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10 Reasons to Book Your Gigs on GigSalad

By Heather Roonan

When it comes to booking gigs, there’s a lot that needs to be considered. How will you confirm the booking? How will you collect payment? What do you do if something goes wrong? This is where it’s handy to have a tool at your disposal that streamlines the process for you. That’s where we come in! Here are just a few reasons you should be booking your gigs through GigSalad.

1. Fast & easy payments

With our user-friendly system, clients will pay the full amount for the booking upfront with a credit card or an eCheck. Then we pass the money to the vendor in two separate transactions – a deposit in advance of the gig and the balance payment after it’s completed. Depending on where you live (U.S. or Canada), you can choose to receive payments through PayPal or direct deposit. Both offer fast turnaround times, so you’ll always have money in your account within one-two business days.

Collecting payments independently can sometimes be costly, as most credit cards or payment processors charge processing fees. On GigSalad, we do apply a small service fee to transactions, but if you have a paid membership this fee is only 2.5% of your total payout, which is comparable and sometimes even smaller than most credit card rates.

2. Worry-free gigs

The day of an event can be really hectic for all parties involved. Hosts have lots of moving parts to organize and you need to be focused on setting up, performing, and then leaving without disturbing party goers. Finding a time to collect your final payment amidst all that bustle can be difficult. And sometimes the client might try to get out of paying altogether.

🛡 Protecting yourself is vital. In a study by AND.CO, 44% of freelancers said they’d been stiffed by a client before.

Having the client pay in full at the time of booking through GigSalad ensures you always get paid. It also makes the day of your gig a lot less stressful because you can focus on your work and not on payment collection. And the client can also focus on what matters most to them – their event.

3. Cancellation protection

Cancellations are an inevitable part of the business, and they can be costly for performers and event service providers. When someone books you, you lock that date and time in on your calendar. Which in turn means declining all future gig opportunities for that day. When a client cancels, you not only miss out on the payment from their gig but also any money you could have gotten if you’d been able to book one of the gigs you turned down.

Having a cancellation policy in place is essential for protecting yourself. On GigSalad, you choose your refund terms for each booking and we honor that if the client cancels. That means if the client cancels outside of your set cancellation window, we will still send you the balance payment we’ve already collected from them. Rather than if you book outside of GigSalad, in which case you’d have to chase down that money yourself.

4. Verified reviews

Reviews are one of the most important tools at your disposal as a business. When we interviewed GigSalad users, reviews were one of the three main considerations when choosing vendors. What we’ve also found is that users are more likely to leave reviews on the platform they actually used to purchase or book something. And when the gig is booked through us, we also follow up with the client for you with several review requests. We even prompt them to leave a tip after leaving a favorable review (if you have a PayPal address connected to your account).

Having your reviews be verified is even more valuable. Verified reviews carry more weight in your overall rating, show up higher in your reviews, and look more favorable to potential clients.

5. Proof of professionalism and experience

Clients want to know the vendor they choose is good at what they do. Reviews help with that, but so does having visible experience. In search results, your profile will show your booking count, and that number will go a long way in setting you apart from the competition. Who would you want to hire – someone with multiple verified bookings, or someone with none?

GigSalad also offers a Top Performer status that our vendors can earn. This status is assessed and assigned at the beginning of every month, so you have to earn it and maintain it. To be a Top Performer, you must have ongoing bookings, respond quickly to leads, and have a good review rating. Vendors that have earned Top Performer show up higher in search results and have a badge on their profile.

GigSalad profile example with verified bookings

6. Superior protection & scam detection

Using a safe and secure site when handling sensitive information and dealing with payments is essential. GigSalad uses top-of-the-line encryption so all of our users’ data and banking/credit card info is safe, and we continuously monitor our system for potential threats. This offers you protection, but it’s also important for your client. With the ever-growing popularity of marketplaces, users are becoming both familiar and comfortable with booking online through sites like ours. And with us available as a third party, we can also help mediate, reimburse funds, and resolve disputes that may arise.

One of the biggest risks with handling bookings digitally rather than in person is the increased risk of encountering scammers. These can be easy to fall for when you don’t have the means for spotting them. We have numerous security systems in place for detecting fraudulent behavior and prevent scam bookings from going through. We also screen each payment made to ensure it’s legitimate. If we discover a bogus payment, we are able to resolve it prior to sending you the money. Dealing with scammers is a headache no one wants, so booking through GigSalad allows us to carry that burden for you.

7. Smooth workflow & organizational tools

When you’re tasked with marketing your business, networking, negotiating, managing your finances, and delivering your services, time is a precious commodity. One of the most time-consuming and tedious parts of the booking process is getting and following up on leads. Luckily, GigSalad has a host of tools available to help you stay organized and create an effective workflow.

Three of the top time-saving tools on GigSalad are:

Your Calendar –The calendar feature on GigSalad allows you to block out dates and set general availability. That means you won’t get leads you can’t service or waste time declining opportunities. On-site bookings are added to your calendar automatically, but you can also add manual entries and sync with your Google or iCloud calendars.

Saved Messages – You probably find yourself sending the same messages over and over again. Introductory messages, pricing info, requests for more details, etc. Creating saved responses in advance can cut out a lot of time and effort spent composing the same things repeatedly.

Saved Quotes – Creating a well-written booking agreement to go along with your quote is extremely important, as it will serve as your contract should the client accept. To make sure you never leave anything out, prepare your quote templates in advance so all you have to do is make edits before sending.

Once you’re booked, we’ll also send you reminders in the days and weeks leading up to the event to ensure you never miss a gig.

8. Designed with the client in mind

GigSalad is designed by a team of experts who understand the value of a sleek, mobile-friendly website. We’ve spent countless time interviewing users on both sides of our platform, testing features, and creating the best user experience possible. The result is an intuitive and seamless interface that clients find easy to use and feel comfortable using, whether they’re first-time planners or professionals.

With a streamlined booking process, clients can receive quotes and messages directly to their inbox and phone, confirm your services, and make a secure payment all in one place. In our busy world, this sort of one-stop shop is invaluable to users. As we all know, the easier you make something, the more likely people are to do it. This means more bookings for you!

9. One-on-one support when you need it

One of the biggest perks of booking through a platform like GigSalad is having access to personalized support whenever you need it. If you’re unsure about something or run into any issues, we’re just one phone call or email away. We’ll answer your questions, help your client with the booking process, and be there to mediate any disputes or miscommunications that might arise.

We call our small group of helpers our “Customer Happiness team” because that’s our #1 focus – your happiness and the clients’. We have the best customer service in the industry, so let us help you get paid to do what you love.

GigSalad Customer Happiness Team

10. Get more leads

Here are some facts. You need to get leads to book gigs. When you book gigs, you learn and grow your experience, which will bring you more leads. More leads that will turn into more bookings. And so on and so on. It’s a continuous cycle!

That cycle occurs no matter where you book, but it’s especially prevalent on GigSalad. When potential clients visit GigSalad, they often request that their details be shared with multiple vendor options. We use an algorithm to determine who gets those leads, and booking activity is one of the many things considered. The reason being that the presence of bookings shows a level of professionalism that tells us you are a reliable and responsive choice. Our goal is always two-fold – to get our vendors more work and help clients plan a successful event.

Ready to start booking? Create a profile for free and start getting gigs!

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