Marc Dobson

Why book Marc Dobson?

I am 'The One Man Band', all real and mechanically controlled. Transformed working 20+ years as a computer aided One Man Band to the real deal. My show grabs attention quickly. People stop and watch, take pictures, talk about it and ask, “When is Marc coming back?”

The Appearance is a bit comedic, which Marc takes full advantage of.
The Presentation is slick and illusive.
The Performance makes adults wonder how Marc does it and children imagine how they can.




April 1, 2012...Family gathering in Orlando,FL

What a spectacular entertainer!!! with spectacular entertainment!!! to complete such a spectacular gathering of family!!!

Reviewer: Terry R.
Event: Reunion in Orlando, FL
Event Date: Apr 1, 2012

Review by Sean M.

Leave it to Mark to come up with an ingenuitive entertainment concept like this! Be it his solo act, variety bands or now his "One Man Rocs" mechanical/acoustical/musical contraption (How else do you describe it?), Mark will "ROC" your event!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Sean M.
Organization: EC Model & Talent Agency
Event: Corporate Event in Orlando, FL
Event Date: Jun 5, 2010
Hired As: One Man Band, Caribbean/Island Music, Classic Rock Band, Cover Band, Guitarist, Harmonica Player, Jimmy Buffett Tribute, Multi-Instrumentalist, Neil Diamond Impersonator, Singing Guitarist, Wedding Band

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 300 minutes
  • Fee: $200-$3500
  • Insurance: 2,000,000 - Liability Insurance
  • Languages: English


The One Man Band... a true novelty act One Man Band, all live and mechanically controlled. A variety of serious music performance with sketched and improv comedy.

DUO, BAND and TROPICAL: much of the solo act aspects carry over depending on buyers request to stick to a format.

NEIL DIAMOND TRIBUTE: Typically this is a full on Tribute show. I stay in character. No webcast or requests. I give audience and interactive presentation of Neil Diamond.

Additional Booking Notes

I have self contained production for audiences up to 300 people ***depending on venue and buyer requirements***

Front speakers: 2,000 watts total.
Lights: 6 small par cans.

Power requirements:
Small PA (100 people or less) 1- 20amp circuit
Big PA (100 people or more) 3- 20 amp circuits or a 60amp drop.

* For Solo Neil Diamond Tribute Shows, preference is additional sound and light men.

Marc Dobson

I do perform in a variety of acts. For all, I have a bag of gimmicks to interact with including song trivia, audience member games, audience member’s roles and more. I try to keep my banter in the moment and steer the overall topic to "about nothing". Talking about something could lead trouble and nothing is funnier than the truth, in my humble opinion.
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The One Man Band, Marc Dobson:

A real, live, mechanically controlled One Man Band. To our knowledge, Marc’s contraption and performance can only be compared to two others in the world, unless you count Marc’s 8 year old son who also performs as The One Man Band Junior.

Currently playing 9 instruments at once: Vocal, Guitar (with bass line gadgetry), Harmonica and a Custom made Back Pack Drum Kit (aka The Contraption) consisting of Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi Hats, Hi Hat Tambourine, Crash Cymbal and Splash Cymbal.

Performs a variety of music covering 100’s of songs, providing a fun, interactive and self contained show for any setting. Marc can freely roam anywhere at a venue performing at low volume using a battery powered amp mounted on dolly wheels, perform within 60 feet of a carted sound system using wireless mics on all instruments or as a stage show using a large sound system.
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Neil Diamond Tribute:

Full on Tribute. Don't be fooled by other pics, Marc uses custom made wig & costume. The tribute is available solo or with band. Without trying Marc sounds like Neil; audience members can close their eyes and take a trip back in time to Neils’ “had hay’s of the 70’s. When their eyes open, they may believe they are hearing and seeing Neil Diamond in his prime. One of many interactive parts of the show is Marc’s preamble to the song Sweet Caroline, never failing to getting his audience to singing along. Marc plays a Neil Diamond signature SQ-180 Epiphone guitar while using original arrangements and backing tracks which mimic the most popular and powerful versions of Neil's songs. His authentic costume includes Tux Pants with sequins, a sequin cummerbund, and shirts covered in sequin and glass beaded fringe.
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Marc - Solo with guitar & backing trax

A fine tuned performance with more production then a lot of bands use utilizing custom backing tracks, vocal harmonizer and killer guitar playing with sounds modeling original recordings. Without looking people mistake Marc's live performances for studio recordings.
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DUO, BAND and TROPICAL: much of the solo act aspects carry over depending on buyers request to stick to a format.

Tropical Rocs: Vacation Music of Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney & more. Solo or with band.

Marc & The Rocs: Variety band for any Special Occasion. 2 to 6 piece band.

The team providing the talent:

Marc Dobson

The One Man Band

Set List

There is not enough room in this Gig Salad field to list all the songs I cover. Please see:

Influences & Inspiration

Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, Neil Diamond, Eagles, Beatles, Eric Clapton, John Cougar, CCR and many more.

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Marc Dobson to find out what their setup requirements are.

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