The Duelling Dame

Why book The Duelling Dame?

The Duelling Dame- Swordfighting birthday parties!

Pirates and Princesses love to duel! The Duelling Dame is a stage combat professional who teaches children to swordfight. Don't worry moms-the swords are foam but the techniques real! The Duelling Dame will run the party through some drills and everyone learns a fight. We end with a knighting ceremony of the birthday child who gets to keep a sword!



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: $200 and up
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: SAG


Pirate party? Love to duel? Boys and girls love to "fight"! The Duelling Dame will bring her cloth and leather covered foam swords, so that no one gets hurt. The Duelling Dame will run the party through some drills and salutes, and everyone learns to duel! Best of all, kids go home happy and tired, not even realizing they learnt history!!!

Team building through stage combat? You bet! Stage combat requires focus, concentration, awareness, and co=operation. And best of all, it's tons of fun!!!! What employee wouldn't appreciate a chance to "hit" the boss?

Additional Booking Notes

The Duelling Dame can provide a 6x9' backdrop, and can cordon off an area with decorative flags.
Space to fight is the most important aspect: A park or yard is suitable!

The Duelling Dame

Billed as ‘One of the most skilled sword-fighters around’, The Duelling Dame is a trained Fight Director and has choreographed and taught stage combat from private schools to Developmentally disabled adults!

Real techniques, foam swords.
The Dame's swords are foam to keep even the tiniest learner safe. But make no mistake, the techniques are real, and the Dame will have you mastering basic moves and the ability to execute a fight in 20 minutes!

Living History
Participants in Renaissance or Medieval fairs, or in schools learn in a visceral way how to appreciate the art of swordfighting! While learning some creative and PG Elizabethan insults too! Longer workshops include mastering a Shakespearian fight for the stage!

The Dame teaches students to kick, punch, and slap without getting hurt. The Dame reveals the secrets to the illusion of stage combat, instructs choreography notation, and provides the confidence to create your own fight.

The Duelling Dame's Fight Direction has been seen at:
Sonoma County Fair

Branksome Hall

Lorraine Kisma Theatre for Young People

York University

Michael Kennard


Cliffhanger Productions

Bulletproof Theatre

Alumnae TheatreSarasvati Productions

Skylight Theatre

Equity ShowcasePoculi Ludique Societas

Les Mimes Bilingues

New Dramatists NYC

First Night

Renaissance & Medieval Faires


Corporate events

Tapestry Films

Muki Baum School of the Arts

Vaughan Separate School Board

Toronto School Board

Big Bear Renaissance Faire

Hannukah Festivals

Set List

Swords, swords, swords!

Setup Requirements

space to fight!


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