The Naughty Hypnotist

Why book The Naughty Hypnotist?

Interactive Naughty Hypnosis Show.

This is a high energy laugh till you cry comedy hypnosis show. You will want to bring your friends to see what outlandish stunts the hypnotist may bring. Maybe even volunteer in the show yourself. It is your choice. See the Show / Be the Show.

Doors open at 8PM.




At My Sophia's Lounge

My waitress saw this show at another bar and told me about it. So I brought him in to do a show here. I have a small room but completely packed with ticket sales at $10 a ticket. He was very easy to work with and help make sure the show was promoted well. He will be back regularly!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: John
Organization: Sophia's Lounge
Event: Bar/Lounge in Massillon, OH
Event Date: Oct 17, 2012
Hired As: Hypnotist, Interactive Performer

Completely Amazed and entertained

Put aside the show is adult rated, this was by far the best night I have had in a long time. Some of our friends went on stage and what I watched them do was far beyond normal for them. I would highly recommend this show of course to ADULTS. Definitely not for kids.

Reviewer: Linda B.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Massillon, OH
Event Date: Aug 16, 2012

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: $500-5000
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: NA


The Naughty Hypnosis show is not for everyone. Children are not permitted. This event is more for young adults preferably 21 and up. The show has no nudity, no sexual touching but does have explicit language and content. Some of what you will see is the naughty horse race where the hypnotized will be betting on a horse of their choice. As they name the horse with the dirtiest name thought of. Other routines include exotic dancing, favorite body part becomes larger and so much more.

If you have a night club or a decent group of fun friends who don't mind a bit of fancy this is the show for you!!!

Additional Booking Notes


Past Booked Events

08/07/13 The Cove Nite Club - Geneva, Ohio
07/31/13 The Cove Nite Club - Geneva, Ohio
07/24/13 The Cove Nite Club - Geneva, Ohio
07/17/13 The Cove Nite Club - Geneva, Ohio
07/10/13 The Cove Nite Club - Geneva, Ohio
07/03/13 The Cove Nite Club - Geneva, Ohio
06/29/13 Andover Showplace- Andover Ohio
06/26/13 The Cove Nite Club - Geneva, Ohio
04/12/13 Chuck's Steak House - Akron, Ohio
03/22/13 Hype Ultra Dance Club, Massillon, Ohio
01/25/13 Sophia's Lounge, Massillon Ohio

Set List

The show is IMPROVE and routines are based of responses of the volunteers

Influences & Inspiration

Jay Medicine Hat
Justin Trance
Marc Savard

Setup Requirements

Need space for at least 10 Chairs in a row

Professional Sound System/DJ system

Stage preferred but can use almost any room.

Wireless handheld Mic


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