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Why book Oldies Tribute Shows

So not all of us were around when some of these great oldie acts were in their prime, but that doesn't mean we don't get to enjoy them! There are fantastic performers out there who are keeping the music of past generations alive and sharing it with younger generations. We may not be able to see Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Elvis, or Frank Sinatra live, but book one of these great Oldie Tribute Shows to get the next best thing. So take your event back a few generations and enjoy the music of the good ol' days!

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About Booking Oldies Tribute Shows

Find and book Oldies Tribute Shows, Oldies Tribute Entertainment for corporate events, parties and concert venues. Gig Salad has the very best in Oldies Tributes available for hire your next event!

When planning your event, set your sights on a theme first. If you're going for a specific era (20's, 30's, 60's), you'll want an Oldies Tribute that is from that time. After you have settled on a particular tribute, check out some past performances of artists who interest you. When you are booking an Oldies Act, go over with the performer how much space they will need and any sound or lighting requirements. Lastly, pay attention to the details in the contract: fees, travel, and accommodations for the performer(s).