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Why Book Mimes

It's time to blow your typical game of charades outta the water. Wow your guests with a unique and unexpected performance by one of these talented mimes. Where you and your friends have trouble acting out a simple word or phrase, these mimes know how to act out anything and everything without using a single word. Whether you wanna see the typical I'm-stuck-in-a-box routine or whether you wanna see something really flashy, these usually black and white clad performers know how to bring fun and flavor to any event.

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About Booking Mimes

Hiring a mime is a great way to add energy, humor and entertainment to your next luncheon, community event or holiday party. Whether you want a one man stage show to perform a silent comedy with intense body motions and facial expressions or a strolling act that will interact with your guests through silent comedy and magic, GigSalad will connect you with mimes in your area to help make your next event a success.

Check out our helpful tips for hiring a mime. First, find a mime experienced in the specialty you desire. Would you prefer a walkabout performance or a stage performance? Next, view online demos. Most mimes have video demos provided on their websites. And lastly, pay attention to detail in the contract. Inquire about specifics. Like will you need to provide any props or a certain amount of space?