The Eric Vaughn Magic Show

Why book The Eric Vaughn Magic Show?

Eric Vaughn is a full-time, professional magician living in the Kansas City area. He offers magic shows for all ages and events. From close-up magic, a stand-up act or a full stage show, Visit Eric's website at to find out more.





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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 75 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


Audiences at an Eric Vaughn magic show will enjoy a lighthearted, comedic performance of several classic routines of magic. Audience members get involved during the interactive parts of the show, Eric's assistant Kelly boggles everyone's mind with her famous "rope escape" routine, and, "Bingo the Magic Duck" wins everyone over with his cute, magical antics. This show is appropriate for all ages. It's not just for the kids, the adults will love it too. You'll laugh at the comedy and be mystified by the magic!

Additional Booking Notes

Close-Up Magic - This kind of magic is perfect at an event where people are mingling or are in small groups. No technical equipment is needed.

Stand-Up Magic Show - This small show can be performed in most situations. A few examples include - corporate party after dinner entertainment, birthday parties, cub scout or boy scout shows, fairs and festivals, school shows, library shows, etc. A stage is preferred if the audience is larger than fifty (50) people. A power supply is required for almost every show.

Stage Show - This show requires an equipped stage with curtains and lighting and uninterrupted access to the stage/theater for several hours to accommodate set-up,performance, and tear down time. Contact Eric Vaughn for a more detailed, technical description of this show.

The Eric Vaughn Magic Show

With a performing career that extends over fourteen years and a client list of major corporations, fine arts organizations, fairs, festivals, schools and libraries around the Midwest, Eric Vaughn is one of the busiest magicians in the country. His slightly wacky, comedic performance style keeps his audiences laughing and scratching their heads at the same time.

Eric's passion for magic started when he was ten years old. He loves what he does and always has as much fun performing as the audience does watching his performance. "I laugh and have a great time with my volunteers and that always puts everyone at ease."

Eric focuses on delivering amazing magic in a funny, light hearted style to create a truly memorable experience for his audience. He has built an outstanding reputation performing for all sizes and kinds of events, and he consistently delivers the funny, high quality, blow-your-mind magical entertainment that his fans have come to expect.

If you want to laugh at the comedy and be amazed by the magic, invite one of the most in-demand entertainers in the country to your next event. Invite Magician Eric Vaughn!

The team providing the talent:

Eric Vaughn


Kelly Vaughn

Performing Partner

Set List

This will be created by Eric Vaughn depending on the audience demographic and type of show required to best meet the client's needs.

Influences & Inspiration

Harry Anderson (Magician / Comedian / Actor)
Lance Burton (Magician)
Ed Alonzo (Magician / Actor)
Shimada (Magician)
Roy Benson (Magician)
Brian Regan (Comedian)
David Copperfield (Magician)
Greg Frewin (Magician)
Channing Pollock (Magician)

Just a very short list !

Setup Requirements

Access to Power Supply