Why book Amaru?


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I have been a road comic for the last 13 years. My passion lies in not only being a stand-up comic but in producing professional, quality comedy shows. Those responsibilities have included finding the venues, booking the talent, promoting, organizing and corresponding with the venues.
I have performed in over 42 states, from coast to coast, for people with very diverse backgrounds and cultures. My experience includes performing at comedy clubs, casinos, lodges, and private functions.




Amaru is one funny man and a true professional.

The Raz's experience with Amaru was far above expectations. Our comedy series is fairly new. He helped promote the show in the weeks prior, stayed in seemly constant communiction with myself, and handled himself with the upmost professionalism. We have had a great experience overall with our show so far but Amaru was a step above.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Mitch B.
Organization: The Raz
Event: Restaurant in Hutchinson, KS
Event Date: Mar 9, 2013
Hired As: Stand-Up Comedian

So Funny!

We hired Amaru to perform at our employee awards banquet and dinner. He wrote a set to fit our industry, walked around and engaged the audience in his show, and helped make the night one to remember.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Brandi R.
Organization: Life Care Center of Casper
Event: Corporate Event in Casper, WY
Event Date: Mar 8, 2013
Hired As: Stand-Up Comedian, Author, Comedian, Comedy Show

Response from Amaru:

It was a fun time! Great to be back to Casper!!


Amaru is REAL...and Amaru is REAL FUNNY! More like listening to a friend telling you funny and relevant humorous stories about life, than simply listening to a "comedian" do "stand up". If Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor and Michael Duncan Clark decided to have a kid together, it would come out as Amaru (OK, so that is technically impossible, since they are all men and one is dead, but I think you get the analogy).

He is edgy without being crass, obviously loves his kids like crazy, and his smooth baritone delivery make him easy to listen to.

I guess, if I had to make one complaint about Amaru is that the clubs don't give him MORE time! Like I said Amaru is REAL... FUNNY!

Reviewer: Andy D.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Toledo, OH
Event Date: Jul 8, 2011

Career exploration presentation for the Summer Youth Program

Youth Opportunities Unlimited provides a summer youth employment program for 6 weeks every year. A part of this program is career exploration. Amaru joined us for a full day (8/16/13) to speak with the youth regarding what it takes to become an author, comedian or actor. He was an excellent speaker and the youth were captivated by him. He was definitely able to relate to them and I know he was an inspiration! I would definitely recommend Amaru Lewis as a motivational speaker.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Debra J.
Organization: Youth Opportunities Unlimited
Event: Workshop in Kalamazoo, MI
Event Date: Aug 16, 2013

Amaru had me in tears!

So funny, I laughed until I had tears running down my face. Great show!

Reviewer: Wendy C.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Lansing, MI
Event Date: Apr 13, 2012



Reviewer: MONEY M.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Lansing, MI
Event Date: Apr 13, 2012


I saw Amaru perform in Lansing, MI last month. He was absolutely HILARIOUS! Totally down to earth and truly funny. I would definitely recommend you see him if you have the opportunity!

Reviewer: Melissa A.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Lansing, MI
Event Date: Apr 12, 2012

Sincere laughter!

Amaru provides a genuine laugh to his audience! It is obvious he has experience in this field and is a professional. I look forward to seeing future performances he is headlining.

Reviewer: Kristen K.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Lansing, MI
Event Date: Apr 13, 2012

Great Comedy for Everyone

I hired Amaru to perform in my monthly stand-up comedy showcase at CityFlats Hotel in Holland, Michigan. We've been doing this showcase for a year, and his performance was the best by far. Amaru's material is so diverse and appealing, the predominately white, conservative crowd loved his material! He really knows how to work a room and make people laugh and feel great! He was also able to connect with the younger people, as well as, the middle aged members of the audience with his material. Not easy to do both at the same time. Also very professional offstage. Can't wait to have him back, because of course, we've booked him again right away.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Alex R.
Organization: Alex Ritzema Productions, LLC
Event: Hotel in Holland, MI
Event Date: Mar 24, 2012
Hired As: Stand-Up Comedian

Absolutly amazing!

I have indeed enjoyed seeing Amaru live...He had me laughing and in stitches from the very proud to say that seeing him was a part of mine and my husbands wedding night...i wouldnt have had it any other way and wouldnt have changed it for the world. i enjoy all his video, and pictures. Amaru is amazing in the world of comedy. He has indeed left and impact on my life....I so love Amaru aka. The Green Mile....Keep up the amazing work...following you and your comedy will be life long.

Reviewer: Sabrina K.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Greensboro, NC
Event Date: Apr 30, 2010


Amaru was absolutley great! He has to entertain about 90 guest and everyone of them laughed their butts off! we will definatley be looking at having him do another party for us! Huge thanks Amaru!!!! :)

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Cassidy S.
Organization: Moose Lodge
Event: Bar/Lounge in Lagrange, IN
Event Date: Feb 11, 2012
Hired As: Stand-Up Comedian

Response from Amaru:

Thank you so much! I had a blast! We all did! You guys were there to laugh and that is what WE did! Can't wait til next time!

So good I remembered his name!

Before I saw him I barely paid attention to his name. I thought then it was pronounced Am-a-ru. After watching him do comedy @ Connxtions in Lansing for the weekend I soon realized that it was a name worth remembering AND pronouncing right...A-mar-u. He is welcome back to Connxtions anytime.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Tina H.
Organization: Connxtions Comedy Club
Event: Club/Nightclub in Lansing, MI
Event Date: Oct 12, 2011
Hired As: Stand-Up Comedian

Amaru will say things you didn't know YOU wanted to say!

Amaru is the type of comedian who will the say things you didn't even know you wanted to say. The audience that night was very diverse, black, white, in between, and from young to old. Amaru was able to connect with everyone in attendance, this was the second time I had hired him for a show, and it was because the folks wanted to see him again. At the first show we did together, we bonded, he is a warm and caring individual and I am proud to call him my friend. If you are considering booking this very talented individual, stop considering and just do it. Oh, did I mention, this man is funny, funny, and funny!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Doreen W.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Albany, NY
Event Date: Jan 15, 2011
Hired As: Stand-Up Comedian

A MUST SEE!!!!!!!

The VERY 1st time i have ever gone to a LIVE Comedy Show...was tha last time Amaru was in Chattanooga, TN a couple of years back...yes this may have been my first in person show, but by far he took the show! He kept me laughing from start to finish....i can honestly say i left the building in tears, side hurting from laughing... dont get me wrong it was a very enjoyable pain! I am waiting patiently for him to return to a surrounding area that i am able to get to cause that is one show i dont wanna miss.....AND YOU SHOULDN'T!.....

Reviewer: lacresha s.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Calhoun, GA
Event Date: Nov 13, 2007

Amazing from beginning to end!

I happened to catch Amaru on a spur of the moment decision to go to a show and I all I can say is that Amaru delivers. His style and personality make it very easy to become captivated by his ability to see the brighter side of any of life's situations. I have told numerous people that of they get a chance to check out his shows and I can't wait to attend another!

Reviewer: Keith K.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Rochester, MN
Event Date: Jun 10, 2010

Amazingly funny onstage, and amazingly friendly off.

Very fresh, original, and honest. Saw him feature and when the headliner came on I just wanted Amaru to come back out! I work at a comedy club and am relatively green as a performer myself and he took all the time he had offstage to encourage me and give me pointers. Once I saw him I had all my family and friends come to the next show, and they all loved him and thought he should have been the headliner.

Reviewer: Reese L.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Toledo, OH
Event Date: Aug 18, 2011


I have seen several of Amaru's shows and I can tell you I was laughing hysterically from start to finish!!! His comedy is real and captivating.......laughed so hard my face ached by the end of it. Can't wait to catch the next show ;)

Reviewer: Karen Q.
Event: Casino in Battle Creek, MI
Event Date: Aug 17, 2011

Comedian Amaru-One of the funniest comics I have seen!

I had the privilege of watching Comedian Amaru perform this past February at It'z comedy club in Fayetteville North Carolina near Fort Bragg (a picture of him, myself, and the girls I was with is posted on this site). He was absolutely hilarious! Even though it has been almost a year since I saw his stand-up, I can still remember his jokes because they made me laugh so hard! After his performance, I looked at my fiance and said "wow! he is definitely going places with his comedy!" I am hoping that someday soon I will be able to see his stand up again!

Thank You,

Kylee Bonds

Reviewer: Kylee B.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Fayetteville, NC
Event Date: Feb 20, 2011


I have never laughed so hard! Amaru holds the audience captive with his personal style. I will definitely love to see him perform again!

Reviewer: Michele C.
Event: Holiday Party in Kalamazoo, MI
Event Date: Dec 31, 2010


His comedy is refreshing and down to earth. He is easy to relate to with jokes about everyday life and has a way of seeing the funny side of everything. I will definetly go see him again, I really enjoyed his performance!

Reviewer: kristina p.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Toledo, OH
Event Date: Aug 4, 2011


I have known Amaru for many years. He can keep you laughing from beginning to the end. His comedy will defintely keep your attention

Reviewer: Lorraine J.
Event: Birthday Party in Phoenix, AZ
Event Date: Dec 2, 1998

Supa funny!!

I was fortunate to catch Amaru's show at the casino in Battle Creek, MI. He's hilarious...kept me laughing the entire show! Check him out if you get the chance.

Reviewer: Debra J.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Battle Creek, MI
Event Date: May 7, 2011

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: $400 - 2500
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: SESAC


This IS an adult show! This is an R rated experience! If you are easily offended and don't go to a comedy club often this may not be for you. This show is for people who want to leave the world behind for 30 to 90 minutes and LAUGH! Laugh at life, the family and the world!

We can also provide a full 3 man/woman show upon request. (MC, Feature and Headliner AMARU)

Additional Booking Notes

Bottled water
Hotel room
Lighting - spotlights
Sound system

Past Booked Events

03/15/14 LaughFest
03/14/14 LaughFest
03/08/14 LaughFest
03/01/14 A.W.A.L. Film Released
12/07/13 South Haven
09/29/13 Coon Rapids, MN
09/28/13 South Bend, IN
09/27/13 South Bend, IN
09/21/13 Hillsboro, OR
08/31/13 Southfield, MI
08/30/13 Southfield, MI
08/29/13 Southfield, MI
08/24/13 Stillwater, OK
08/01/13 St. Joseph, MI
07/20/13 Chattanooga, TN
07/19/13 Chattanooga, TN
07/12/13 Lion, PA
06/24/13 Gladwin, MI
06/13/13 Spring Lake, MI
06/12/13 Grand Rapids, MI
05/29/13 Rockford, IL
05/25/13 Royal Oak, MI
05/24/13 Royal Oak, MI
05/23/13 Royal Oak, MI
05/18/13 Petoskey, MI
05/17/13 Rockford, IL
05/16/13 Brookings, SD
05/15/13 West Williston, ND
05/11/13 High Point, NC
05/10/13 Myrtle Beach, SC
05/04/13 Evansville, IN
05/03/13 Evansville, IN
04/13/13 Austintown, OH
04/12/13 Austintown, OH
04/01/13 Eau Claire, WI
03/23/13 Dearborn, MI
03/20/13 Toledo, OH
03/15/13 Orange Park, FL
03/13/13 Grand Rapids, MI
03/09/13 Hutchinson, KS
03/08/13 Casper, WY
03/06/13 Bloomington, IL
01/26/13 South Bend, IN
12/31/12 Mason, MI
12/28/12 Whitmore Lake, MI
12/13/12 Kalamazoo, MI
12/08/12 Muskegon, MI
12/06/12 Linden, MI
12/05/12 Port Huron, MI
11/15/12 Chicago, IL
11/13/12 Madison, WI
11/13/12 Madison, WI
10/27/12 Ft. Wayne, IN
10/12/12 Mt. Clemons, MI
10/06/12 Mason, MI
09/22/12 Fort Lauderdale, FL
09/21/12 Fort Lauderdale, FL
09/14/12 Mason, MI
08/11/12 Duluth, MN
08/10/12 Green Bay, WI
08/04/12 Kalamazoo, MI
08/02/12 Spring Lake, MI
07/21/12 Holland, MI
07/12/12 Mt. Pleasant, MI
06/22/12 Springfield, MO
06/17/12 Grand Rapids, MI
06/16/12 Mishawaka, IN
06/15/12 Mishawaka, IN
05/04/12 Indianapolis, IN
04/14/12 Lansing, MI
04/13/12 Lansing, MI
04/12/12 Lansing, MI
03/17/12 London, Canada
02/11/12 La Grange, IN
02/08/12 Lansing, MI
02/07/12 Kalamazoo, MI
02/03/12 Panama City Beach, FL
02/01/12 Gainesville, FL
11/20/11 Maxies Flint, MI
11/19/11 Holly Hotel, Holly, Mi
11/18/11 Holly Hotel, Holly, Mi


Picture Bill Cosby raising his kid’s in the hood. If you needed a license to be a comic, this guy has one! Get this… his father was a notorious and very volatile pimp and his mother was a Jehovah’s Witness… a schizophrenic Jehovah’s Witness. Which means, if she knocks on your door, she'll answer it too! Need I say more? If that doesn’t earn him the right to do stand up, then nothing will! As a skilled and accomplished screenwriter Amaru can adapt to his environment and make any situation into a humorous story. His comedic story telling can be mesmerizing at times. The screenwriter in him makes him visual but the kid and the quick wit in him makes for a good time at any comedy club.

Amaru spent most of his life in abusive situations and in and out of foster care homes. At first he thought being in a foster home would be cool. He thought, “Hey it worked for Annie”, but he forgot one thing, she was a cute little red head white girl. The struggle began for this untapped and talented youth right out of high school. Amaru joined the military and when he got out he prayed to God and asked him to send him a beautiful woman so he may blame her for his miserable life. He didn’t know he had to be specific, he just said beautiful.

Later on Amaru experienced everything from being a flight attendant, chemical engineer, to
being a body guard. At the same time he began to explore his talents in screenwriting and acting, Amaru was fortunate to be at Hollywood premieres and rubbing elbows with the likes of Wesley Snipes, Jamie Foxx, Stephen Dorph and Shaq himself. He worked on sitcoms and music videos such as THE PARKERS and JURASSIC 5s, THE INFLUENCE. Not bad, huh?

As you know, with sudden success at a young age, a young wife, three kids, no guidance and real knowledge about life, came the problems of being a man without direction. Having children at a young age stunted and hindered his Hollywood success. But as we all know, with failure comes success. In the mean time Amaru began writing for a female comic known as Celia Fox. He found Stand-up as a way to bring back his quick-witted high school, class clown antics. He saw how exciting and challenging Stand-up was and hopped on stage immediately. Three weeks after he began Stand-up Amaru opened up for, Jurassic 5 at the HOUSE OF BLUES in Hollywood. This is almost unheard of in the business of Stand-up.

Well, now you have him, a man who wasn’t handed a silver spoon in life. Being blessed with all of these God given talents. A writer, poet, music producer, music publisher (SESAC), author, and a Comic. Amaru learned about life the hard way and is able to turn tragedy into humor. He gives you his POV the way it needs to be said. Here is a man who is on the brink of stardom, who will definitely leave a mark in the entertainment world and spread his comedic message. It's only impossible until you do it!!

Set List

The show will need stage lights.

Performance will be either before or after dinner. Not during because it is distracting and someone could possibly choke from the laughter... seriously. Amaru has had someone give birth during a performance in Chicago in 2010 from laughing so hard.

Stage is important but most of all we need an excellent sound system. Having a bad sound system would be like meeting a girl, getting to third base and now you're paying child support! Rough but I have been doing this long enough to get through it..

Influences & Inspiration

Richard Pryor
Bill Cosby
Bill Burr
Dave Chappelle
Robin Harris
Patrice O'Neal

Setup Requirements

A Mic, A Mic Stand and Stool

Bottled Water


Hotel Room

Sound System