OnSite Audio of the Tri-States

Why book OnSite Audio of the Tri-States?

OSA provides sound reinforcement for events. Catering to the Spoken-Word category of sound services, we specialize in the great outdoors. Equipment is operated from the back of a sound truck, whose customized interior transforms it into a rolling control room. Doing this minimizes set-up time on the site, protects the gear from inclement weather, and offers security within the crowd. Being powered by a super-quiet generator, OnSite Audio has the capability to go anywhere sound amplification may not otherwise be attained.



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Booking Info

  • Fee: $30 to $60 per hour
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: Other


The audience will experience sound that envelops them rather than hitting them from the standard central point. Under certain conditions, it can be compared to surround sound because of the pleasant ambience that eliminates high volumes to reach everywhere. When recorded music is played, stereo is always strived for, adding to the natural sound. As far as the event-holder's experience, they will enjoy not having to put up with a type-A personality or primmadonna from the equipment operator. OnSite Audio is very easy and accomodating to work with. Each job's requirements are unique and the equipment used is customized to that specific event. We are flexible in our configurations and the modular use of gear. The hourly fee structure simplifies charges.

Additional Booking Notes

The truck is a 1999 Ford F-150 full size pick-up with an oversized matching Raider fiberglass topper to house the equipment. The bed area is lined with a Pendaflex molded liner, the canopy is lined with a felt fabric, and there is truss-work placed for the use of hanging equipment and managing cables. Semi-permanent horizontal surfaces and storage space is incorporated to maximize efficient use of the work area. A fold-up seating surface exists for operator comfort, and the entire bed area is carpeted. A roof rack allows a small platform to be attached for placing speakers on top of.

OnSite Audio of the Tri-States

Rather than the conventional blast of sound from a central area, OSA uses a dozen speakers spread out to cover an area of two football fields in size, catering to audience sizes of over 1,000 people. OnSite Audio's level of power and expertise is somewhere between a DJ and Live Music provider--both categories can be touched upon to some extent. OSA provides wired or wireless mics for the event-holder to use for Emcee and announcement purposes, and recorded media can be played for appropriate background music from our own collection or from the customer's--even if it is as simple as plugging in an MP3 player with a pre-programmed playlist. For live music, OSA is best suited to choir, folk, or acoustic genres. We have all the necessary mixing, miking, and processing capability to do small acts of varying natures. OnSite Audio does not use subwoofers or stacks of speakers--just individual ones on stands to best distribute the sound evenly throughout the crowd.

The team providing the talent:

Kevin Kowal

Field Sound Tech

Set List

OnSite Audio mainly works with event-holders with crowds of 100 to over 1,000 people--or as many as you can pack into the acre-sized coverage area. The list of events grows every year and includes everything from fundraisers to corporate and civic functions. OSA also does indoor jobs, and if it is necessary, the equipment is removed from the confines of the truck for outdoor gigs due to the logistics of the venue. For a specific list of past events, it is best to call or have an information packet sent via e-mail or USPS.

Influences & Inspiration

OnSite Audio models itself from experiences learned when its sole proprietor worked for a young, prolific, and versatile Audio/Visual rental company in the Chicago area for over a decade. During this time of doing mostly corporate, private, and civic shows, valuable hands-on expertise was honed and the audio side is now the focus of this four-year old beloved personal endeavor to produce a truly niche-oriented service in the Tri-State Area where Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin come to meet.

Setup Requirements

Level parking space for truck

Single 15-amp electrical power line

Table(s) for indoor jobs

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