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Eugene T. Barnes

Eugene T. Barnes

7 reviews
Top Performer

About Eugene T. Barnes

Eugene T. Barnes is a comedian, actor and host based in NYC. His comedy has been described as clean yet edgy, wholesome yet provocative, he’s like a magical taco…spicy and mild at the same time. He mixes high energy, physical comedy with all the sharp wit of a dull tooth pick. Whatever your event, he would make the perfect Host, comedian or actor! He's done everything from churches to comedy clubs and everything in between.



Verified Review

Way beyond any expectations

By Anneka F. on August 30, 2016

Up to this very moment I am being told by my wedding guest how awesome Eugene was. He is such a natural at what he does! He knew the right time to have high energy, Read the audience very well, and carried himself like her knew the bride and groom very well by his comments. He told the perfect amount of jokes, and most importantly he keep the night flowing. Prior to the wedding day Eugene made himself available to meet via Google hangout since the bride lived in Canada. He answered all our questions and did his homework thoroughly. Thanks Eugene, you helped make our wedding unforgettable!

Hired as: Emcee
Verified Review

Engaging, Natural & Hilarious

By Maclean J. on April 14, 2016

Booked Eugene to warm up employees before an event. With little information he really got the audience involved, asking everyone questions, including people, and most importantly, making everyone laugh. He was a natural at reading the crowd's vibes and reacting to them, like kept going with jokes that people were enjoying. Everyone loved it. He did a fantastic job. Highly recommended.

Hired as: Stand-Up Comedian

Amazingly Talented Performer

By Helen M. on March 18, 2016

Eugene T Barnes is fast becoming a NY/NJ icon. With his classic blazer and entertaining anecdotes about life around town, he will have you rolling on the floor in hysterics. His ability to laugh at himself and the world, without being mean or judgemental is a much needed quality in this day and age. He is true to himself and his followers. A comedian of the first class.

Hired as: Christian Comedian, Comedy Show, Emcee

LMFAO Hilarious!!!

By Christopher T. on March 18, 2016

I follow Eugene T Barnes on Instagram and Facebook just to make it out for his shows!! This guy is a comical genius... from his stage presence to look to his stories and jokes, always has me rolling!! He is someone I know will make it far and love bringing friends to!!

Hired as: Christian Comedian, Comedy Improv Show, Comedy Show, Emcee, Stand-Up Comedian, Comedian


By Marian P. on March 18, 2016

Eugene is a phenomenal both as a performer and writer. He is witty and plays well with others in off the cuff spots. He makes every day life hilarious and brings a smile to your face.

Hired as: Actor, Christian Comedian, Christian Speaker, Comedy Improv Show, Comedy Show, Emcee, Stand-Up Comedian, Comedian


By Laura G. on March 18, 2016

Eugene is one of the funniest comedians I have seen/ heard! And I really appreciate that his humor is clean! He is an awesome comedian! Can't wait to see him again!

Hired as: Stand-Up Comedian

The next king of comedy!

By Meagen D. on March 18, 2016

Super hilarious, animated, and comical!!!!

Hired as: Comedy Show

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: $100 and up
  • Languages: English


When watching Eugene T. Barnes expect to laugh so hard, that you pee just a little.

Additional Booking Notes

Just an audience!


Eugene T. Barnes describes himself as “The youngest old man you’ll ever meet.” He’s been married for eight years to his college sweet heart, who’s lovely, supportive and really really smart! (She’s paying me to say that…I want my dollar.) He’s The Father of two beautiful little girls, who are for sale, just check out this website He’s probably worse at working an IPhone than your grandma’s mom and he’s only twenty…something.
He was born and raised in the tiny, chicken infested town of Lakeland, Fl. His comedy has been described as clean yet edgy, wholesome yet provocative, he’s like a magical taco…spicy and mild at the same time. He mixes high energy, physical comedy with all the sharp wit of a dull tooth pick. don’t believe me? Go see him live, he performs at clubs and colleges all over the country. I guarantee you’ll laugh your butt off, no really you’ll literally leave without your butt. (There’s a butt bucket at the door of all his shows, if you just so happen to make it through a show with your butt still intact, just drop it in the bucket.)
I know what you’re thinking…what does the “T” in Eugene T. Barnes stand for? Well, some say Tony, some say Tiger Balm, others say toilet water, the truth is…the world may never know. Let’s just enjoy him, while we have him.

Upcoming Booked Events

Mar 26, 2017 Bridal Shower

Past Booked Events

Jan 30, 2017 Corporate Event
Aug 27, 2016 Wedding Reception
Jun 19, 2016 Dinner Party
Apr 16, 2016 Religious Celebration
Apr 01, 2016 Corporate Event

Influences & Inspiration

Bill Cosby
Kevin Hart
Martin Lawrence
Joan Rivers
Ellen DeGeneres

Setup Requirements

sound, lighting, microphone, and microphone stand


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