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Why Book Sound-Alikes

Some voices are so unique they just can’t be imitated. Except that, apparently they can. Not a believer? Well there’s only one way to prove it to ya. Take a look at some of these great sound-alikes on GigSalad. More so, take a listen to them...looking won’t tell you anything. These sound-alikes can often match the speaking and singing voice of your favorite celebrities. So if you’ve always wanted to hear Elvis Presley’s sexy voice or Marilyn Monroe’s sultry singing in person, then hire a sound-alike for your next event!

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About Booking Sound-Alikes

A sound-alike is a great choice for a variety of events. If you wanna give your commercial, TV show, or movie that star appeal, then hire a celebrity sound-alike to do a voice-over. Or perhaps you wanna send a singing telegram to your girlfriend and she just is a big fan of the romantic Frank Sinatra, you can send ‘Ole Blue Eyes right to her door step to serenade her. You can also hire a sound-alike for bigger events. They can put on a full concert at your birthday party or private event, or they can act as emcee for your trade show or corporate event.

Sound-alikes may also be an impersonator or look-alike and have the looks and mannerisms to go with the spot-on voice impression. Other sound-alikes may just be tribute artists or tribute bands. They may not look like the celebrity or group they impersonate but have mastered ever vocal inflection and tone as the real thing. Sound-alike singers will be able to pay tribute to the original so you and your guests can hear all their favorite hits just as they were originally recorded. Browse through the sound-alikes on GigSalad. Listen to audio, check out photo galleries, watch videos, and read reviews to be sure you book exactly what you want for your special event.