Mike Ince

Why book Mike Ince?

Have you ever discovered how effective the power of suggestion can be? Have you witnessed a body language reader gain incredible insight from his subjects' subtle cues? Have you ever seen a person's private thoughts plucked from his mind by another? Meet Mike Ince.
When he performs his interactive show, audience reaction alternate between laughter, fascination, and astonishment.
Mike is an entertainer, first and foremost. A student of magic, theater and film, his aim is to journey with you into the universe inside your mind.
Though he claims no supernatural abilities, Mike Ince loves to blend magic, suggestion, and psychology to create the fun and convincing illusion of mind reading.


Mike is a 5 Star Entertainer in a 4 Star World

We hired Mike for a Special Birthday Party.
Mike entertained a large group and kept everyone's attention.
Terrific evening. Mike was humorous, spontaneous and exceptionally professional. Very honorable to deal with. Would not hesitate to give Mike my highest possible recommendation! As the headline says. Mike is a 5 star entertainer in a 4 star world. Book Mike without hesitation for your next event.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Richard W.
Event: Birthday Party in Lewisville, TX
Event Date: Oct 19, 2012
Hired As: Mind Reader, Comedy Magician, Magician

Fantastic Program

Mike Ince put on a wonderful program for 120 women. The way he included the audience in his presentation really kept the show flowing. He put everyone at ease and is very knowledgable. Many raves after the presentation--best program we have had all year.

Reviewer: Sharon B.
Event: Luncheon/Tea in Granbury, TX
Event Date: Jan 19, 2012

Booking Info

  • Fee: $8-$10 per audience member ($300 min. to $1500))
  • Languages: English

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Past Booked Events

12/09/10 8:00 at Times Ten Wine Cellars in Fort Worth (private party)

Setup Requirements

12" or taller elevated platform/stage (recommended, not required)

Wireless lavalier microphone and sound system (recommended for most audiences over 50 people)