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When Steve Swan Impersonates Frank Sinatra by singing Frank Sinatra's Legendary hits, people remark: "even his eyes are blue" (though they are green). "I understood the lyrics for the first time." Or comment Steve's singing brought tears, as they stand in line to squeeze his hand after a show. It just might be Steve Swan's sparkle, Frank like mannerisms and Sinatra style moves in his performance. It could be the many wonderful memories he brings back with the Frank Sinatra Tribute music.

Steve truly shines at the mic. His mature melodious voice and clear singing style puts new life into timeless songs made famous by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin, Nat King Cole and Andy Williams.




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Steve Swan was terrific for our father's memorial service. He was a professional and a great entertainer. Steve began the memorial service with Amazing Grace on bagpipes in tartan and then sang Danny Boy while on acoustic guitar. His Sinatra impersonation was spot on and his costume change really impressed everyone. His musical talents helped us to create a wonderful and memorable tribute to Dad. I would highly recommend him to anyone for any event. Also his wife Mary was incredibly helpful in planning the details. Thank you Steve and Mary!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jennifer C.
Event: Funeral Service in San Francisco, CA
Event Date: Jan 15, 2014
Hired As: Frank Sinatra Impersonator, Bagpiper, Singing Guitarist

Response from Perfectly Frank by Steve Swan:

Thank you Jennifer for the very kind review. We appreciate your recommendation.

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  • Languages: English

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Perfectly Frank by Steve Swan

Perfectly Frank - Rat Pack Tribute as a solo Frank Sinatra Impersonator or as a part of a Rat Pack group entertainment began in 2006. Steve began performing Standards, dominated by Frank Sinatra Tribute in 2003 with a Rotary Christmas Party - the show grew from occasional shows till Frank Sinatra performances dominated his schedule. By late 2008, due to frequent requests for live music vs backing tracks a new Tribute act was born as an option when you request a bid for Steve Swan's Perfectly Frank booking options.

Steve has gathered a group of true professionals. Offers these Budget friendly options:
Steve performing solo with backing tracks
Steve with a piano player,
Steve with a trio,
Steve with a 5 to 7 piece band
Steve and Dean with tracks or a band
Steve and Sammy with tracks or a band
Perfectly Frank and Friends - a full Rat Pack Tribute Show with tracks or band

Steve can perform alone as a Frank Sinatra Impersonator or with friends. They perform as easily on stage as at private parties or special events, i.e.; weddings, parties, anniversaries, at fund raisers, retirement/ group/community service center events and corporate functions. Steve alone as a Frank Sinatra Impersonator or with his Rat Pack buddy Impersonators are open to provide great music for most any venue.

Steve is kind and very nice to work with. When he connects in a warm way with a crowd he sometimes lets out his very funny side. He is a great mimic able to do long list of impressions - Teddy Kennedy, John Wayne, John Wayne's fictitious gay nephew, he can keep up a running conversation between horror classics Igor (Peter Lori) Dracula (Bella Lugosi) and Frankenstein (Boris Karloff), Simpson's characters, Star Trek Characters plus speaks in many regional accents some of which have become their own characters. Just ask him what any one of these characters thought of a song, or ask how a song or performance was received in a specific region or country. He makes you laugh.

Steve began as a musician at 14, playing out with an agent by 16. He worked as a guitarist/bass player and singer for 30 years, making music for a living. To fully develop his wonderful voice, in his late teen years he began voice training from the legendary Judy Davis - voice coach to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Barbara Streisand - all the best singers of the times. After learning all she could share about the style of music he played to make a living, Judy asked what else he'd like to learn. Steve said he wanted to know what 'they' came to work with her on. He could see ahead to the day when his voice fully matured that he'd be able to sing these classic songs. He does so well you'll love his voice.

Steve Swan reinvented his performance style in 2003 when performed standards of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Bobby Darin's Mack the Knife at a Tiburon Rotary Christmas party. "My Way" stunned the crowd into silence then they jumped to a standing ovation. As the performance continued many in the the group were running to the dance floor hand in hand to embrace and dance as in days of old.

Steve continues to play and sing both his many original songs in the folk, rock, political humor, country styles and cover tunes styles of - Dan Fogelberg, Crosby Stills and Nash, Doobies, Journey, Allman Brothers and many many more.

In addition to being an outstanding singer, guitar player (electric and acoustic) a bit of piano, he is also a self-taught and excellent bagpiper to boot. He has a unique bagpipe style making Highland Scottish pipes sound melodic. Steve can define and pick out a bagpipe tune out of most songs just by listening. He recently converted Sally Garden and Green Green Grass from Home to bagpipes without hearing any other bagpiper's renditions-just the original songs. This special talent is in-keeping with his truly amazing musical abilities.

If you have event or venue where you want great music - contact Steve Swan

The team providing the talent:

Chris Gardner

Dean Martin

Johnny Manuel

Sammy Davis Jr

Richard Nelson Hall


Joe Nemzer


Steve Burdick


Ron Graham

Sax and Flute

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