Bill Fowler

Why book Bill Fowler?

As a husband and father of four, Bill Fowler thinks everything is funny - or at least ironic! Let his unique and comical view of the world transform your event into a conference, reunion, or seminar full of laughter. Bill's years of experince in the public and private sector ensure a perspective that meets your organization's goals. Whether this a routine company event or your organization needs to overcome an obstacle or two - laughter will save the day. For comedy tailored to your organization, and guaranteed to be well received by all, book Bill Fowler today.



Very professional & hilarious!!

Bill was not only a very clever comedic writer, but he also had great timing and terrific energy. On the business end of things, Bill is an absolute gentleman. Working with Bill was an absolute pleasure. He comes in, gets the job done well and goes with the flow, no matter what turn the show or audience takes. I can't recommend Bill enough!!

Reviewer: Mike S.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Las Vegas, NV
Event Date: Jul 26, 2012

*what an outstanding comic *

had the privilege of seeing his act in defunic springs FL at the coliseum , he had great jokes and is just a likeable guy

Reviewer: jermaine b.
Event: Concert Venue in Defuniak Springs, FL
Event Date: May 12, 2012


Bill was so funny! He had all of our sides hurting before he was finished. His delivery and content was both intelligent and funny. I can't wait to see him again. Great person to communicate the world's ways and make you think about the way we view them. Absolutely hilarious!!

Reviewer: Philip H.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Pensacola, FL
Event Date: Jan 19, 2012

He's a funny guy!

Good routine; I loved his bit on marriage. Its' true! Definitely worth seeing.

Reviewer: Mark S.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Myrtle Beach, SC
Event Date: Nov 11, 2011

Good, clean fun!

Bill Fowler's charm and lifelong pursuit of humor in all of life's routines and tasks transfer seamlessly when he picks up the microphone. His natural ability to find humor in the mundane and even the annoying parts of life without making his audience blush is a refreshing twist on the standard comedy scene.

Reviewer: Amy B.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Pensacola, FL
Event Date: Aug 7, 2010

Hilarious, go see him!!!

This guy is great, Ive seen him several times. He feels the crowd out, gets them involved and rolls from joke to joke. I love his marriage vows bit the best. One of the few professionals in the area

Reviewer: Rick
Event: Bar/Lounge in Pensacola, FL
Event Date: Jan 19, 2012

Funny Guy, Nice Guy

I saw Bill in St Louis, Missouri. He seems like a really nice down to earth guy and he is FUNNY! The stories he told made me relate and feel like I was a friend of his having a conversation.

Reviewer: Tom S.
Event: Private Party in St Louis, MO
Event Date: Dec 22, 2011

Bill Kills!

"Bill Fowler is a comedian's comedian, the type of guy who can do the same set for two different crowds and recieve the exact same response,...gut busting laughter. His mostly-clean style is refreshing and makes it impossible not to root for Bill. I always enjoy working with him, as well as just seeing him perform. He puts in a lot of hard work, and it certainly shows when he is on the stage. Bill Fowler is always welcome at Friday Night Comedy at Big Easy Tavern in Pensacola, FL."

-Bubbs Harris
Friday Night Comedy - Pensacola, FL

Reviewer: Bubbs H.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Pensacola, FL
Event Date: Oct 21, 2011

Clean Comedy at It's Best.

Bill Fowler is a brilliant comedian. I have had the pleasure to work with him on various shows and even have the honor of saying that I gave him the push to use his brilliant premises for himself and to bless the microphone with his talent. With each show that I have seen, I have only seen him become better, and I have no doubt that he will become a household name in years to come. If you quality, brillance, and good, clean, stand-up then Bill Fowler is the guy to go with.

Reviewer: Karry E.
Event: Bar/Lounge in Pensacola, FL
Event Date: Mar 18, 2011

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 60 minutes
  • Fee: $300 - $1,500
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: None


Laughter, subject matter concepts and motivation. Speaking and presenting.

Additional Booking Notes

B, B flat, Aaaaaaa

Bill Fowler

Bill Fowler is a skilled speaker and talented comedian that delivers, cerebral, "laugh-out-loud" comedy and immediately puts an audience at ease. When booking Bill Fowler you can expect a comedy/speaking performance that exceeds your expectations.

As a result of interviews, tireless research, and attention to detail, your event will receive a performance that is hilarious, appropriate, and audience-focused! Whether you are booking a luncheon, team-building event, or an in-service for professionals, Bill Fowler delivers!

Christmas party
Emcee for banquet/conference/reunion
Host/moderator for program or event
Comedy opener for musical act
Roast for outgoing/retiring co-worker
Keynote speaker/SME (Comedy, Org. Communication, Security, Aviation)

Spokesperson (contract basis)

AKA: billfowlerjokes

Set List

Topical (curent events) comedy, workplace, leisure activities, marriage and family, travel.

Influences & Inspiration

Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Will Ferrell, and Brian Regan.

Setup Requirements

Projection system (as appropriate)

Public address system


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