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10 Fun and Easy Family Reunion Ideas

By Megan Price

Getting the whole clan together is always an entertaining and maybe chaotic time! Planning food, activities, and other elements of a family reunion can be tough, but we can help. We have 10 fun family reunion ideas that guarantee a memorable time!

1. Family Cook-Off

Every family has a signature dish, and chances are that there have been some arguments over whose is the best! Time to settle it once and for all. Whether it’s apple pie, chili, wings, or some other type of tasty dish…it’s war. Break into teams and pit dishes against one another in a tasting contest! Those who aren’t cooking-inclined can be the tasters and vote for their favorites. Anonymously, of course. We don’t want to start a family feud!

2. Backyard Olympics

Competitive cooking isn’t the only way to prove you’re better than your uncle! Some of the best family reunion ideas tap into your family’s competitive nature. Host some Backyard Olympics! You can have traditional yard games like horseshoes, washers, ladder ball, sack races, and badminton. Create team names and set up a bracket. Then let the games (and bragging) begin!

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3. Food Truck

Who wants to spend time cooking when the family is in town? Give yourself a break and hire a food truck to feed the troops. Whether you’re having a family gathering in a park or your backyard, a food truck is a convenient, mobile, and tasty way to please large groups!

You can find everything from tacos to barbecue. Not to mention, food trucks are totally trending so you can impress your millennial cousin who’s Snapchatting in the corner.

4. Karaoke

While this isn’t the most original of our family reunion ideas, it’s still a good one! Nothing makes people laugh at each other more than a few songs on the karaoke machine. Isn’t that what family is all about? Making fun of each other is what families are built on. If you don’t have your own machine, a karaoke DJ can bring all the tunes you need to get the reunion talent show rockin’.

5. Minute to Win It Games

Family reunion games are a great way to get everyone engaged! And there are tons of easy ideas for DIY Minute to Win It games that work for all age groups. It’s just another opportunity to laugh at each other while you watch Grandma swing a tennis ball that’s attached to her head with pantyhose!

6. Carnival Day

Summer is carnival season, but if there’s not one in your town, bring it to your family reunion. Fried food on a stick, carnival games, and cotton candy can turn your backyard into a midway in no time! If you have lots of little ones, you can rent a bounce house or face painter to make it even more fun for them.

Games like balloon darts, duck ponds, and ring tosses are easy to do yourself, too. For a cheaper version of a dunk tank, try a sponge toss! Just like it sounds, have the “victim” put their head through a wooden cut-out and let the players take aim with a big wet sponge. Take that, Aunt Carol! 

7. Bonfire

Need some low-key family reunion ideas? There’s something about s’mores in the summertime that creates some great memories. Gather the family for a bonfire with a hotdog and s’more roast. It can be so nice just to have some time to chill out with your family.

A family reunion is hectic enough so take some time to just kick back and enjoy each other’s company. If you do feel like adding something special, try booking a guitar player to lead some sing-alongs around the fire.

easy family reunion ideas

8. Kickball Tournament

Baseball can be a bit complicated, especially for the kiddos (or adults) who may not have the hand-eye coordination needed. But almost everyone can play kickball! Turn your family reunion into a team sport by dividing into teams and getting kicking.

You may be able to reserve a local baseball field or park for your game. If all else fails, your backyard works, too! Lay out the bases, assign positions, and let the trash talk begin.

9. Brunch and Bubbly

Some families want something a little more sophisticated for their list of family reunion ideas. Normally reserved for baby showers and bridal showers, we think brunch and bubbly can work for any occasion! If you don’t want to worry about cleanup, rent a conference room at a local boutique hotel, tea room, or funky restaurant nearby.

Set up a mimosa bar with juices and champagne and include traditional brunch food like quiches, muffins, fresh fruit, bacon, and waffles. Caterers can help with the food or you can buy a few catering dishes with warming canisters to do it yourself.

10. Family Roast

We aren’t talking about a pig roast here. We mean getting your family in the hot seat! Gather a couple of family members to help make lists of favorite family memories or funny predicaments that the roastees have gotten themselves into, and let the jokes fly!

An emcee or local stand-up comedian can help by being the Roastmaster. If you feel like it’s too mean-spirited, try a Honey Roast instead. Say only sweet things about the person in the roasting chair! Serve some simple appetizers for your roast (and a little wine never hurt anyone in this case, either.)

Planning your family reunion is all about spending quality time together, regardless of the activity you choose. The important things are the good food, great laughs, and making memories that each generation can embrace. 💙

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