by several major publishing houses. So, Monice – utilizing her eclectic skills as a poet, journalist and an award-winning filmmaker for Showtime – decided to independently publish and implement an innovative, grass roots, social media and marketing campaign to prove them all wrong.

And it worked!

With her book selling steadily on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other sites, Monice then convinced brick and mortar stores to sell “Address: House of Corrections” and produced a book tour on a budget to the cities of Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and New York.

Currently, Monice is busy at work on non-fiction books and penning the second and third novels of the trilogy, “The Mailman’s Daughter” and “Quick To Lie.” She also offers one-on-one coaching to writers, teaches “Smart Authors Self Publish,” a webinar and college course for aspiring and new authors and runs Make Believers Writing Services for artists and creative non-profit organizations.

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Monice Mitchell Simms

Author, filmmaker, writer

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My influences are drawn from my experiences as a spoken word artist, journalist, novelist, screenwriter and playwright.

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