Joe Brogie

Why book Joe Brogie?

Joe Brogie is a professional magician, mentalist, and hypnotist. He specializes in corporate mentalism shows and post prom hypnosis parties. He has been performing professionally since 2002 and offers an energetic upbeat show that is sure to completely amaze your audience and guests.




Joe performed at my company Christmas party for my hotel. He did an amazing job. I've seen Joe do street magic from time to time at the bar I worked at in college. I never really payed attention and just assumed they all enjoyed it because everyone was drunk. I got a chance to see him at the company Christmas party and was blown away. His magic is original, entertaining, and watching him humiliate my boss made it perfect. His comedic timing is spot on. His entertainment capabilities have no language barriers. With half the staff being Spanish speaking you worried about them maybe not enjoying the show. That was not the case at all. He approached everyone at the holiday party with his up-close magic with charisma and charm that you couldn't help but enjoy. If you ever get a chance, hire Joe in an instant before the only time you'll get to see him is on TV. It takes more than just knowing a few magic tricks to be able to do what he does. He's an entertainer that will truly make your event one that will be talked about and remembered for a long time.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Hons L.
Organization: Holiday Inn Downtown Omaha
Event: Christmas Party in Omaha, NE
Event Date: Jan 9, 2011
Hired As: Corporate Magician, Magician, Strolling/Close-up Magician

Event Planner Approved

LimeLight Expressions has hired Joe on a couple different occasions and will continue to hire him in the future. He is not only a wonderful person but an amazing magician for young and older crowds.

Joe has skills that will leave your guests talking for weeks but will has an impression that will last for years.

When considering a magician for your next event, look no further and book Joe.

Thanks for everything, Joe.
LimeLight Expressions

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Kimmylea
Organization: LimeLight Expressions
Event: Other in Omaha, NE
Event Date: Jun 9, 2012
Hired As: Magician, Mind Reader, Strolling/Close-up Magician

Booking Info

  • Fee: $1000- 4000


Expect the unexpected with Joe's truly unique magic and mind reading show. Your audience members will have their minds read, thoughts stolen, and brains scrambled while keeping them laughing with his quick wit and audience driven comedy. Joe also entertains the crowd in a cocktail party atmosphere with walk around magic ranging from bending forks in peoples hands to producing money from thin air!

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Joe Brogie to find out what their setup requirements are.

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