Pyro Fusion Entertainment

Why book Pyro Fusion Entertainment?

We offer custom fusion entertainment for all kinds of parties and events. Our custom costumes and music sets the tone for a captivating performance. All of our dancers are trained in multiple styles of dance, fire prop training, & have years of experience. All performers are expected to and happily continue to train to improve our performances. We have traveled around the world to learn from the best, so we can offer the best. Our prices reflect our company’s decades of combined experience and training, our quality of performance, and professionalism. We pride ourselves on being highly skilled dancers and offering a vast array of glow, fire, and custom props.




Review by Evelyn A.

The girls were amazing! They were the perfect addition to our corporate event! I would defintly recommend them for an event... they were amazing!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Evelyn A.
Organization: Belzona Inc.
Event: Private Party in Coral Gables, FL
Event Date: Jul 16, 2010
Hired As: Fire Eater, Fire Dancer, Fire Eater, Fire Performer

Review by Melanie P.

Dear Lisa, thank you and your colleague for the great performance. Our guests loved the show which was the absolute highlight of the evening. I look forward to work with you again! Best regards, Melanie

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Melanie P.
Organization: Lenzing Fibers
Event: Corporate Event in Miami Beach, FL
Event Date: Apr 28, 2010
Hired As: Fire Performer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 10 - 45 minutes
  • Fee: $350 and up!
  • Insurance: Each Occurrence: $3,000,000 (bodily injury & property damage to others) Damage to Rented Premises: $100,000 (to rented premises) Personal & Advertising Injury: $3,000,000 (hurting someone's feelings) General Aggregate: $5,000,000 (the most the policy will pay out during the policy year) Products – Completed Op. Agg.: $5,000,000 (the most the policy will pay out during the policy year) Medical Expenses: $5,000 (emergency medical to others injured by you)
  • Languages: English


------ Fire Entertainment ------
Fire Wings -- Fire Breathing -- An Assortment Fire Fans -- Fire Hula-hoop -- Fire Eating, Fleshing, Transfers -- Fire Fingers -- Fire Hip Belt -- LED/Fire Hula-hoop -- Fire Snakes -- Orb -- Double Batons -- Belly Dance Sword -- Poi -- Double Wick Staff -- Palm Torches -- Double Staffs -- Fire Headdress -- Torch Poi - Fire Whip -- Colored Flames(red, green, blue)

------ Glow Entertainment (LED/UV Black Light) ------
Isis wings -- LED Whips -- Flow Lights -- LED Hula Hoop -- UV Hoops -- UV Mini Hoops -- Flow Light Staff -- Assortment of UV Poi Flags -- Glow Poi -- UV Flags -- UV Dance Ribbons -- Vortex Glow Umbrella -- UV Veil Fans -- UV Fan

------ Belly Dance ------
Belly Dance Sword -- Zills -- Isis Wings -- Veil -- Veil Fans

------ Stilts ------
Peg Leg Stilts -- Dry Wall Stilts

------ Contortion ------
Contortion Dance -- Fire Contortion -- Glow Contortion -- Atmospheric

------ Shadow Box ------
Color request available

Past Booked Events

11/23/13 Gala Masquerade Show - Fire and Stilts
11/09/13 Four Seasons, Victorian Characters
10/31/13 Halloween Stilt show
10/26/13 DSF - Voodoo fire show
10/15/13 Marco Island - Fire Show
09/28/13 Marco Island Marriott - fire show
09/28/13 Raleigh Hotel: Fire Show
09/27/13 NPE Awards 2013
09/26/13 Geisha Stilt Gig
09/25/13 Jim Beam Devils Cut, fire show
09/23/13 El Show de Fernando Hidalgo, Fire Performance/Interview
09/21/13 Fire show @ Goose in Coconut Grove
09/21/13 Private party - Belly Dance Fire Show
09/20/13 Marco Island Marriott - fire show
09/10/13 Marco Island Marriott - fire show
09/09/13 Marco Island Marriott - fire show
08/08/13 MegaTV, Charytine Show - Fire Show
08/03/13 Wine & All That Jazz - Stilts, Contortion, and Lollipop Entertainment
07/21/13 Private Party, Asian Fusion theme
07/04/13 FBTP, mermaid entertainment
07/01/13 El Show de Fernando Hidalgo, Fire Performance/Interview
06/25/13 Groovolution, fire performance
06/10/13 Marco Island Marriott
06/08/13 Private Party
06/03/13 El Show de Fernando Hidalgo, Fire Performance/Interview
05/31/13 Marco Island Marriott, Fire Show
05/25/13 Marco Island Marriott
05/18/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
05/14/13 Marco Island Marriott
05/04/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
05/01/13 Nikki Beach, Fire show
04/27/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
04/26/13 El Show de Fernando Hidalgo, Fire Performance/Interview
04/26/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
04/25/13 DSF, fire show
04/23/13 Corporate Event @ PGA Restort, fire show
04/23/13 Corporate Event, Latin fire show
04/20/13 DSF - fire show
04/19/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
04/12/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
04/06/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
04/01/13 Jameson Bartendar Ball, fire show
03/30/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
03/29/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
03/28/13 Johnson & Wales, glow show
03/22/13 Boca High, glow show
03/13/13 Marco Island, Fire Show
03/09/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
03/08/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
02/23/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
02/22/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, Fire Show
02/22/13 GrassRoots Festival
02/18/13 Fashion Show, Fire Performance @ Barry University
02/15/13 Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi, fire show
02/09/13 Private event, fire show
02/09/13 South Beach - Kung Fu & Sushi restaurant, fire show
02/08/13 Mediterra Beach Club, Fire Show
02/06/13 Private fire show
02/01/13 South Beach - Kung Fu & Sushi restaurant, fire show
01/31/13 South Beach - Kung Fu & Sushi restaurant, fire show
01/29/13 Corporate gig, fire show @ Marco Island Marriott
01/26/13 Port St Lucie, Fire show
01/12/13 Naples, Glow show
01/06/13 Miami Seaquarium, Fire Show
12/31/12 Private party, fire show @ Acqualina - Sunny Isles
12/30/12 Loews Miami Beach, fire show
12/29/12 Indian wedding, glow show @ Westin Beach Resort and Spa
12/21/12 Food Truckalypse, Amelia Earhart Park - Fire performance
12/12/12 Corporate event, fire show @ Ritz Calrton
12/08/12 Art Fair, Glow & Fire show @ MoKsha
11/24/12 Private party, fire show
11/17/12 Ocala, glow show
11/10/12 Corporate Event, Naples Fl
10/31/12 Club event, fire show @ The Vila
10/29/12 Corporate gig, fire show @ Marco Island Marriott
10/27/12 Caribe Arts Fest, fire show @ Victoria Island
10/25/12 Corporate event, fire show @ Westin Diplomat
10/08/12 Latin Sony, fire show @ The Biltmore Hotel
09/30/12 Corporate event, fire and drumming show @ Johnson & Wales
09/22/12 Private party, fire show
09/14/12 Marco Island Marriott
09/08/12 Clockwork of the Gods, glow show @ MoKsha
08/02/12 Sweet 16th b-day
07/20/12 Miami, MoKsha: solFire
07/19/12 Boom, WIG glow show
07/07/12 Private Event
06/23/12 Priate Fire show
06/15/12 MokSha, Gypsy Circus
06/13/12 Boom, Fort Lauderdale: Wig Glow show
05/25/12 West Palm Beach High
05/05/12 Marco Island - solFire
04/21/12 The Duke Lounge
04/20/12 MokSha, Pyramid Sessions - solFire
04/19/12 Buddha Sky Bar
04/18/12 Ameila Island Corporate event
04/15/12 Suhaila weekend belly dance workshop
04/14/12 Suhaila weekend belly dance workshop
04/07/12 B-Day circus performance
03/29/12 Marco Island, Private Event
03/29/12 Private Event
03/24/12 Maro Island Marriott - solFire
03/24/12 ItteQ video shoot
03/22/12 Relay for Life LCMS Dinner
03/17/12 4 dancers HIV and AIDS Fundraiser at Cafeina Wynwood Lounge in Miami
03/10/12 Tallahassee film production
03/10/12 Private Event, stilt walking
03/08/12 Marco Island, Private Event --
03/05/12 Marco Island, Private Event
03/03/12 Islanmorada, Wedding
02/19/12 14th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert at Revolution
02/11/12 Private fire performance
02/08/12 Marco Island, Private Event
01/28/12 Port Salerno Seafood Festival
01/27/12 Volcano Restaraunt and Lounge Grand Opening
01/12/12 Breathe Grand Opening
01/11/12 Johnson & Wales
01/09/12 Marco Island Marriott - solFire
12/31/11 Star Island
12/17/11 Miami Beach Resort, Sweet 16th
12/17/11 Delray, Private Event
12/04/11 Signature Grand - Holiday Party
12/03/11 Moksha Art Fair
11/26/11 Private Event - solFire
11/19/11 Bar Mitzvah
11/11/11 Wedding
11/05/11 Wedding (Fountainbleau)
10/29/11 Private fire performance
10/22/11 Ritz Carlton
10/22/11 Kevro's Art Bar
10/15/11 Atlanta, Georgia - Area 51 (Visionary Arts Fair)
09/25/11 Marco Island Wedding
09/24/11 Bar Mitzvah - solFire
09/24/11 Earth Dance
09/20/11 Corporate Event (Marco Island)
09/19/11 Corporate Event (Marco Island)
09/03/11 Private Event
08/28/11 Gulf Stream Casino
08/27/11 Private Event
08/14/11 Gulf Stream Casino
07/14/11 Ovenella Grand Opening
07/11/11 Corporate Event (Fountainbleau)
07/09/11 Private Event
06/27/11 Marco Island Marriott
06/16/11 Corporate Event
06/14/11 Marco Island Marriott
06/13/11 Marco Island Marriott
05/01/11 Private Event(Marco Island) -- solFire
04/12/11 Private Event
04/09/11 Fundraiser
04/06/11 Corporate Event - solFire
04/03/11 Corporate Event
04/02/11 Private Event
04/02/11 Wemerg
03/27/11 Food & Wine Festivel(Miami)
03/26/11 Private Event
02/25/11 Private Event (Botanical Garden)
02/12/11 Private Event - solFire
02/10/11 Private Event
02/06/11 Transnational Dubstep Album Launch Party
02/05/11 Private Event
01/28/11 Boca Raton Pep Ralley
12/31/10 Epic
12/28/10 Botanical Garden
12/04/10 Moksha Art Fair
12/02/10 Delray - Art Show @ Dada's
11/06/10 Palm Beach Art & Music Festival
10/23/10 Private Event
10/21/10 Inferno
10/08/10 Trimunal
09/18/10 Earth Dance
09/05/10 Westin Diplomat - Private Event
08/09/10 Hard Rock Live
07/16/10 Private Fire Performance
06/30/10 Mandarin Oriental - SARS
05/05/10 Fire Drums in Santa Cruz, California until 05-12-2010
04/28/10 Private party, fire show @ The Botanical Garden

Pyro Fusion Entertainment

Pyro Fusion offers an exciting performance that is great for all occasions. Their unique talent fuses fire, light, and dance, captivating all who watch. The passion of this South Florida talent is to enchant their audiences with a memorable performance. Hire Pyro Fusion to light up your next event. They cater to all themes and customize all their performances to make each show a unique experience. We specialize in fire performances, belly dance shows, & glow entertainment.

We are available to perform at: Festivals/Concerts, County Fairs, Resorts/Spas/Retreats, Public/Private Events, Premieres, Parties: Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Bachelorette Parties, Gallery/Grand Openings, Celebrity Events, Cruises, Community Fundraisers, And in: Music Videos, Commercials, and Movies.

The team providing the talent:




Hi Lisa, we just got back from our honeymoon. Just wanted to thank you again for traveling down to Islamorada for our wedding and for your great performances! We enjoyed you both very much!

– Natalia

December 3, 2009

Lisa Shehan
Pyro Fusion Events

Dear Lisa,

Carla and I would like to thank you again for the incredible job you did at our wedding ceremony in Sarasota, Florida on November 13, 2009 at the Crosley Estate.

Our wedding event was not one that could be considered “typical,” yet you were able to ensure the entire sequence and schedule was followed to the tee and went above and beyond your scope of work. Your performers absolutely rocked and our guests have still not stopped talking about their incredible performance!

It truly was a pleasure to deal with you over the past few months – I put my trust in your professionalism and every expectation I had was exceeded. The dedication and passion of your performers was remarkable and will live in our memories for the rest of our lives.

You are more than welcome to utilize our event photographs as part of your portfolio should you desire.

Lisa, please feel free to use us as a reference for any future projects or events you have. We will be more than happy to provide a great recommendation and certainly thank you for being a part of our wedding celebration!

Our Warmest Regards,
Punit & Carla Shah

– Punit & Carla Shah

Dear Lisa

I just wanted to thank you and the girls again for such a wonderful show. All the guests were "blown away" and it wasn't from the wind :) You are certainly a class act and I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends.



– Laureen

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Pyro Fusion Entertainment to find out what their setup requirements are.

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