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The best of the best since 1986. We provide ALL COPYRIGHTS with every package. Pictures posted on line at no additional charge. Friendly and professional. Prices starting at $699.00.

Affordable Wedding Photography



Review by S&T

AMK did a fantastic job taking the photo's at my wedding and they turned out beautifully. They took some unique shots and I was very pleased and would refer them to any bride. GREAT PRICES too, and I liked the fact that they provided all copyright, this helped me to provide picture to my relatives for the holiday's at a low price. I had some friends and relatives out of state that could not attend the wedding, but they were able to view the pictures with the on-line posting that AMK provided.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: S&T
Event: Wedding Ceremony in Denver, CO
Event Date: Nov 21, 2009
Hired As: Wedding Photographer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 180 - 600 minutes
  • Fee: $699 - $2500

Whether you hire A.M.K. Wedding Photography or another Wedding Photographer for your Aurora event, we strongly recommend that all communication be kept on the Gig Salad booking platform as you book your Wedding Photographer. When you do, we’re able to offer numerous benefits that we cannot guarantee if you take communication or deposit payment off the Gig Salad website. Our booking system is easy to use and handles secure deposit payments from you to the Aurora Wedding Photographer of your choice.

Be sure that the quote/agreement your Wedding Photographer sends you outlines performance fees, travel fees, extras, arrival and departure times, cancellation policy, insurance information and other applicable details.

A.M.K. Wedding Photography

How we started
AMK Wedding Photography was born in 1986, as a then young Police Officer, Mark Fletcher, had a dream of producing low cost weddings with incredible quality and affordable prices. AMK Wedding Photography was the first company in Colorado to ever provide copyrights to its customers along with the actual photographs of their wedding at no additional cost.

We give you the copyrights
Founder, Mark Fletcher, felt as though it was unfair to the customers to pay photographers to photograph them and then have to come back to buy the photographs they liked and wanted to keep! So, in one fell swoop, Mark broke the industry standard and gave away copyrights and all of the wedding pictures taken in very inexpensive packages. This enabled customers to reproduce their photographs at pennies on the dollar versus buying from a studio that does not release their copyrights. We still pride ourselves in the tremendous work we do with highly trained Photographer’s, state of the art materials, cameras, as well as post editing production, providing what the individual clients want at a great price so that hopefully everyone can afford to have professional photography done at their wedding, even in this digital age.

Some people think that having a friend or relative photograph their wedding may be the answer and perhaps for some of them that works.
However, what they are missing are the years of experience that go behind delicate lighting, wedding protocol and composition.

We want to know you and your ideas!
Customer Service is our number #1 focus, we want to know you before your wedding arrives so that we have established some ideas, thoughts, wants and needs that are unique to your wedding. Your wedding day is one that should be remembered throughout the years, hopefully through smiles and laughter, children and grandchildren.

We will travel to your location!
Although located in the Southlands Mall in Aurora, Colorado, we certainly take advantage of the Colorado Mountain scenery and do travel to all venues within 100 miles in order to capture this pristine and beautiful part of the nation in which we live. Mountain photography provides such a unique and natural flair to your wedding, it makes our job that much easier as nature fills the lens leaving us the sole task of simply clicking the shutter.

In case you are wondering, AMK stands for Amanda, Mark and Kelsey, whom are Mark’s daughters. This is a family owned and operated company as we take great pride in what we do and consider it a great honor to serve you.

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with A.M.K. Wedding Photography to find out what their setup requirements are.

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