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Unique Birthday Party Ideas Based on 7 Personality Types

By Sonia Guzman

Figuring out the perfect party for an adult can be difficult. Sometimes an intimate dinner with a few friends will suffice for a celebration. Other times, only a big bash will do, complete with music, drinks, and plenty of dancing. Well, we’re here to help with birthday party ideas for seven different personality types!

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The Low Key

Some people don’t want to make a big fuss. And that’s okay! Of course, there are always restaurants where you can plan to have an intimate dinner with close friends and family, but we want to offer an alternative (but still quiet) birthday party idea. We suggest livening up the celebration with some simple, elegant additions.

🎈 Decor

Why not make the party a more formal occasion? Ask guests to come dressed to the nines and decorate your venue in the most elegant of styles. Incorporate gold and glitter into your decorations to add an extra touch of glamour to your low-key celebration. Create a floral or balloon archway to welcome guests and it doubles as the perfect photo-op backdrop.

Black and gold birthday balloon arch and backdrop
Balloon garland

🍴 Menu

If your venue is a restaurant then they have this part covered, but if the celebration is going to be hosted at your home then consider hiring a caterer to provide sweet, chic appetizers while you enjoy the party or if you prefer to do things yourself you can’t go wrong with a charcuterie board. Get creative and make a board with all the person of honor’s favorite foods!

✨ Entertainment

Create the perfect melodic ambiance by hiring a lovely pianist or saxophonist. You’ll be surprised how little details like these can turn your low-key, intimate party into a real event – without making it a big deal.

The Partier

Then, of course, there’s the complete opposite of low-key. This is the person who just likes to have a good time. The one that’s always down to go out on a Friday night and is the last one to go home. They don’t even need a theme, a birthday party involving friends, food, and fun (and dancing) will check all their boxes. 

🎈 Decor

Anything bright and bold will help set the mood for these festivities. Streamers, disco balls, and strobe lights will let the guests know as soon as they enter exactly what they are in for – one heck of a good time! If you want to go huge (and c’mon, who doesn’t?), hire a lighting technician to turn the dance floor into a club!

🍴 Menu

Munchies and finger food are all you need for this fiesta. Keep it simple with chips and dip and sliders because these party guests are going to be more focused on getting their groove on than eating. But some good drink options are a must for a true partier! Hire a bartender to make sure everyone is taken care of. You can even create a custom cocktail named after the birthday guy or gal.

✨ Entertainment

Music is all you need to keep a partier and their large group of friends entertained. Depending on your budget and venue space, you can hire a cover band to perform or just stick with a DJ to spin all the guest of honor’s favorite tunes.

Hire a DJ for your birthday party
Hire a DJ like DJ Johnny Seriuss on GigSalad

The Artist

If the birthday honoree is an artist—or, a person inclined toward creativity and eccentricity—then how about getting all your friends together and putting on a night of performance art? Everybody has a talent (yes, even you), and for your friend’s birthday, it’s time that everybody brought it out!

🎈 Decor

Get creative when it comes to this eclectic birthday bash. Cut unique shapes out of construction paper to create homemade streamers, paint your own happy birthday sign, and create tissue paper pom-poms to add your personal touch to the decorations. A piñata full of the birthday person’s favorite candy would be another fun addition to the festivities.

🍴 Menu

There’s no need to get super fancy when it comes to this birthday party menu. If individuality is appreciated by the guest of honor then they will love having the other guests bring their favorite snack or treat to share for a one-of-a-kind potluck feast. If your artist has a sweet tooth, they and their guests will love a buffet of ice cream and tasty treats. You could even do have a cookie-decorating contest to show off those art skills!

✨ Entertainment

Hire a comedian or an emcee to host your talent show to keep it organized and break up any stage-fright-induced awkward moments with humor. Poems, dances, stand-up routines – whatever it is, help your friend celebrate their day by celebrating art!

Hire a comedian for your birthday party
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The Sports Fan

Go all out for the sports fan by turning the birthday party into The Big Game. Reserve a pavilion at your favorite park for a day of outdoor competitions and grilling. Or maybe a patio with plenty of big screens playing live games at the best local sports bar is a better fit. Whether the sports fan of honor prefers to be a part of the game or the biggest fan we have the perfect birthday party ideas.

🎈 Decor

This may seem obvious but decorate with the colors of the guest of honor’s favorite team! Do they love soccer? Football? Or maybe even hockey? No matter what, use their sport of choice to guide your color schemes and decorations.

🍴 Menu

A sporty party theme can transcend into your menu options. Fire up the grill and serve hot dogs and hamburgers like a real tailgate. Or take it up a notch and create a fun hot dog or burger bar. If you really want to go all out and provide the full game-day experience consider hiring a vendor to provide concessions

Birthday party food ideas: hot dog bar
Hot dog bar from Celebrations at Home

✨ Entertainment

Divide the guests into teams and organize some games to keep everyone active and entertained. If you’re inside, book an emcee to host a sports trivia night (but be sure to stick to stuff your birthday person knows best). If your celebration is outdoors, set up some yard games or play a light scrimmage. You could also hire a mobile games company to set up something more official!

The Hollywood Type

Whether it’s an affinity for old Hollywood or current blockbuster hits, we all know a movie buff or lover of all things celebrity. If you want to throw an amazing Hollywood party for your guest of honor, we’ve got some great ideas to get you started.

🎈 Decor

Go all out with the glitz and glamour for your birthday VIP. Whether it’s glitter and gold, black tie, or all white (think Diddy’s white party), you’ve got to set the standard high. Welcome guests with a red carpet and create centerpieces with faux academy awards or maybe vintage celebrity photos.

birthday party ideas to decorate for a Hollywood lover
Get Hollywood decoration ideas from Celebrate and Decorate

🍴 Menu

The glitz and glamour don’t end with the decorations. Consider hiring a caterer and waitstaff to elevate the elegant vibes and alleviate some of the stress of party planning. Prefer to do the cooking yourself? Use cues from your birthday boy or girl’s favorite movie to create the perfect themed party menu.

✨ Entertainment

Host a roast where each guest gets a chance to poke friendly fun at the guest of honor or maybe an award show where attendees can win awards for things like “always late to the party” or “the slowest to respond to the group text.” You could even hire a celebrity impersonator to emcee the event and make it feel more like the real deal. For the more low-key film lover, you could rent a screen to have a movie night!

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The Bookworm

This birthday person loves a comfy blanket and a good book. Give them the party of their dreams by keeping things cozy and planning a pajama-appropriate celebration. You could even make it a slumber party! These birthday party ideas would be perfect for any bookworm!

🎈 Decor

Invite guests to wear their comfiest pair of pajamas, and bring their current book, coziest blanket, and fluffiest pillow to make your bookworm’s birthday dreams come true. Create an adult-size blanket fort and have a sleepover where everyone curls up with their favorite work of fiction.

Birthday party idea for a book-lover: blanket fort
Blanket forts from Luxor Linens

🍴 Menu

Pizza and wine are the perfect pair for this evening of relaxation. Order from your favorite local pizza parlor or get creative and have a make-your-own personal pizza bar and sample some wine while the pizzas bake. If wine isn’t your bookworm’s thing, coffee and tea also go well with a good book!

✨ Entertainment

Turn your relaxing reading celebration into a spa party! We can’t think of a better way to top off a night of drinks, pizza, books, and PJs than a relaxing massage. To ensure the bookworm of honor and their guests have the night of pampering they deserve, consider hiring a mobile spa to provide facials and massages.

The Gamer

This personality type has a love for competition – but the kind that generally takes place indoors and doesn’t require physical activity. Whether it means mastering the strategy it takes to win games like Call of Duty or Catan or flexing their brain muscles to win at Trivial Pursuit, they are always up for a game night.

🎈 Decor

Keep it simple and use their favorite game or console as your decor inspiration. Purchase extra game pieces online and use them to decorate your serving table and stay on theme with color-coordinated balloons and streamers.

🍴 Menu

Keeping it clean is the name of the game for a gamer-friendly menu. Plan on snacks that are easy to share and don’t require you to wash your hands after every bite (no Cheetos!). Consider a combination of M&Ms, pretzels, and Hershey kisses for a salty and sweet treat that won’t leave a mess.

Simple snacks for a gamer-friendly birthday party
Pretzel Hershey Kiss treats from Curry Trails


This one may be a no-brainer, but playing the gamer of honor’s favorite game is the best form of entertainment! If their favorite game isn’t suitable for groups there’s always an alternative. Get everyone together for a few rounds of Mario Party, Jackbox TV, or a board game competition for a birthday party your favorite gamer won’t soon forget.

We know there are plenty of other types of people out there in the world. If none of these fit you or your guest of honor, we have more birthday party ideas for adults. Or for the older folks, maybe these 40th birthday ideas will help. Whatever direction you go, we know it’ll be a birthday party to remember!

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  1. Deborah Davis December 29, 2015

    80th party for all ages maybe a the balloon guy or a magician

    • Tessie Barnett December 31, 2015

      Hi Deborah! Yes, this is a great idea! Having a strolling performer like a balloon twister or magician keeps the crowd happy.

    • Mary Mullis August 29, 2016

      Where did you find this type party. I too will be eighty. Sounds like a fun time. a balloon party or a magician?

      • Tessie Barnett August 31, 2016

        That’s wonderful! Congratulations on 80 happy years! I’m sure you’ll have the best party yet. Balloon parties and magic are both some of the most entertaining additions to a celebration. You’ll want to check out profiles of your local performers and vendors listed on GigSalad and see what’s available. If you click on “Get a Free Quote”, the performer will respond with their rates and availability. GigSalad’s booking platform makes it safe and easy to chat with the performer, confirm the booking details, and make payments backed by our Worry-Free Guarantee. And whatever questions you may have, we’re always happy to help!


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