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10 Perfect Ideas for Retirement Home Entertainment

By Megan Price

Taking care of our elderly is one of the most important jobs that our society has. These wonderful people have lived some amazing lives! We owe it to them to lend a hand, share a laugh, or even just listen to their stories. If you’re lucky enough to work in a retirement home or assisted living facility, then you know how much these spunky folks love to participate in activities! It can be tough to think of something unexpected, but we have some great ideas for your retirement home entertainment.

Musical Retirement Home Entertainment

For almost everyone, music is the key to many wonderful past memories. And it’s one of the easiest ways to host some retirement home entertainment! Take your residents on a walk down memory lane with a musical group.

1. Barbershop Quartet

With perfect pitch and harmony (and snazzy outfits), a barbershop quartet can dazzle any crowd! They generally have a large repertoire of tunes from years past and love singing for older crowds. If your residents have a request, most groups are happy to oblige. And get ready to see the ladies swoon!


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The Velvet Frogs on GigSalad. Click to see their profile!


2. Andrews Sisters Tribute

The Andrews Sisters are well-known among those who lived through World War II. With their lively patriotic songs, they entertained U.S. troops and kept their spirits up during a tough time in our history! Show your veteran residents how much their service has meant with an Andrews Sisters tribute. Songs like “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and “Pistol Packin’ Mama” will keep the crowd swaying to the beat!


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The Manhattan Dolls on GigSalad. Click to see their profile!


3. Southern Gospel Group

Thinking of retirement home entertainment may require considering your residents’ religious backgrounds. Depending on the religious diversity of your residents, a Southern Gospel group may be a meaningful performance for them. As people are nearing the end of their lives, faith begins to play a bigger part. Booking a Southern Gospel group guarantees a warm, down-home show!


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Strings of Victory on GigSalad. Click to see their profile!


4. Crooner

Crooners were king in the ’40s and ’50s, with their smooth voices and sultry songs. Some of the best artists in history came out of this era, including Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby. Your residents are sure to feel some nostalgia with a performer like this! Whether you want an actual Rat Pack show or just a Frank Sinatra tribute, these performers love an older crowd that appreciates their act.


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Back to the Dean Martin Show on GigSalad. Click to see his profile!


5. Beach Boys Tribute

Gaining popularity in the 1960’s, the Beach Boys launched a new type of musical sound with their “surf songs.” Their killer harmonies and clever lyrics helped them rise to the top of the music charts. Booking a Beach Boys tribute band is definitely one of our more energetic ideas for retirement home entertainment! If you want to see your residents groove to the music, you can’t go wrong with the Beach Boys.
Sounds of Summer on GigSalad. Click here to see their profile!


Interactive Retirement Home Entertainment

Retirement home entertainment doesn’t have to be a passive activity. Get them involved with some interactive performances! You might see a side of your residents that you’ve never seen before.

6. Petting Zoo

It’s scientifically proven that animals can help reduce stress in people. When holding a warm, fuzzy animal, our brains start to release serotonin and make us feel happier. How often do people living in facilities get to see animals, let alone hold them? Probably not often enough. A petting zoo doesn’t have to include farm animals (unless you have a place to accommodate them). When booking, just let them know that you’d like indoor-friendly animals like bunnies, baby chicks, or guinea pigs.


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7. Juggler

Jugglers are perfect for retirement home residents. They don’t need much room and still carry a wow factor! Jugglers can keep things tame by juggling balls or pins, or they can step it up and juggle swords or even fire batons! Two jugglers can make things more dynamic and can even pull volunteers in from the crowd to help with their routine.


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Juggler Chris Ruggiero on GigSalad. Click to see his profile!


8. Magician

Everyone, no matter how old, loves magic! Make your residents feel young again with a magician. Up-close magic like card tricks, coin tricks, or other illusions will keep everyone involved and excited. Magicians don’t have a lot to set up, so you can host them in community rooms or cafeterias, or even send them door-to-door!


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Magician Dewayne Hill on GigSalad. Click to see his profile!


9. Impersonator

You may not have the budget to pay for a real celebrity visit, but you can have the next best thing! Booking an impersonator is definitely something unexpected. A Marilyn Monroe impersonator is a great blast from the past! Or try an Oprah look-alike for someone a little more current. Impersonators can mingle with the crowd, pose for fun pictures, or even sign autographs.


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Oprah Double Take on GigSalad. Click to see her profile!


10. Caricaturist

Trying to think of retirement home entertainment that leaves residents with a keepsake? A caricature artist solves that! Not only are they great at what they do, they can do it quickly and give your residents a souvenir.


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Drawn Together on GigSalad. Click to see their profile!


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  1. Dennis Thornberry October 28, 2016

    We do over 200 shows a year in Retirement Communties as an Elvis Tribute Show and it works each time! And I am listed on your website!

    • Megan Frisbee October 30, 2016

      That’s great, Dennis! Thank you for sharing! An Elvis Tribute is a great addition to this list.


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