Walt Sanders & The Cadillac Band

Why book Walt Sanders & The Cadillac Band?

Walt Sanders has been performing as an ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST since 1993. Over the years he and his band have performed to thousands of people. Weather your an Elvis fan or not, you're sure to appreciate the style and uniqueness Walt's show offers. This is NOT an impersonation. Walt performs from his heart. Walt and TCB will travel anywhere to satisfy any audience.





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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 15 - 3 minutes
  • Fee: $500 and up


Weather Walt is working with TCB or by himself your satisfaction is priority #1. Walt performs with the same energy and love for music Elvis did. Walt is NOT a cheesy impersonator, He is a genuine Tribute to Elvis. Walt's jumpsuits are cut off the same patterns Elvis' were made from. As in everything you get what you pay for. Rest assured if you are paying in the area of $150 that's what you are getting. Walt takes his audience on a musical journey. You need just look at feedback on his website guestbook.

Additional Booking Notes

In the event of 1-man shows sound is provided. Generally for full band shows sound/lighting/staging would be provided by purchaser. Stage Plot and rider will be provided

Walt Sanders & The Cadillac Band

Walt Sanders together with The Cadillac Band offers a unique tribute to the Worlds Greatest Entertainer. Others impersonate, Walt performs with such emotion that he captures the essense of what Elvis concerts were all about. He knows it's about the audience. Making sure the audience is satisfied. That is the most important thing. Walt Sanders & The Cadillac Band Guarantee to satisfy even the toughest crittic.

The team providing the talent:

Walt Sanders

Lead Vocalist

Set List

All your standard Elvis songs, plus songs Elvis covered by other artists. Complete list available upon request.

Influences & Inspiration

Walt's main influence is Elvis. Not the performer, but the person. To understand and pay tribute to someone, you must first become familiar with who that person was. Walt's greatest compliment was and still is, "You're not like the other's.... You're real" There is a difference between an impersonation and a tribute. We invite you to experience that difference.

Setup Requirements

Rider varies from venue/event to event