Dante's Bullwhips

Why book Dante's Bullwhips?

Bullwhip expert Robert Dante is a 4-time Guinness World Record holder, officially recognized as the world's fastest whip. He is also author of "Let's Get Cracking! The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills."
From 5-minute skits for burlesque shows to 20-minute Wild West routines,Robert and Mary Dante pack a lot of entertainment, excitement, information and thrills into a small amount of time, indoors or outdoors -- safely and assuredly.




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 2 - 45 minutes
  • Fee: $300 to $750
  • Insurance: $3 million - Performer's liability policy through Reenactors Performance Group.
  • Languages: English


A unique and memorable experience that is positive and entertaining.

Additional Booking Notes

A bullwhip is measured from the end of the handle to the end of the thong (the braided part of the whip).
Add to this the length of the lace-like "fall" and the lash itself (appx. 2 feet).
Then add to this the length of a man's arm (appx. 3 feet). The result is the radius (NOT the diameter!) of a circle of safe bullwhip handling.

For example, a 6-foot bullwhip should be given a clear 22 foot circle for the safety of the observers.

Ceiling height should be 1/2 to 2/3 of this number (ie a 6-foot whip needs a ceiling height of appx. 12-14 feet).
Ceiling should be unimpeded by fire sprinklers, lamps, chandeliers, etc.
For blacklight bullwhips to be dramatically effective, the performing space must be pitch dark with no outside light leaking in.

Dante's Bullwhips

I have been a bullwhip artist and whip teacher for 25-plus years. I've appeared on TV and been featured in articles and books.

Mary and I perform and present workshops and demos, from clubs to private parties to corporate events, coast to coast.

We have costumes, props, sound system, licensed music, and full performer liability insurance. It's a self-contained package that has you covered for whatever you want, indoors or outdoors, for small or large events.

The team providing the talent:

Robert Dante

Bullwhip Artist

Mary Dante

Bullwhip Artist, Target Girl


"Mr. Dante is an exceptional writer, speaker, and he has been so kind to bless us with his interview this week on Before Bedtime. His specialty is western whips... If you got an itching to return to the wild west, if the kid in you is dying to come out, or if you just want to hear a great interview then Robert Dante is your man!"

– BlogTalkRadio

"Very impressive!"

– Alex Green

"(Robert Dante) is a daring man with a bullwhip.... This performance was as sexy as it was dangerous. Outstanding!"
Peter R., San Diego Underground.Com

– Peter R

"You were such a hit! We loved having you there - it was the only time during the evening that the audience gave the stage their FULL attention!...You must be my good luck charm, as we raised $180,000 that night for life-saving CF research. Unbelieveable!"

– Sarah Barsness, Fundraising Coordinator

Many thanks for being a part of our Spectacular. Your act is professional, unique -- and a real treat. Your interest in getting the details right make you pleasure to work with...Do come back next year. You are a welcome part of our juggle/ variety/ unicycle community.
PS Your workshops were great, too. Very interesting and informative.
David Walbridge

– David Walbridge

"All The Right Moves"

"The mesmerizing, seemingly incongruous act, which they perform versions of for wild west shows, circuses, cabarets and nightclubs nationwide, melds belly dancing with Robert's ballet of leather..."
"...The whip can be peaceful, or powerful. With his assistant standing with her back to him, Robert can curl the whip around her body and snap in two a piece of plastic foam she holds in her hand. Or he can make the whip alight on her finger and wrap gently around it, or he can slice a piece of newspaper from the arch of her back."
Minneapolis Star Tribune feature article, "The Bullwhipper and the Belly Dancer" June 27, 2004

– John Tevlin

"Robert Dante, the 'World's Fastest Whip," will be returning to MarsCon for an out of this world performance. It has been five years since this Guiness Book of World Records holder electrified MarsCon with his theatrical blend of dark fantasy and circus. You will be mesmerized.

"Robert Dante is an internationally recognized bullwhip expert and 3-time world record holder who has presented performances, workshops and demonstrations all over the world. Dante is is founder and coordinator of LA Whip Enthusiasts, and he was the bullwhip coach at the Dream Circus in Hollywood before he moved to San Francisco. Dante has cracked the whip on numerous TVshows, including Blind Date, Playboy TV's Night Calls, KTLA's Morning News, The Eclectic Mind, Blitz, Envy TV, HBO's Real Sex, Sin City and others. Dante also has spoken about whip cracking on many radio programs, from Texas to Australia. Dante set the first Guinness World Record for "World's Fastest Whip" in 2003. In, 2004, Dante cracked a 6-foot bullwhip 214 times in 60 seconds, beating his old record by 11 cracks. In 2008, Dante made it a hat trick with 254 cracks."

– Christine LaBounty

Set List

Each gig is entirely customized, depending on space, theme, budget, length of show, music, props. I want what you want.

Influences & Inspiration

I am honored to know (and work with) the best whip crackers and whip makers in the world. I have learned from them all. I've also been blessed to work in theater with top notch talent, and to meet the best in many other fields of entertainment, including music, juggling, and film. Even my past work as a published creative writer comes to bear in the crafting of our shows.

Setup Requirements

Space enough to work safely -- Ask for details.