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Toga Party Ideas

Toga! Toga! Toga! Planning the Ultimate Toga Party

throwing a toga party

Are you in a Fraternity?  Is your Fraternity on double secret probation? You know what you need? A Toga party!  A night to celebrate your pledged Greek loyalty by participating in traditional toga wear and drinking games. We should preface this guide to Greek-glory-seeking by recommending you party responsibly by hiring Party Buses or Chauffeurs to get you where you need to go. Now grab your bedsheets and your beer, and let’s have a Toga Party!


The Attire

There are only a few requirements for throwing a Toga Party. First and foremost: dress code. No Toga, no party. To create your Toga, you will need white bed sheets, rope sandals, and an ivy headdress. Cut, wrap, and tie your bedsheets into a Roman-inspired dress. This is a universal look, but creativity is expected. Construct an ivy halo from materials found at your local craft store (if you’ve been day-drinking and this sounds difficult, the halo is optional). Throw on the hippie rope sandals you’ve been saving in your closet since freshman year, and you’re ready to go!


The Drinking Games

Organized games for your party-goers are a must. Expect your guests to be three sheets to the wind at this point, so keep game rules buzz-friendly. Choose games like Chariot Races, where participants will pair up for a piggy-back race to the finish line with out spilling their beers, or Still As Roman Statues, where your party-goers will pose as Greek statues and see who lasts the longest. Beer Pong and Flip Cup are also acceptable.


The Entertainment

Although Grecian-inspired games and drinking contests are entertaining in their own right, it’s best to have multiple forms of entertainment for your guests. Book a DJ or Band to keep the party alive all night long. Hire a Bartender to serve up Roman-inspired cocktails and beer. Finally, if you’re planning to throw a party to rival the Brisbane Toga Party of 2014, make sure you have a Photographer and Videographer on stand-by to capture the madness.


Togas, drinking, and Roman-inspired games – it’s pretty hard to mess this up. Just have fun and drink responsibly, and your party will put Animal House to shame! Toga! Toga! Toga!


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When In Rome

The Ancient Romans and Greeks were known for having extravagant, wild, and crazy parties. With the wine flowing and the dancing never stopping, nobody could out party them. College students, inspired by the Romans and Greeks, set out to replicate their blowout bashes, and started having toga parties of their own. After the popular film Animal House, toga parties have been a favorite of college students around the United States. Whether you’re going with the classic ancient theme or the fraternity theme, a toga party is the perfect choice. Get planning your very own toga party with the help of GigSalad.

Toga, Toga, Toga!

Set the tone of your toga party with eye catching invitations. Do it like the Greeks and use a scroll as your invitation. Tie it with a ribbon or have a pair of sunglasses securing it together if your going with the Animal House theme. Surprise your guests, and have the invitations hand delivered by a singing telegram dressed as an Ancient Greek or Roman. Whatever idea you use for your invitations, make sure your guests know if your theme is classic Greece or Rome or if it is more of a frat party theme so they can dress appropriately. The attire was pretty simple and basically the same for boys and girls. Your guests can use bed sheets or get special fabric and simply drape it around them and secure it with corded rope or some type of gold ribbon. Accessorize your toga with gold or leather sandals, a wreath on your head, and some gold jewelry and you’re good to go.

Glorify your Room the Greek Way

Party decor for a toga party is pretty simple. Use white and gold as your color scheme, spray painting gold on anything from candle holders to platters. Fill your space with a ton of greenery, draping ivy and fake grapevines from the ceilings and around tables. Use a ton of candles to set the mood. Fill wine glasses with water and put floating candles in them for a nice touch. If you want you party to be extremely authentic, have a large mural or backdrop of the Mediterranean on a wall that looks like you are overlooking the sea. Finally, you can build or rent props such as cardboard, paper mache, or plastic columns or statues.

Get the Party Started!

The best part of a party is the entertainment so give your guests some fun and games they’ll love! For starters, hire a band to get the party started. An alternative, classic rock, cover, karaoke, party, rock, top 40, or tribute band would all be perfect bands to get the party goers’ toes tapping. An event DJ is a perfect way to get a blend of all your guests’ favorite music. If you are hosting a more low key party, try hiring a harpist for some soft background music. Next, make sure you have a variety of games to play in between dancing. Ancient Greek mythology or Roman trivia is a fun game. Along with that, if you are going for the Animal House theme, flip cup is a crowd favorite. Also, do not forget to have a costume contest and prizes for the winners. Finally, have an impersonator dressed as Julius Caesar or Bluto make an appearance at your party.

Satisfy your Ancient Appetite

The Ancient Greeks and Romans loved healthy food and lots of wine! The perfect menu for your toga party should include large platters of fruits, especially grapes, vegetables, including an array of olives, and a variety of cheeses. Along with that, offer a combination of nuts and pita bread with hummus. If you want to serve a main dish to your guests, try using Greek delights like roasted lamb, baklava, or spanakopita. These can be tricky dishes to perfect so do not shy away from hiring a caterer. For drinks, serve wine for the Greeks and beer for the deltas. To add to your theme, if your going ancient, serve the wine out of large gold pitchers, and if your going with the fraternity party vibe, serve your beer out of kegs. The Greeks, Romans, and frat boys were known for drinking a ton, so hire a bartender to help you out!

Hosting and planning a toga party can be fun, but a lot of work. If you want to lighten your load, hire an event planner to help you along the way. Whichever path you choose, be sure to use GigSalad to guide you on your way to a fabulous event!