Karen Robertson

Why book Karen Robertson?

Karen Robertson sees herself as a Smokin' Hot 35 Year Old. You will see her as one wild grandma who completes in triathlons, races go-karts, and is a standup comic. She denies the aging process and is determined to defy it. Karen motivates others (old and young) to set higher goals and go for them. Her audiences get that "if she can, I can" feeling.

Karen likes to call herself a Humorous Speaker even though she is known as a stand up Comedian in the Christian Comedy Association. Her favorite gig is one that allows her to bring laughter, hope, challenge, and testimony to those who are looking for encouragement, uplifting, fun, and a bright future.



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 20 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: $400 and up
  • Languages: English


Audience members should expect to be uplifted, entertained, and motivated. A hearty laugh is good medicine for the soul.

Additional Booking Notes

My only technical requirements are a good sound system, a wired microphone, and a stage.

Karen Robertson

Karen is a Clean Comedian who majors in Humorous Keynotes, Inspirational speeches, and standup comedy. Prior to standup comedy, she was a business coach, classroom teacher, school administrator, college instructor, staff developer, public speaker, go-kart racer and professional clown. Her doctor thinks she has ADHD, but hasn’t been able to pin her down long enough to find out.

Karen is captivating, comical, and communicates a message of enthusiasm, hope, and challenge. She has spoken or performed all around Southern California in churches, schools, coffee shops, and corporations. She is a certified Personality Trainer, helping others understand their own personality types and those of others.

Robertson is the author of Raising Kids Right (a parenting handbook), Do the Write Thing (a manual on how to write and sell magazine articles), and Giant Step Classroom Coaching (a manual for school principals on how to coach teachers to teach more effectively and get better results from their students). She’s also had articles published in over 75 magazines and newspapers. Karen enjoys living in the country with her (all-in-one) firefighter /cowboy /cattleman/horseshoer /roper/golfer husband, Barry. They lead a full life between home, church, business, workouts, travel, kids, and grandkids.

Setup Requirements

microphone/sound system