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Why book Aerial Revolution Entertainment?

Stunning acrobats and aerialists! We offer all types of circus or cirque style shows, and offer competitive prices. All of our work is custom to the client's desires. We are easy to work with, reliable, and professional. We use the safest equipment with experienced riggers. We are insured for $2,000,000 and will provide the highest quality of performer all based on YOUR budget! You won't find a better circus company in Southern California! Our clients include MTV, E! Entertainment TV, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, W Hotels, The Se Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Marriott International, and hundreds of clubs, private and corporate parties across the US, Mexico and Canada.



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 4 - 75 minutes
  • Fee: $1,000- $50,000
  • Insurance: 2m/1m - We have insurance with one of the ONLY companies that actually insures circus arts entertainment. Our coverage is legitimate and covers not only the performers, but also the venue, and the client. We can provide a copy of our insurance and also a certificate of additionally insured at an additional cost to the client.
  • Languages: English, Spanish


Extremely powerful athleticism, beautifully sculpted performers. Audiences rave about our performances. They are filled with creative imagery, subliminal messages, amazing music and choreography. An element of suspense and surprise!

Additional Booking Notes

We are not directly equipped with lighting. We usually work with a family owned, local company called LG productions for our events. Lighting and sound are strongly recommended for any show because the atmosphere created with tech is what will determine an overall feeling or mood for any show. We are equipped with our own free standing rig, and can also invent or create any stage or set you want. We are fully insured by a reputable company...not many other aerial arts companies can say this. We are happy to provide a certificate of additionally insured at no cost to the client.

Past Booked Events

12/17/11 Aerial Revolution Studio "The Memoirs of Nicholas"
12/16/11 Aerial Revolution Studio "The Memoirs of Nicholas"
12/11/11 A Christmas Tabernacle
12/10/11 A Christmas Tabernacle
12/09/11 A Christmas Tabernacle
12/02/11 Ca Center
11/01/11 "Day of the Dead" San Diego, CA
10/15/11 San Diego Decom
10/15/11 Rich's Nightclub "Bear Quake"
10/14/11 "Rock Revolution"
09/16/11 "Rock Revolution"
08/06/11 "Sapphire" La Jolla, CA
07/25/11 Marriott International
05/07/11 "Inspiration"
10/17/10 "Rock Revolution"

Aerial Revolution Entertainment

Welcome to Aerial Revolution Entertainment! Offering high quality cirque entertainment and classes. Aerial Revolution provides entertainment for corporate functions, private parties, corporate events, charities, and fundraisers. We work with any theme to make your next event truly unique! If you have a specific act or show in mind, let us work with you to bring it to life! Let Aerial Revolution Take Your Event To New Heights! The incredible acrobats, aerialists and performers of Aerial Revolution will astound, amazing, and inspire your audience with their daring and beautiful performances. Book us today to insure an incredible event tomorrow!
SPECIFIC AERIAL APPARATUS (not limited to these): Aerial SIlk, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Rope/Spanish Web, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Snowman, Aerial Net, Aerial Cube, Aerial Harness, Flying Loop, Aerial Cloud Swing, Aerial Straps, Aerial Chains, Tight Wire
SPECIFIC GROUND ACTS (not limited to these): Contortion, Partner or Group Acro (balancing), Partner and group Adagio, Hand Stand Balancing, Tango, Dance: Belly dance, Salsa, Ballet, Jazz, etc, Martial Arts, Hoop Dance, Fire performers: Eaters, Spinners, Breathers, etc. Chinese Pole or Girl Pole dancers, Comedic Characters, Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Slack line, Globes, etc. etc....
**Any act can be made into a duo or group act.

Here are some types of events and venues we usually work in:

Aerial Revolution will make your event a success by providing an atmosphere that your patrons will never forget! A perfect way to motivate, reward, or entice workers or potential clientele. We will fit your theme and work closely with you to plan the most spectacular evening.

Aerial Revolution will set your club apart by providing true entertainment! While DJ's keep the club rocking our Aerialists will fly high above with acts of strength, beauty, flexibility, and true sex appeal! We provide aerial acts, go-go dancers, stilt walkers, wing dancers, fire spinners, or WHATEVER your club desires!

We provide serene entertainment for wedding receptions, making your special day truly memorable. With long flowing white silks suspended in the sky, aerialists gracefully dance for your guests, creating lasting memories for everyone invited. We can provide all necessary rigging for any venue. Let Aerial Revolution help create a ceremony of Beauty, Art, and Love.

We provide all our own rigging, apparatus, and high quality performers to make your next event one to remember! Our rigging can be set up on any surface (even over water). Our performers, silhouetted against the blue sky, are the perfect backdrop for any event. Aerial Revolution provides entertainment to match any theme or crowd. You will love seeing these shows outdoors, in the sun, or by moonlight!

"Pan Gu" is a full scale show that interprets the ancient Chinese mythology about the creation of the heavens and the earth. Pan Gu was the offspring of the Yin and Yang, who represent the balance in all things in the universe. This story is a journey of both light and dark, success and failure, power, balance, and life and death. The show includes fire dancing, Chinese poles, aerial silks, lyra, contortion, hand balancing, cube spinning, and a cast of mythical characters. It is brought to you in a beautiful cirque style show and includes a projection screen, partial lighting, and an original music score with a live band.

"Dreams" is a full scale show that is family friendly, ethereal and colorful. A showcase of several acrobatic and aerial feats, and a journey through one girl's dream of a wonderland of unusual creatures and daring experiences. Dreams can be customized to utilize several different apparatus, including, but not limited to: aerial silks, lyra, web, hammock, trapeze, net, cube, snowman, chinese pole, fast track/trampoline, hand balancing, contortion, acro, dance, fire performances, and stilt walking.

The team providing the talent:

Jessica Flores


Cheetah Platt

Artistic Director

Set List

We will customize any event and show to meet the client's specific needs concerning length of time, space, or theme.

Influences & Inspiration

Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Brothers Circus

Setup Requirements

ceiling height ample

lighting and sound unless you would like us to contract for these services

Please contact us for specific requirements


Space for rigging if aerial needed


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