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4 Essentials for a Fun Pony Party

By GigSalad

Your child’s birthday is just around the corner, or maybe you’re in charge of throwing an awesome end-of-the-school-year party, but you’re not sure where to start. We’ve got two words for you: Pony Party. Now, we know what you’re thinking: That sounds complicated. Guess what? It isn’t complicated. Here are 4 essentials for any Pony Party that won’t wear you thin.


1. Ponies, of course.

You can’t have a pony party without the ponies! Now, before you start to panic, get this: there are organizations who will provide the ponies, trainers, and other festivities for you! All you have to do is contact them, set up a date, and let them do the rest.


2. Crafts

We all know that children like to draw, color, and make their own arts and crafts projects. Setting up a craft table is a great way to keep the kids busy when it isn’t their turn to ride! Plus, with the right crafts, it’s easy to tie in your Pony Party theme. Check out this super easy idea. Get some pool noodles, felt, googly eyes, twine, scissors, and glue. Have the kids bend one side of the noodle about a fourth of the way down, and tie the twine around the noodle. Next cut up some felt to be the “mane” and “ears.” At the party, set the felt on a table top along with the googly eyes, place the noodles in a bucket next to the table. Let the children pick out a noodle and some felt and googly eyes. Help them glue the mane and eyes on, and voilà! A customized horse! Need a visual?


3. Costumes

What would a Pony Party be without cowboy/cowgirl costumes? Get some Costume Rentals for the kids while they ride! Hire a Photographer to capture the priceless sights! Have some simple cowboy hats for the kiddos to wear, or even a pile of bandannas to pass out.


pony party


4. Food

The children will have worked up an appetite after all that running around. Time to feed them! Here are a few simple treats. Keep with the pony theme by slicing up apples and carrots, and serve some mini wheats (hay) set them out on a picnic table.  But what would a birthday party or any party be with out dessert? Ask your cake decorator to help you keep the theme with a cake or cupcakes!


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