The SevenOneLiners

Why book The SevenOneLiners?

We are Colorado’s Premier Improv Comedy Troupe!

Talented artists take the stage to delight audiences with personalized shows just for you! Comedy Central’s Eric Zeis leads the group. He insists that you will not be disappointed with this star studded ensemble!

With superior sound quality and staging, the SevenOneLiners' shows are unlike any other and are sure to entertain everyone of any comedic taste!

The SevenOneLiners are packed full of amazing talent, from Stand Up Comedians, a TV Host, and Actors that have performed on stages across the country.

Great for Corporate Entertainment, Workshops, & Training to Private Parties, the SevenOneLiners can do it all!!!




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Insurance: 300,000


Most clients prefer to have a one set show. Running times can vary from 20 to 60 minutes. Others choose to have the show break down into 3 parts. With two sets running from 25 to 45 minutes and an intermission in between. Most of the time the intermission is for guests to replenish on food and drinks or that time can be utilized to make presentations or other agenda on the list for the evening. Zeis will host the shows and have 3 or 4 other performers along with him. He will participate in some of the games but will most likely be the emcee all evening.

The show would consist of many Improv games/exercises. This would be very similar to “Whose line is it anyway.” They will be scenes made up on the spot revolving around audience suggestions. This allows us to customize each show to our audience and clients. We get to know your company and its employees. We can therefore pull out one liners and subject matter that is extremely relatable. We have been known to pull up certain guests on stage based on suggestions from the client, i.e. the favorite manager, the accountant who is always cracking jokes, etc…

Zeis Entertainment has top of the line sound equipment and microphones. The in-house PA system will do as long as it is of decent quality. If necessary, we can provide speakers and other equipment. We will bring our own countryman mics for the performers in order to achieve optimal sound quality for the show!

Additional Booking Notes

The SevenOneLiners provide everything needed for a quality show. From professional audio (countryman mics, mixer, PA system) to staging and lighting, everything is provided!

The SevenOneLiners

The SevenOneLiners Improv Comedy shows consist of games/scenes that are constructed based on audience suggestions. Comparable to the improv comedy television series "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". These shows feel personalized towards you because you provide the structure for every scene!

The team providing the talent:

Justin Schulze


David Harper


Geoff Young


Eric Zeis


Cat Shimel


Daniel Larson


Derek Knight


Jeremy Goodall


Jessica Anguiano


Jessica Langley


Zach Harris


Maurice Porter


Setup Requirements

Stage/ or Platform