The Tanglewood Puppets

Why book The Tanglewood Puppets?

We do shows for all ages and all occasions. Fees for the greater Triangle area start at $125.00 and can up depending on the distance traveled and the venue. A show lasts from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the age of the audience. Shows for adults are 55 minutes. I do give a discount for venues doing more than one show on the same day, and for those former patrons who refer us to others, resulting in a booking. Shows are live and interactive. The puppets are original hand puppets and some rod puppets, and all the dialogue and music are live, never canned. We also do puppet workshops for an additional fee. We offer a SPECIAL discount of ten percent off for every show BOOKED in January, 2014.




Very good entertainment for Kids

We had Tanglewood puppets for my sons borthday party and all the kids had a lot of fun, I got compliments from the guests that their kids enjoyed the show.
Thank you guys for being very flexible and being a part of making my sons birthday party memorable.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Varun K.
Event: Birthday Party in Morrisville, NC
Event Date: Sep 7, 2013
Hired As: Puppet Show

Response from The Tanglewood Puppets:

Thank you so much for your kind words. We were honored to be a part of your son's First birthday party.

Execellent show!!!!!!!

The McCords made my daughter's 4th birthday party spectacular. We decided to do the party at the Daycare Center where my daughter attends so that all of the children would be able to experience the live puppet show. The children had so much fun, they were involved at all heights of the show (the adults also enjoyed). We received a lot of compliments and were very pleased with the professional services we received. I give high recommendations. We are looking forward to working with The Tanglewood Puppets in the future. Thank you so much for making the party a great experience for the children and thank you to all the puppets that came out and supplied their expertise.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Sharron W.
Event: Birthday Party in Sanford, NC
Event Date: Dec 10, 2013
Hired As: Puppet Show

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 55 minutes
  • Fee: $125.00 to $350.00 and up depending on distance
  • Unions: Puppeteers Of America And The Puppetry Guild Of The Carolinas


We do original shows based on folklore from around the world, with a strong emphasis on FUN! We now have stages ranging fronm a small portable 'walking' stage to a four by four theater stage, all showcasing our original hand puppets. Our shows are very interactive and also have musical and pantomime interludes for the youngest patrons. Shows can be enjoyed on many levels and are colorful, wacky and whimsical.
In Spring of 2014 we will be offering musical shows such as "Peter and the Wolf," The Firebird," and "Carnival of the Animals." We also have our own Ludwig von Beethoven available to walk around and play his piano. And now we have Pan who will happily play his pan flute for you!

Additional Booking Notes

Our shows are completely self contained. I bring my own sound system and lighting and have performed in coffee shops, on the street, in libraries,bookstores, in living rooms and on stages and school auditoriums. I prefer to use my own equipment whenever possible to avoid technical difficulties. We try and keep things VERY simple; we do not use canned music or dialogue and all music and sound is done live during the show. I have small puppets for small venues and six foot dragons for outdoor parades and bigger shows. We generally need about thirty minutes to set up and then breakdown after the show.

The Tanglewood Puppets

I need at least a four by four space, hopefully indoors, though I am working on a Gypsy Puppet wagon to take to outdoor fairs and festivals. Set up and take down times are about thirty minutes before and after a show. I also do puppet walk-arounds with my giant Dragon. I have been a professional puppeteer since 1969, and belong to The Puppeteers of America and The Puppetry Guild of the Carolinas.

The team providing the talent:

Mac McCord

Owner, Puppet maker, Puppeteer and playwrite!

Judy McCord

Manager, puppet wrangler and seamstress extrordinaire!i

Influences & Inspiration

My main influences are Burr Tillstrom, Jiri Trinka and Jim Henson, who I was lucky enough to have known back in the seventies. I also cite the works of Joeseph Campbell as a strong cultural and artistic influence.

Setup Requirements

IF the expected audience will be over 100 folks then we will need access to an electric outlet. Also for outdoor venues we need shade and rain covers available. If we have to bring an additional tent there will be an additional charge of $50.00.