Magic of Curtis Eugene Lovell II

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How many people can say they have cut Paris Hilton in half? -Press Telegram - Los Angeles California

Curtis Lovell II:
A professional showman, magician and escape artist for PR EVENTS, SOCIAL PARTIES, CORPORATE FUNCTIONS and GUESTS APPEARANCES!

SPIKE TV, USA NETWORK, and has cut PARIS-HILTON in half for the reality television show THE SIMPLE LIFE on E! Entertainment.

Curtis Lovell provides great interaction, magic and fun for the old and young!




Exciting and Entertaining

I saw Mr. Lovell escape from a Straightjacket at a V.I.P function at the Los Angeles Athletic club.
He was very entertaining and he successfully escaped from the straightjacket.

Reviewer: Mike L.
Event: Awards Night in Los Angeles, CA
Event Date: Jun 13, 2010

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  • Typical Gig: 6 - 90 minutes
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  • Languages: English


Straightjacket escape
Floating an audience member
Mind reading
Sleight of Hand
being buried alive
locked into a box of water

Magic of Curtis Eugene Lovell II

Curtis has a knack for entertaining a variety of audiences and age groups with his unique repertoire of magic and entertainment.

In the DEATH TRAP, created for a nightlife/entertainment complex in SINGAPORE, Curtis attracted thousands of spectators and media on 18 subsequent nights when he was chained up and lowered into the SINGAPORE RIVER. He has performed HOUDINI'S CUBE OF DEATH 29 times, including once at a shopping mall in the Philippines, as well as for RADIO and TV PUBLICITY for USA Network and NEWS RADIO.

In addition, Curtis has mastered the art of CLOSE UP MAGIC, amazing millions with his SLEIGHT OF HAND wonders all across the USA, THAILAND, CHINA and MEXICO at a variety of specially designed CORPORATE FUNCTIONS and PRIVATE EVENTS.

Even without a HELICOPTER from which to dangle or a RIVER or a SWIMMING POOL from which to be tossed, Curtis creates a comical, personal PARLOR-type show that can fit into any situation he encounters. He entertains with HANDCUFFS, MIND READING effects, GRAND ILLUSIONS and classic CARD TRICKS.

SPECIAL EVENTS PLANNERS have contracted with Curtis to make Mayors, guest speakers, CEOs and even the bride and groom magically appear. Curtis always asks, "Now would you like them to disappear?"

HOLLYWOOD has also been keeping an eye on Curtis. He has appeared as a guest on TELEVISION shows including SPIKE TV for MANSWERS, where he explained how to escape from handcuffs. He appeared on the REALITY TV show THE SIMPLE LIFE on E! ENTERTAINMENT to cut PARIS HILTON in half. Curtis shared his insights into the movie PRESTIGE for DIRECT TV - DAILES. Even GENE SIMMONS has encountered Curtis on the REALITY TV show GENE SIMMONS -THE FAMILY JEWELS.

Curtis is keeping the ancient art of magic alive by offering one-on-one
or group MAGIC LESSONS, and he is bringing these lessons to your living room with his instructional DVD called POOF! YOU'RE A MAGICIAN, available at and other major

The team providing the talent:

Curtis Lovell II

Magician - illusionist

Sara Moser



“He contorts his slender frame, twisting his whole body around his hand, taking on ?mind-boggling shapes and unnatural positions. He bends back his fingers, ALL the way back, like rubber. He won’t tell me, however, if he was born double-jointed, acquired limbering skills through practice, or had any bones removed!”

– Heidi Hutchinson? Citizen LA

“He is a world-renowned escape artist.”

– -KCAL9 News - Hollywood

"He emerged alive."

– -CBS News - Los Angeles

“Lovell attempts the legendary Houdini’s water torture stunt...”?

– -Los Angeles Times

Curtis was a pleasure to have at my 40th bash. Everyone enjoyed his magic, very professional and timely. We would recommend him again and again .
Thanks so much for making my 40th a magical night:)

– -Josephine R, Laguna Beach, CA

Curtis did a great job! We've had several entertainers at our parties and Curtis was one of the best. I would definately use him again

-Jacqueline M, Christmas Party, Temecula, CA

– -Jacqueline M, Christmas Party, Temecula, CA

Curtis was exceptional !!!!! My daugter and all of her friends (pre-teens) were completely captivated and could not get enough. All of the adults were captivated as well. We will definately refer Curtis to friends, family and business for their functions. Thank you,

BobbiJo Cook Orange County California

– -Bobbijo C, Birthday Party (Children), Anaheim, CA

We have been asking Curtis to perform at our son's birthday for the third consecutive year. Our son and his friends love his performance and it appears that Curtis will continue to be his first choice for his birthday celebrations for the foreseeable future. Curtis does a great job of entertaining the little kids and ensuring that he talks their language. His performance is entertaining for adults as he keeps the teachers amused as well. He does a good job. Kris and Shida Agahi

– Kris A, Birthday Party, Anaheim Hills, CA

Curtis was absoultely fantastic! What a personality! He played the crowd of senior citizens with a lot of humor in addition to his clever magic. Everyone had a wonderful time and I would recomend him to everyone.

Kathie Dyson Solera at Oak Valley Greens

– -Kathleen D, Community Event, Beaumont, CA

Curtis was GREAT. He really came through for our small firm. He provided a great show, the staff truly loved it! I was very nervous up until the minute I actually met him in person, and I was nervous about nothing, he immediately put me at ease and assured me with confidence, we will have fun! I would not hesitate to hire or recommend Curtis Lovell!!! THANKS FOR A GREAT SHOW AND WONDERFUL TIME!

– -Violet F , Christmas Party, Ontario, CA

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