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Unfortunately, even though you’re very talented at lighting a sparkler and twirlin' it in the air, you can’t exactly call that a fire performance... nor would anyone want to watch that for a long time. Now if you could do amazing spinny tricks with flaming objects or blow fire, you might be able to impress the crowd. So instead of injuring yourself while trying these dangerous feats, why don't you hire one of these crazy talented fire performers? They'll be sure to stay safe and leave your guests in awe. It's time to heat up your event!

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About Booking Fire Performers

When hiring fire performers, a variety of options are available to astound and astonish the guests at your festival, fair, corporate party, or special event. Gig Salad will help connect you with local fire performers, fire dancers, and fire eaters to help add that special spark to make your event a blast!

Here's some things you should keep in mind while hiring a fire performer. First, find a fire performer who has experience in the specialty you desire, whether that is fire dancing, spinning, eating, etc. Secondly, ask for pictures and video of the fire performer's past performances. You wanna know what you're gonna get. We suggest that you inquire about the specifics - know the materials and space that you'll need to provide for the fire performer. Lastly, you might also want to check if the performer has liability and insurance to ensure that everything will be kept safe.

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